Friday, May 7, 2010

Two New Stacy Dittrich Books Hit the Shelves!

Stumbling along the Beat:
A Policewoman’s Uncensored Story from the World of Law Enforcement

When you’re a cop, you lay your life on the line every day. It’s one of the toughest jobs in the world, and the common belief that women aren’t up to it doesn’t make it any easier. But even as a kid, Stacy Dittrich craved the adrenaline rush of putting bad guys behind bars. When her father and uncles, all police officers, gathered to share their stories, Stacy was in the front row. Riding along in her father’s cruiser with the sirens blaring, she knew she’d found something that could make her feel alive.

There were dark days on the beat, days when Stacy, a detective specializing in sex crimes, could hardly believe the horrors she faced. Parents whose neglect of their own children seemed outright evil. Men and women whose sadistic acts made the world a terrifying place. But for Stacy, getting these depraved criminals off the streets was all that mattered. She was protecting the innocent, doing whatever she could to help them feel safe … until she became a target herself. Terrifyingly, some of the most dangerous people she encountered were her fellow cops. And they would not stop until Stacy gave up—her career, her dreams, and even her life.

But Stacy Dittrich was no victim.

Broken. Bloodied. Stabbed in the back. Stumbling Along the Beat, Stacy Dittrich never knew which one she’d be. But the desire for danger was in her blood—and the hunt for justice was all that mattered to her. This is her brutally honest, true story of survival on the streets.

Stacy Dittrich’s father, retired police lieutenant Joseph Wendling, wrote the foreword for this book. The book's already grabbed the attention of a few people we’ve heard of.

“Humorous and shocking, Stacy Dittrich’s account of life as a female police officer and growing up in a law enforcement family will undoubtedly grab your attention. A fascinating read!”
--Ray Liotta, award-winning actor and star of Goodfellas and Cop Land.
In The Body Mafia, the third book in Stacy Dittrich’s intense CeeCee Gallagher thriller series, CeeCee risks her life to uncover a ring of Mafia killers who murder people to sell their body parts on the black market. When the bodies of local homeless men begin turning up missing major organs, Detective CeeCee Gallagher is hot on the trail of the perpetrators. Only after her husband, FBI Agent Michael Hagerman, is the target of a car bomb, does CeeCee realize what she’s really dealing with. This is no mere madman. These killers are organized—and more dangerous than any CeeCee’s seen before.

Both of Stacy Dittrich's new books are available in bookstores and online now. She'll be signing STUMBLING ALONG THE BEAT and THE BODY MAFIA on Saturday, May 8th, at Barnes and Noble, Mansfield, Ohio from 5pm-7pm.


Kathryn Casey said...

Congratulations, Stacy! Can't wait to read them. They both look fascinating.

Cathy Scott said...

Congrats, Stacy! Looking forward to reading them, especially "Stumbling Along the Beat" -- my kind of book! Much luck at your signing.