Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mommy's Little Girl

by Diane Fanning

More than a year ago, I agreed to write a book about a story that dominated the national media. I finished my manuscript in mid-May this year, and it seems like that day was long, long ago. Today, at last, St, Martin's Press releases MOMMY'S LITTLE GIRL: Casey Anthony and Her Daughter Caylee's Tragic Fate.

I kept photos of Caylee in front of me as I wrote. As a mother, I could not comprehend how any woman could carry a baby in her body for nine long months and then, two to three years later, look at the innocent, trusting face and even think of harming her toddler. I thought of my own daughter often as I researched and dug into the facts of this incomprehensible crime.

I really did not want to believe that Casey Anthony -- or any mother -- could murder her own daughter. But after months of immersion in the available evidence and in interviews with people close to the case, I could reach no other conclusion.

So I was gratified by the reviews the book already received, making months of slogging through the muck worthwhile.

Hal Boedeker of the Orlando Sentinel wrote of MOMMY'S LITTLE GIRL: "Author Diane Fanning tirelessly recounts the young woman's lying ways, theorizes how Anthony might have disposed of her daughter and concludes that Anthony is 'an individual whose self-absorption and insensitivity to others is a destructive force.'"

Mike DeForest of
WKMG-Channel 6 News said in a television book review: "At least for a little while, for people following the Casey Anthony saga, this is basically going to be like a bible for them."

Want additional reading material before picking up the book? See my post, Is Malignant Narcissism the Answer? here at Women in Crime Ink -- or read the first chapter of the book on my website. You can also view video clips of my interview with 48 Hours.

You'll find MOMMY'S LITTLE GIRL in bookstores everywhere today. If you pick up a copy, I'd love to hear your feedback (write diane@dianefanning.com) after you read the book. But whether you read it or not, I am sure you will join me in demanding nothing less than justice for little Caylee.


PaminIL said...

It's killing me, I pre-ordered and NOW I have to wait until tomorrow!! :) (come on UPS truck!)
I am looking forwarding to digging in and the fam better just go fend for themselves!
I hope it gives some insights into the whole family dynamic. I know an OCD-controlling mother doesn't create a sociopath, but man she sure didn't help. If anything I think she fed the monster. I cringe thinking how much of a beating I would have gotten for lying and stealing like Casey did. Nope, Casey got excuses and denials.
Anyway, thank you for writing this and I am looking forward for what I know will be a great read!

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure Casey Anthony wasnt framed by someone in her own family. Also where is the biological dad? With todays technology and good police work, i'm sure it isnt too hard to find out. There is just too many missing pieces in this case, no physical evidence provided pointing to Casey. How about investigating her claims she was sexually abused by her father and brother? The did a DNA on Lee , but where's GEorge's?