Saturday, August 28, 2010

Poor Little Rich Girl?

by Kathryn Casey and Cathy Scott

Flashback: Paris Hilton on "Larry King Live" in June 2007, two days after her release from jail: "I'm going to have a new beginning. I'm going to raise money for kids, for breast cancer, for multiple sclerosis."

Sounded like the young Ms. Hilton had learned her lesson, didn't it? Apparently not. She's been busted again, this time in Las Vegas, at 11:30 Friday night, in a car. Her boyfriend, Cy Waits, was driving, but police say Hilton had cocaine on her. Apparently a motorcycle cop noticed a trail of smoke "from a controlled substance" following the Cadillac Esplanade and pulled it over. Waits was booked as well and held, along with Paris, in the Clark County jail in downtown Las Vegas, where Paris spent the night until her release on her own recognizance early Saturday.

Hilton's "people" haven't commented yet, but there'll be another round of 24/7 press coverage, more time in a courtroom standing before a judge, and, undoubtedly, another pledge to turn her life around.

The truth is that Paris of the designer clothes, expensive jewelry and mega-watt smile isn't all that young anymore. Heck, she's 29, edging up on the big three-O. So our question to you is: Where does Paris Hilton go from here? Will this be her future, going from one jail to another, paying a battalion of attorneys, all for the purpose of smoothing over the frayed edges of a drug-addicted, out-of-control life?

Paris has already lawyered up with influential criminal defense attorney David Chesnoff (once a law partner to Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman), who was able to get her released from jail without having to post bail. Chesnoff has represented celebrities in the past, including Martha Stewart, Mike Tyson, Shaquille O'Neal, Suge Knight, Lindsay Lohan, and now Paris Hilton. Don't most of us dream of having what Paris was handed at birth: enough money to do whatever we want with our lives? Never having to worry about working or obligations? To live without the responsibilities nearly everyone else struggles with just to pay the rent and put food on the table? It's hard for us to feel sorry for Paris Hilton. Her record is just getting too darn long. After all, she was arrested earlier this summer for suspicion of having pot in South Africa, and who can forget the 45 days she was sentenced on that DWI, which apparently didn't make an impression. Did her recent stint in a holding cell sober her up? Only time will tell.

Now, the question once again is can Paris Hilton turn her life around? And is there anything the new judge in Sin City can do to influence a woman who has everything and appears unwilling or incapable of controlling her appetites?

Mug shot courtesy of the Las Vegas police department


Aurika said...

Who could be shocked by this??? Now if the story was she had read a book then maybe, a little shock but, cocaine? It would have shocked me if she WASN'T doing cocaine.

Anonymous said...

Monetarily blessed, emotionally starved. Can't fill herself up no matter what she does. Look for more of the same in the future and a fatal drug overdose in a few years.

Anonymous said...

Monetarily blessed, emotionally starved. Can't fill herself up no matter what she does. Look for more of the same in the future and a fatal drug overdose in a few years.

Janet Braunstein said...

On, the Paris Hilton headline sits above more death in Pakistan floods and Glenn Beck's contagious insanity. Isn't that really how she survives? Won't she become just another socialite as she ages?

Cathy Scott said...

Not a good jail to be housed in, Miss Hilton, especially the holding cell in downtown Las Vegas, which is where Paris will be the first 12 hours. Then she'll go to the general population, in the same county jail -- a high rise. When she goes for arraignment, corrections officers with the Las Vegas police will walk her through an underground tunnel from the jail to the courthouse. No perp walks here in Las Vegas. She'll be treated just like everyone else. And no early releases because of jail overcrowding; this isn't Los Angeles. Officials in this town could care less who she is. She could very well see some prison time for this one. The women's state prison in North Las Vegas is privately run and houses women convicted of murder, child endangerment, robbery and, yes, drugs charges. Paris Hilton just got arrested in the wrong town. Unless her buddies, the Maloof brothers who own the Palms Hotel, have some pull downtown, this is not going to be pretty.

Rae said...

Can Paris turn her life around? Hmmm.

I'm guessing not. For one thing, and I don't mean this as an insult, but watching Ms. Hilton over the years has left one enduring impression - she's just not that smart. She's never come across as an intelligent individual. She's kinda a dim bulb, intellect wise.

For another, she doesn't appear to have any motivation to turn her life around. Her arrests certainly don't affect her economically, her status as a "celebrity" remains undiminished (heck, she gets more news coverage every time she is arrested than otherwise), and none of it seems to have a negative impact on her business ventures-which are being run by other people, anyway.

Sad fact. You can be too rich and too spoiled for real life to ever sink in.

Cathy Scott said...

Just read the latest stories. Paris allowed police to search her purse. It would take a search warrant, based on probable cause, which the officer would have had to request from a judge (and might have been difficult to get with just smoke in the car as evidence) -- unless Paris agreed. For a gal who gets into trouble periodically, it's surprising she doesn't know her rights.

Kathryn Casey said...

Y'all may be right, and Ms. Hilton's on a downward spiral.

Thanks for all the behind the scenes info, Cathy! Feel free to add it to the post if you have time. This is fascinating!

Leah said...

Now we know how she stays so skinny. I think it is difficult, although not impossible, for users to change because typically they are selfish individuals. Any why is it that they always say they want to "help children"? Lindsay Lohan said that same crap in court but is there any evidence that either of them are any more than just talk??

Kathryn Casey said...

Maybe they have the same PR person telling them how to put a spin on it, Leah? Sounds like Paris got bonded out of jail. What a self-inflicted roller coaster that woman is on!