Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Anger, Sterling and the Plantation Mentality

Anger, Sterling and the Plantation Mentality


rob said...

I find it funny that she is described as his 'lady friend'. She is his employee, a well-paid million dollar whore. She baited him up for this and then taped it, to sell or expose to TMZ. Yeah, I'm sure this 80 yr old feels angry towards these young men his hoe spends time with. They happen to be black. I think if they were Asian, Hispanic or white, it would be the same for him. Why jump on Magic? The 'lady friend' is hanging with him, and he openly has HIV. You've paid alot of money for what you got, now it may be passing along something to you.
I'm not letting him off, but he is in his 80's. It seems like no other races in this country gets PO'ed and makes comments about other races. I'm sorry, but I have numerous black friends and they can be as mean as me, when they're mad about something.

larmat said...

Reading this article. learning more every day...Thanks for sharing