Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Outlaw Casey on the Radio! Tune in!

by Kathryn Casey

Mark your calendars! This coming Saturday, July 26th, at 4 p.m. CT, I'll join bestselling true-crime author Burl Barer and his fun-loving cohost, attorney Don Woldman on their outlaw radio true crime show. Tune in to hear us discuss the crazy world of crime along with my two new books, A Descent into Hell, on Austin's bizarre Colton Pitonyak case, and my debut novel, Singularity, the first in the Sarah Armstrong series. Barer says the show is "guaranteed to keep you drop-jawed, stunned, amazed, amused, aghast and agog! And that's an understatement."

Now that I'm reading this, I'm wondering: should I be afraid? Very afraid? Uh, oh. Anyway, I'm committed. (I may have to be after the show.) Hope you tune in!


Leah said...

Ummmm, KC, June 26th has already come and gone. I told you about those margaritas!

TxMichelle said...

LMAO too funny. Maybe you need to be committed now.

Kathryn Casey said...

Uh, oh! Thanks for pointing it out, Ladies. Geez. Well, I fixed it, at least. If you notice anything else, let me know.