Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An Investigative Journalist Who Has a Heart and a Soul: A Review of The Last Day of My Life

by Robin Sax

I am not really a crier. I did bawl my eyes out in the movie Precious, but generally – as a veteran sex crimes prosecutor – it takes a lot to get my tears flowing.  Especially with books!  But Jim Moret’s The Last Day of My Life did make me cry. 

Why did it resonate with me so much? At first I didn’t know why – I was truly surprised at my reaction.  I looked inward to try and understand why this book touched me so much.  I realized it must be the dichotomy inherent in Jim Moret.  Someone like him, a public personality, appeared to have it all. And yet Moret was truly suffering inside. He faced the same woes and worries that many of us share, but had to put on a “happy face” for his TV appearances and for his family’s sake. 

Moret hits a nerve when he talks about a universal fear for those who suffer from depression: the idea that we may be better off dead. What makes this book ultimately so moving is that Moret actually had the courage to go public with his struggle. He truly went out on a limb, both professionally and personally, to help us all be more open with ourselves and with our families. And he did it without shame. Moret gives us a book with transparency, honesty, and raw emotion.

Moret tells his stories, tells of his pain and woe, with beautiful simplicity. I understood, heard, and sympathized with his struggles right away. After finishing the book, I was downright hopeful. 

One would never guess that such an emotionally charged book could come out of an investigative journalist – whose job is basically about exposing someone else’s soul without exposing his own motivations, bias, ideas, and emotions.

Jim Moret is neither a psychologist nor a therapist.  He is currently the Chief Correspondent for "Inside Edition". Like many other TV personalities, he comes from a background in law.  Yet he relates to us on a deeply psychological level. So many of us are desperately seeking answers and understanding.  In a mere 161 pages, Jim Moret provides us with more then just answers.  He pours his heart and soul into the book and gets the reader to examine their own.  Not many therapists can do that (for the price of a book anyway)! 

The Last Day of My Life was a deeply moving account of courage and wisdom. Jim Moret not only gives himself a gift, he gives each of us one as well. 

Official Synopsis:
If you had 24 hours to live...Should you finally forgive the one who hurt you the most, and would you find the courage to apologize to the person you wronged? Who would you remember as your life's greatest love? Could you recognize what you are truly grateful for? Jim Moret didn't fully understand the answers to those questions until he was literally a day away from ending his own life. This veteran television broadcaster and interviewer turns the camera on himself, taking the reader on an intimate journey. He moves beyond depression, tragedy, and self-doubt and grapples with his greatest decision: not simply whether to live but how to live. If you only had 24 hours left...what would you do?

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