Monday, April 20, 2009


There is no other crime—not even murder—that worries and sickens parents more than child sexual abuse. Parents wonder how to protect their children when almost every day the news reports another incident of someone in authority arrested on suspicion of child abuse. Addressing offenders found in clergy and teachers to family members themselves, former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney and WCI contributor Robin Sax answers those terrifying questions that parents are sometimes afraid to ask. Predators and Child Molesters: What Every Parent Needs to Know to Keep Kids Safe, A Sex Crimes DA Answers 100 of the Most Asked Questions is in bookstores now and is a must-have for parents everywhere.

With a foreword by Marc Klaas, founder and president of KlaasKids Foundation, this straightforward and clearly written guidebook answers one hundred of the most asked questions that Robin has encountered in her fifteen years of experience as a sex crimes prosecutor. From the definition of abuse to profiles of predators, to how to report an incident and to whom, Robin provides practical, reassuring, and appropriate information.

For ease of use, the book is organized into six major sections:

  • Recognizing Predators: Molesters, Pedophiles, and Opportunists
  • Talking to Kids About Risks and Identifying Potential Problems
  • Recognizing Abuse
  • Reporting Sexual Abuse
  • Going to Court
  • Healing and Moving On

Predators and Child Molesters is already debuting to rave reviews:

“Finally! A hard-hitting Q&A on predators and child molesters. Sax's book is a must read for anyone concerned about the safety and well being of America's children. As a former felony prosecutor of crimes on children, this is Crime & Prevention 101 . . .”
Nancy Grace, host of CNN Headline News' Nancy Grace

"Child Molesters and Predators" answers everything you wanted to ask and tells everything you need to know to prevent your worst nightmare and possible lifelong torment for your child. Sax writes in an easy to read format providing practical answers for keeping youngsters safe. This is a must read for every parent or anyone who cares for kids.
Mark Goulston, Huffington Post

Robin Sax makes it clear that prosecuting children against possible sexual assault begins with every parent in the home. Teaching preventative measures should be as important as teaching children to dial 911.

Predators and Child Molesters is available in bookstores now and online. Robin Sax can be seen frequently as a legal commentator on CNN’s Nancy Grace, Larry King Live, and Fox News covering criminal cases and trials. You can also hear her weekly on Justice Interrupted Blogtalk Radio where she covers the latest news in crime with WCI contributors Susan Murphy-Milano and Stacy Dittrich. Robin Sax resides in California with her husband and three children.

Also out this month: Reaching The Bar: Stories of Women at All Stages of Their Law Career. A comprehensive look into the lives of women lawyers, each chapter is introduced by Robin Sax, who also edited Reaching the Bar.

Congratulations, Robin!


FleaStiff said...

I wonder how much of "the market" is due to media hype? Authors and bookstores tend to focus on what they think is most likely to sell well. Cops and prosecutors probably tend to like sex cases becase the publicity return is so good.
I imagine the problem is real enough, I just wonder if we've created a media-fed prosecutorial frenzy that caters to parental fears. In many situations fears are exagerated and illogical, I wonder if child abuse is not amongst them?
In the JonBenet Ramsey case, I know that Bill McReynolds dna does not match that of the intruder but I've always distrusted men who like to be around children. I don't trust Santas, troop masters or youth pastors. Do I therefore paint such occupations with far too broad a brush? Undoubtedly.
When Bill McReynolds tried to become a Santa for The United Way in Boulder, Mrs. Archuletta rejected him. Probable cause? Nope! Any articulable facts to support her fears? Nope! But it was still the right thing to do. A heightened sense of concern seems necessary these days. And I wonder how much of it is justified and how much of it is media hype fed by headlines of sexual abuse when the articles those headlines subtend often lack validity. Consider Wendy Murphy's recent comments about JonBenet Ramsey and child pornography based largely upon a bowl of pineapple being found at the crime scene and the police having asked questions of drugs. Wendy Murphy gains the headlines and presumably her book sales will increase, but there seems a notable lack of substance to such allegations.

Anonymous said...

Bowl of pineapple?

Kathryn Casey said...

Congrats, Robin.

dibstruth said...

I am a mother who found documents that alleged my children were victims of acquaintance molestation. I sought every avenue to seek help and understanding. The system abused me further even though I had documents right in my hands. At the time I had a great deal of difficulty understanding the things I was up against. My children remain influenced by offenders because of the shame and psychological abuse that has controlled thinking.
I did my homework to understand this and then started to dig into an unresolved murder in the same family. I found some very similar patterns there and have the documents to support it. Still, I struggle to get people to listen. An uneducated system created another victim of a mother with the backbone to speak out and seek help.
I may be in a position to expose things that I am not certain my daughters can handle emotionally. I don't even know if mentally they have blocked trauma. I don't know anyone in my position with a highly publicized family murder that documents show was a gross obstruction of justice and find hidden abuse in the family as well. But unforunately they are influenced by a family that needs to answer some questions regarding the unresolved murder of their daughter. What a choice.
If people want to see the tides turn against such heinous acts of control and violence, perhaps people need to listen to those who try continuously to speak out, despite the attacks, instead of turning us into victims as well.

Anonymous said...

The pineapple and the questions about drugs are hardly insignificant in the Ramsey case. Partially digested pineapple was found in JonBenet's intestine, but her mother said she didn't eat any that day, yet a bowl with fresh pineapple was found on the table when cops came the next day. Who leaves a bowl of fresh fruit on the table overnight, and what "intruder" brings it with him, and has a snack with a victim while the parents and son are in the home? Same with drug questions that were asked by the police that the Ramseys refused to cooperate with early on.

Anonymous said...

The pineapple is so not relevant. I know many 6 year olds who know how to get a bowl of fruit out of the fridge. And if Patsy does the dishes, chances are her prints are going to be on the bowls and the silverware.

Levi said...

How many 6-year-olds do you know that get up in the wee hours of the morning and open up a can of pineapple with a can opener and start eating?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sue and best of luck.

Dibstruth - Bless you!! Oh how similar our 2 stories are!! It broke my heart to read it. Other than the fact that our perp was my uncle and abused my daughter and many others for years - they are exact! How is it that we speak out, we talk to everyone, we work for a prosecution, I even had local news cover our case to try to get the PA's office to prosecute to no avail (oh and my uncle is friends with the head of the PA office - a chance for him to be promoted to our wonderful Fed system so maybe I might get a fresh chance to re-hotline and start again? who knows but until people begin to listen and realize this is a HUGE problem with 1 in 4 girls affected in their lifetime and 85-90% by people they know - not stranger danger and not monsters - we are fighting a losing battle. But hear me - These people that you can't imagine would do this ARE capable and they DO do these evil acts against children. Sorry it's reality not made up stories in children's heads to be hurtful. Let me tell you - no one would make this up and suffer this way on purpose - especially a child. The after effects are devastating - that is why so many children do not tell!
Bless you -

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry - Robyn - not sure why I was thing "sue" too late at night I guess but Best to you!!
Just make sure your readers know - you can't identify a child molester. That is what makes it so scary - they can be ANYONE!! There isn't a certain type, race, economic status, look. They are the ones we least expect and that's what makes them so successful at what they do - because "no one would think...."

thank you and keep spreading the word. Kimberly

Anonymous said...

It was fresh, cut, pineapple, not canned, found consistent down to the rind in JonBenet's intestine and consistent with what was in the bowl "left out overnight" on the Ramsey breakfast table. It's a hugely significant clue in that case.

Anonymous said...

For more discussion on the meaning of pineapple in the Ramsey crime scene . . . see Women in Crime Ink's post for May 6, 2009