Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Media, Please Stop Giving Mass Murderers the Attention They Want

Media outlets,

This is the only statement you needed to make today about the mass murderer in DC.

"The mass murderer is dead. Out of respect for the victims and their families and to not give media attention to the perpetrator, we will not be discussing the killer."

Here is the only photo of the killer you needed to run with the story.

Mass murders will continue as long as the media encourages perpetrators by giving them the infamy they crave. Please, all media outlets, for the sake those innocent people you will put in danger in the future by aiding and abetting the desires of mass murderers, change how you handle the coverage of these crimes.

Thank you.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown


Pat Brown said...

Please pass this plea along to anyone you can in the media...via Facebook, Twitter, or Email. Thank you.

Pat Brown said...

Please respect the content of this post and do not use the killer's name nor discuss his history;otherwise, your comment will be deleted.

A Voice of Sanity said...

You regard the mentally ill as cockroaches? Why not the idiots who failed to put him on the list of persons not permitted to own weapons? How many more failures like this will you tolerate?

And what about the politicians who keep putting insane restrictions on the ability of the police to manage lists of weapons buyers and owners? Or the NRA, the tool of gun makers who all oppose any restrictions on gun ownership, anything that would assist the police in investigations?

There's plenty of blame to go around and none of these people are hearing voices in their head.

Katy England said...

There is a long history of violent people, stretching back to before recorded history. Blaming the media for the horrific acts of a mentally ill individual is irresponsible.

Do I wish the media were more responsible in how they handled these crisis? Yes. Do I think they have blood on their hands? No.

Posts like this simply widen the gap between the media and those who investigate crimes.

You can't ask the media to stay silent on cases like this. It's is irresponsible and downright pointless. Worse, rather than trying to work with people in the media about ways to better present the information, posts like this are simply inflammatory.

Here are some links to violence throughout history:

Bath school massacre (pre-internet)

The cause of Boudica's uprising (even earlier): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodicca#Boudica.27s_uprising

There will always be someone willing to do horrific acts in the hopes of gaining notoriety. But perhaps instead of pointing fingers at the media and blaming them for the violence, work with them on spreading the word on ways of helping those with mental illness and pouring light on the root of the problem, instead of just the symptoms of the problem.

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