Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Filling Bin Laden's Spot on FBI Top Ten Most Wanted List

Usama Bin Laden held one of the highest-ranking spots on the FBI Top Ten Most Wanted for more than a decade. His mug first appeared on the elite list in 1999, and with the recent news of his death, there’s a large spot to fill. So, how will the FBI make that choice? Choosing the next suspect may take a little time and coordination.


The FBI says all 56 Field Offices will submit their top candidates for their most wanted nominees and those fugitives will be sent to the Criminal Investigative Division Assistant Director for approval. From there, the choices will be narrowed and the FBI director will have the final say.


The famous Top Ten Most Wanted has been in existence since J. Edgar Hoover launched the program on March 14, 1950. A reporter for the International News Service asked the Bureau for names and descriptions of the “toughest guys” they wanted captured. Based on that inquiry, the top 10 was born.

Out of 464 fugitives, the FBI says 152 have been nabbed as a direct result of the public’s cooperation.


You better believe the next up will be a menace to society. The FBI will likely choose someone who is dangerous and has a lengthy criminal record. In addition, the FBI says another key decision-making factor will be, “The nationwide publicity afforded by the program can be of assistance in apprehending the fugitive, who, in turn, should not already be notorious due to other publicity.” The oldest person to be placed on the list was 69-year-old James J. Bulger, who was added in August of 1999. He remains on the list today.


Only eight women out of 464 fugitives have made a guest appearance on the FBI Top Ten Most Wanted list.

Billy Austin Bryant was a fugitive who lasted the shortest time on the list. He was caught in 1969 within two hours.

The longest fugitive to remain on the Top Ten to date is Victor Manuel Gerena. He lasted a long 26 years before being found.

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