Friday, August 12, 2011

No Sexy Body Language For 10 Year Old Girls!

Just when we have had enough of the Casey Anthony case and the manipulation and games surrounding her, there is something else which now outrages us: a 10-year-old all sexed up as a new French Vogue model.

This 10-year-old child is particularly upsetting, especially on the heels of the self-proclaimed prophet Warren Jeffs, who essentially raped and molested young girls two years older than this model, all under the guise of spirituality.

There is something perverted about seeing a little girl with a provocative look, especially when she is not developed sexually. What is a child doing selling sex who has no sex hormones and no sexuality? The body language in the first photo is especially disturbing to me as it showcases her long legs via some high-heels. This is not a little girl dressing up in mommy’s big heels and an cocktail outfit. Instead, she is a professional model who is only 10 and wearing the most expensive clothing on the pages of an elite magazine.

The reason they chose a 10-year-old is to develop her until she is 18 and then get rid of her for a younger model. Gone are the days when a model’s career began after she finished high school or college. Fifteen- and 16-year-olds are now the norm. Why? Because they can work longer and save the magazine money by not having to spend it on photo retouches of a wrinkled or party-ridden face. They can now have a fresh, young look on their covers because their models are 10 years young.

The body language in the second photo is even worse with her snarl. Ten-year-olds need to smile, not snarl. Snarling indicates a certain type of sexual aloofness that a 10-year-old should never know about.

Then there is body language where she is on her tummy with her bottom showcased with cut-out patterns at the hip in a contrasting color. This is a sensual pose, as her leg is up. She’s got the snarl and is laden with jewelry that is way too old and expensive for anyone, let alone a 10-year-old.

And don’t tell me Brooke Shields starred in Pretty Baby when she was in a bordello scene at this girl’s age and turned out fine. Brooke is the exception to the rule. She is bright, Princeton educated, and had to grow up very fast as she became the parent to her alcoholic manager mother. Her mother played havoc on her nerves and in her life. It was her luck that she had an agent who believed in her, that got her the job with Suddenly Susan that put her back on top.

Even though the little model has famous parents, it means zero unless she has the ability to make something of herself on her own. Brooke knows firsthand the horrible side of being a working child actress and model. That is why you don't see her kids following in her footsteps.

I don’t like what I am seeing. Vogue definitely is getting eyeballs to pay attention to them at a time when magazines are barely surviving and are going under. As I see it, the only ones motivated to buy the magazine with the 10-year-old in provocative poses are child predators.


Remedies said...

So sweet and cute model in less age.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the author. These pictures are not "sweet" - they are unsettling at best. And to be honest I feel the same about the entire beauty pageant movement, which in my opinion is little more than moms using their kids as real life dolls. Unfortunately this tricks certain individuals into confusing these little girls playing dress-up with actual grown-up women...

Sandy said...

I agree with the author and this trend in using - and I mean that USING - little girls for provocative purposes, not just for selling clothes, is alarming. Recently I read about the arrests of 70 + men in an international child pornography ring and for those of you who think that the trend in missing children is not connected to a rise a child pornography - think again. I do not know how to stop it, but I know that supporting magazines that use children to sell products intended for adult women is only giving the publishers more license to justify their objectives.

Pat Brown said...

I find i beyond grotesque when I see children barely old enough to walk, being put into outfits you wouldn't want your adult children to wear. When I see those mothers defend it by saying their kids love it and every little girl wants to play dress-up. Yeah, they do -- the keyword here being play. Finding your little girl trying on mommy's high heeled shoes and smearing lipstick all over their mouth is cute. Dressing them professionally and pitting them against other children in contests where there is only one winner is obscene.

I even heard one mother say in an interview that the only way her daughter would be successful was to be beautiful. Her brains and ability didn't count. The message all those women send to their kids is that without their looks they are failures. I wonder if they ever stop to think how many pedophiles are watching their daughter and masturbating over them.

Those women are prostituting their daughters and should be arrested for child abuse.

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