Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Women in Crime Ink in the Wall Street Journal!

To be written about in the famed Wall Street Journal proved to be quite a coup for a crime blog still in its infancy—just a little over one-year-old. On Tuesday June 2, 2009 the WSJ listed Women in Crime Ink as one of the six blogs listed in their famed “Blog Watch.” Needless to say, WCI contributors were exploding each other’s phones with the news, and definitely with excitement. WCI contributor Laura James’s own blog, Clews, was also one of the blogs featured. Editor Becky Bright wrote:

“Women in Crime Ink is hosted by a cast of female journalists, lawyers, authors and others with a passion for true crime. It has amassed an extensive archive of essays and commentary from women’s perspectives about crime and the court system.”

She even quoted WCI’s Diane Fanning from one of her recent posts regarding WCI’s general discussions of the psychology of crime and crime trends:

“Who am I to judge those who are taken in by these manipulators?...When I see a spouse certain of their loved one’s innocence, I won’t automatically suspect their involvement.”

Whatever the circumstance, the crime, the victim, or the story, the ladies here at Women in Crime Ink will undoubtedly continue making an impact throughout the halls of crime. Congratulations!


Leah said...

How awesome. Congrats!

Cheryl said...

Great News indeed!

I come here everyday and visit Clews several times a week. Fascinating writing from a select group of fascinating women.

Everytime I see one of you on television I say to whomever is with me, "Hey that"s one of the women from that website I told you about!" I'm not just a fan, I feel like family!

LadySheila said...

Total agreement is with Cheryl. Though I don't get to read or comment on every post, I sure try. I always go back to see what I have missed. Also, I have left several comments and for some reason, sometimes it won't save!
Thank you for the insight, Ms. Fanning. This is so sad. Besides writing to leaders continually, and voting, what else can we do? I pray, as God says "remember the those in prison as if you were there yourself".

LadySheila said...
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