Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stacy Dittrich on "Geraldo at Large"

Watch Stacy Dittrich this evening on FOX's "Geraldo at Large." Our Policewoman / Novelist will discuss unfolding developments in three high-profile missing persons cases. This past week, some revealing tape-recorded conversations surfaced in the disappearances of missing Illinois mom Stacy Peterson and Florida toddler Caylee Anthony. Both are presumed dead.

In Bolingbrook, two longtime friends of Drew Peterson have been secretly recording their conversations with the suspected wife killer for several months. According to the friends, a married couple, Peterson made incriminating statements.

And from the Orange County Jail in Orlando, missing child Caylee's mother Casey Anthony was taped in telephone conversations with the little girl's grandmother, Cindy Anthony. The telling exchange between the women is ripe for analysis. Plus, earlier this week, a 911 tape of Cindy was released. On it, Cindy tells the operator that her daughter's car smelled "like there's been a dead body" in it. Prosecutors suspect that the two year old is dead, but so far a body has not been found.

A third disappearance Geraldo will address has officially turned into a murder case. The body of Nancy Cooper was found earlier this month in North Carolina. Her husband skipped the memorial service.

Other guests on Saturday's program include ex-New York D. A. and FOX News analyst Jeanine Pirro. The time to watch tonight is 10:00 ET, when Geraldo and his guests will bring you insightful commentary on "all the news that matters to you, LIVE and 'at large.' "


Leah said...

Good program Stacey. I missed the first case about Caylee Anthony though. what's your opinion about that and how the grandparent have changed their tune?

For The People said...

I just got K. Casey's new book. I have read a few chapters but have had to work. I am off tomorrow and that is what I plan to do. READ IT! So far it is wonderful as is this post and site!

Kathryn Casey said...

Thanks FTP,

Glad you're enjoying the book! Is it DESCENT or SINGULARITY?