Monday, March 17, 2008

Sam Lutfi Back in Court

by Tina Dirmann

Since I posted a story on Britney Spears, some of you have asked me for an update on the Sam Lutfi case (the temporary restraining order). Sam is scheduled to be in court today, actually. But I don't expect anything to be resolved just yet. This could go on awhile, guys. He's still fighting to have the TRO removed.

Also, here is a mildly interesting update from . . . Obviously, I don't quite agree with their take, "DARK DAYS Spears":

When Britney Spears is finally off restriction, her BFF will be there. But for the next 30 days, Spears ballcapped former walker Sam Lutfi (who was slapped with a restraining order) has agreed to lay off contact while his lawyers figure out a longterm arrangement. "Everything is quiet and peaceful on all sides," Lutfi spokesman Michael Sands tells Radar. Unless, of course, you're conserva-dad Jamie Spears. Sands' other client, self-declared Britney advocate, attorney Jon Eardley, is scheduled to go to court today with an evaluation of the Spears' conservatorship by renown UCLA law profession William McGovern. In it, McGovern rips the judge's ruling in the Spears case, essentially arguing that Spears' visitors are limited and she can't meet with an attorney to fight her way into independence. Sands also blasted out e-mails Sunday evening questioning whether Jamie Spears, who'd declared bankruptcy in the past, is fit to handle Britney's estate, and the News of the World is reporting that government officials are secretly looking into Spears financial affairs, a claim Sands has made to Radar before.


Leah said...

What is BFF??

Tina Dirmann said...

Best Friends Forever!

Tina Dirmann said...

Because Sam voluntarily agreed today to stay away from Britney for another 30 days, the hearing on whether or not the TRO should become permanent has been postponed for at least another month. As I told ya, this is likely to go on awhile... Stay tuned.

Nikki said...

I'm wondering why Lutfi had a 'change of heart' (especially since he hasn't displayed one as of yet). He's been fighting the extension of the TRO, but for some reason changed his tune after a meeting with the conservators last week. What's in it for him? Could there be some bribery, blackmail, etc. going on? There's no way this man would just back down for Britney's 'well being'... at least not IMO.

Leah said...

Good point Nik. I don't keep up with her enough to know all of this. I just hope she can get her s--t together sooner, rather than later. She has two beautiful boys that need their mother.

RickAHyatt said...

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Tina Dirmann said...

Sam's only agreeing to extend the TRO another 30 days. It's just a stall tactic while he gets his act/case together. At stake at yesterday's hearing was whether or not the judge should make the order permanent. So, rather than risk loosing, he agreed to a stay. I also believe, personally, that he's biding his time until Brit's father's conservator status runs out (which will be in July, unless he seeks another extension). In the mean time, Britney seems to be getting "better," after getting proper treatments, and I think Sam hopes she'll reach out to him on her own accord, and dismiss the TRO filed on her behalf, when she's able to. I think he's wrong, for the record. I think the better, stronger she gets, the more she'll distance herself from him.

Tina Dirmann said...

Latest update, for those of you interested, update on Sam Lutfi and the TRO case... From E! News website:

Lutfi Looks to Oust Britney Commish

By Natalie Finn
Tue, 18 Mar 2008 05:18:45 PM PDT

Sam Lutfi is getting with the program. He wouldn't mind changing the channel, though.

Despite having agreed to an extension of the restraining order mandating he stay away at least 250 yards away from Britney Spears, Lutfi filed a motion Friday objecting to the Los Angeles court commissioner who's presiding over the case.

"Sam did agree to a 30-day extension of the restraining order," Lutfi spokesman Michael Sands told E! News on Tuesday. "However, Sam Lutfi is not stipulating to Commissioner [Reva] Goetz. If need be, Lutfi can be heard in front of a Los Angeles Superior Court judge." (View the notice.)

Lutfi, who sources have said was involved in the recent effort to get Spears' conservatorship case moved to federal court, would be willing to appear in court on April 16—the temporary restraining order's new expiration date—to state his position.

"There's nothing out of the ordinary that Sam is doing," Sands insisted. "No person has to agree to a commissioner hearing the case. A commissioner is not a judge. If need be, and if this is going to go on, unfortunately, then [Lutfi wants it] heard in front of a judge. Basically, I just believe that Sam would like all of this to go away."

While a commissioner performs many of the same actions as a judge—a commissioner is also overseeing Spears and Kevin Federline's custody issues—all sides involved have to agree to it.

Sands maintains that the continued scrutiny Lutfi has been subjected to since Jamie and Lynne Spears sought to keep him away from their daughter is unfair.

"I personally have been in touch with LAPD, mental health experts and paramedics who were at the home the night [Jan. 31] of the UCLA intervention," Sands said. "They all gave Sam Lutfi five stars for orchestrating and participating in getting Britney to UCLA."

"I believe that if Sam brought his witnesses to court, need be, it would take the wind out of the conservators' sails," the rep added. "We all should just take it down and just have peace and harmony and everybody be left alone. Let it go away quietly."

In her argument in favor of a restraining order, Lynne Spears filed a declaration last month alleging that Lutfi drugged her daughter, "essentially moved into her home" and went to great lengths to control her life.