Saturday, July 24, 2010

Exciting News from Women in Crime Ink!

by Women in Crime Ink

Notice anything different about us? Nope, no new hair styles, and no we haven’t lost weight. Here’s a hint: Peruse the photos on the right-hand column. Ah ha, you say. There it is! Two new women. And you recognize them? Of course you do!

Women in Crime Ink, the blog the Wall Street Journal calls “worth reading,” is adding two new contributors. Beginning August 1, legal analyst Anne Bremner and body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass will join our ranks. We know they'll be assets in our quest to deliver provocative, educational, and inspirational takes on cases in the headlines. All of us at Women in Crime Ink are excited to welcome Anne and Lillian.

Now, a little bit about our newest members:

Anne Bremner:

A trial attorney for 26 years, Anne is a litigation shareholder in the Seattle law firm of Stafford Frey Cooper. She received her B.A. from California's Stanford University and a law degree from Seattle University. She’s a former deputy prosecutor at the King County Prosecutor's Office, specializing in sex crimes. Since entering private practice, Anne has represented police departments, private and public entities, priests and judges in civil and criminal trials. If that weren't enough, Anne is a fellow in the prestigious International Academy of Trial Lawyers, widely regarded as the most exclusive trial-lawyer group in the world.

Why do you recognize Anne? She’s a regular on CNN, HLN, Nancy Grace and Fox News. For a taste of what she'll bring to WCI, check out her take on the Amanda Knox case here.

Dr. Lillian Glass:

An early bloomer, Lillian earned her Ph.D in communication disorders from the University of Minnesota when she was just 24. One of the world’s foremost and most-respected authorities in the human communications arena, she’s a renowned body language expert. Lillian educates her readers and viewers entertainingly and compellingly.

She’s a sought-after media expert for her unique perspective on breaking news, and she's a prolific author. Her books include the bestselling Toxic People. To whet your appetite, check out her analysis of Casey Anthony's truthfulness or lack thereof here.

Thank you all for being Women in Crime Ink readers. As we go forward, watch for Anne's and Lillian's posts, and don't forget to make WCI part of your daily routine. Tweet and post the links for your friends to share, and don't hesitate to comment. We're always eager to hear from you!


katfish said...

Nice adds! I look forward to their contributions! :)

Peg C said...

@ katfish, I agree, this is very exciting.

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