Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Ten Most Toxic Men Behind Bars

by Dr. Lillian Glass

The sequel to my book Toxic People has just been released this week. It is called Toxic Men: 10 Ways of Identifying, Dealing With and Healing From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable. It’s not a book about male bashing, but, rather, a book to empower your relationships. It teaches you how to identify any toxic man by his body language and communication patterns.

Therefore, I thought that it would be a fitting opportunity to discuss 10 of the most Toxic Men in the news who are presently behind bars. There are different types of Toxic Men, from the Emotional Refrigerator to the Bully, to the Cheating Liar and the Silent But Deadly Erupting Volcano.

Here are some of the most notorious types of Toxic Men and the faces and personalities behind their toxic types.

1. Joran van der Sloot (Psycho/Sociopath) -- He is suspected of killing teenager Natalie Holloway in Aruba and accused of killing Stefany Flores in Peru, where he sits in prison awaiting a translator and a trial.

2. Bernard Madoff (Seductive Cheating Liar) -- He was convicted of running a Ponzi scheme where he stole millions of dollars and lied to investors.

3. Scott Peterson (Sneaky Silent But Deadly Erupting Volcano) -- This former fertilizer salesman seemed mild mannered and like the idea loving husband, according to his in laws. He is now on San Quentin’s death row for killing his pregnant wife Laci and her unborn son Conner.

4. Joseph Fritzl (Angry Bullying Control Freak) -- This monster abused and imprisoned his own daughter in a basement dungeon for decades as he impregnated her with six children. He now sits in a dungeon of his own- the mental section of a prison in Austria where he will remain for the rest of his life.

5. Phillip Garrido (Angry Bullying Control Freak) -- This is another monster who kidnapped an innocent school girl, Jaycee Dugard, kept her in a prison like area in his back yard for decades, and impregnated her with two children. He awaits trial and will most likely die in prison.

6. Drew Peterson (Emotional Refrigerator and Arrogant Know It All) -- This is a cocky former policeman who is in an Illinois jail awaiting trial for the alleged killing of his third wife Kathleen Savio and missing forth wife Stacy Peterson.

7. OJ Simpson (Me, Myself and I Narcissist) -- A former football great who killed his wife, Nicole, and her friend, Ron Goldman. He literally got away with murder. But 13 years later, he was convicted of armed robbery in an attempt to get his memorabilia back. He will most likely sit in a Nevada prison for the rest of his life.

8. Mario Andrette McNeill (Wishy Washy Spineless Wimp) -- This horrific coward raped and strangled five-year-old Shania Davis. He remains in a North Carolina jail awaiting sentencing.

9. Brian David Mitchell (Arrogant, Self-Righteous Know It All) -- on trial for kidnapping a then-14-year-old Elizabeth Smart, raping and torturing her. He is presently on trial for his heinous crimes.

10. Omar Abdel-Rahman (Instigating Backstabbing Meddler) -- Also known as the "blind sheik," he was the mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He traveled freely to the US and preached regularly at mosques in New York City where he incited Muslim extremists to destroy the West.

While these are 10 of the most extreme types of Toxic Men who are, luckily, behind bars, many other types of Toxic Men are less extreme. While they may not be behind bars, they may still be causing severe havoc in your life.

The book Toxic Men is designed to empower you by helping you learn how to identify any toxic man in your life by analyzing his body language and communication patterns. You no longer have to remain a victim. Besides walking away or unplugging from a toxic relationship, you now have options available to you. If you have walked away and still carry the emotional scars, reading this book can help you heal.


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