Friday, August 14, 2009

Women In Crime Give Back: An Intern Program

by Women In Crime Ink

The antiquated saying “kids should be seen and not heard” is obsolete. No one knows more than Women in Crime Ink's contributors how valuable it is to be heard!

To give the next generation of young women a place to express their opinions, we're announcing the WCI Intern Program. High school and college interns now have a forum to speak out, to share their concerns, advice, and experience, to promote teens' crime awareness. A three-month stint under the direction of a WCI professional, the internship offers young women valuable experience in writing, researching, and blogging. It will give them a place to test ideas, voice opinions and open up to new possibilities. We are all excited to launch this new program! Please join WCI in welcoming our first intern: Cassie Nelson.

A high-school senior, Cassie, 17, worked this summer for prosecutor Robin Sax. Dedicated and tenacious, Cassie is pursuing her goal of becoming a lawyer. Working for Robin, Cassie tested her desire to advocate for victims, write articles, and research today's most difficult legal issues. She found she loved criminal law and wants to use her passion to protect women, children, and elders. Besides being passionate about human victims, Cassie is devoted to protecting animals. As our first intern, Cassie's article on Chris Brown follows this post. For information on how to apply for an internship, please contact any of the Women In Crime Ink bloggers or e-mail us at

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cheryl said...

Good luck, and God bless Cassie.