Monday, July 11, 2011

Casey's Freedom May Be The Worst Punishment

I, along with the rest of the world, am livid that Casey was found not guilty and will be released into the free world. After hearing that juror number three stated that the jurors were sick to their stomach and cried, I felt sick to my stomach hearing what she said. When she said that not guilty does not mean innocent, I realized that the wrong jury was chosen for justice to be served. Not guilty should mean innocent, and if she and the rest of the jury believed Casey was not innocent they needed to come back with a guilty verdict.

Eleven hours is not enough time to weigh all the information in a six-week trial. Juror number three and an alternate said that the Prosecution didn’t prove their case. They did not tell how her toddler Caylee died. I think the juror didn’t look at all the data. I think the prosecution did tell how she died, in my view. If they would have spent more than 11 hours they would have known this.

Based on what the alternate said and now juror number three, they liked defense attorney Jose Baez better. And please stop accusing me of loving Jose Baez and being partial to him. I only report what I see. He has presented himself well since day one, and even prosecutor Jeff Ashton said that on his media tour. Whether you like it or not, Baez came across very likable to the jury as opposed to Ashton. The bottom line is they listened to him and what he had to say and they bought it. In fact, the alternate said that the jury didn’t like it when George Anthony argued with Baez.

People do not realize the power of body language and communication. Well, here it is in action. They liked Jose Baez more and that is why they went with what he said. That is why Casey Anthony is going free on Sunday, July 17. Look at Scott Peterson. He was convicted on circumstantial evidence. Why couldn’t this happen to Casey? The reason boils down to body language and communication skills of the attorneys.

I, along with everyone else, am also livid that Casey will become a millionaire after she is released. But even if she sells photos of herself and Caylee, and even if she appears on shows, there are a lot of people who will rebel and boycott. Apparently Paradigm Entertainment in Beverly Hills signed her and had to drop her immediately because of the public complaints.

Sadly, there will be people who will offer her book and movie deals. She may be offered money for interviews through a third party so it looks like they had nothing to do with paying her for the interview. She may even make money selling Caylee dolls for which her lying mother Cindy got the trademark. Foreign entities may pay her handsomely for her interviews and photo shoots. 

Since Casey loves attention, loves to showcase her body and has no sexual inhibitions, she may very well take a porn company up on their offer. This would no doubt be in the millions of dollars. However, Steve Hirsch at Vivid Entertainment felt the pressure of even possible death threats and loss of his fan and customer base after he offered Casey a million dollars for an XXX Rated movie and quickly reneged on it. I am sure that the public’s pressure will continue with anyone who offers her money.

If mainstream TV shows put her on and interview her, the public will transfer their hatred toward Casey onto them.They will boycott any program or station that has her on television. Even if film projects arise people will boycott them. The public will not stand for her capital gain. There will be protests and threats and they will escalate. Casey will not live in peace for one moment. She may have been better off in prison where there would be more protection for her than there would be on the outside. On death row, there would be even more protection.

Now there are more people to hate her, and anything she does will be met with hatred and protest, and even possible violence. No one will ever hire her. No one will ever buy a book by her because they will boycott a book that is no doubt filled with lies. Even if she goes to the grocery store or shopping for clothes she will be met with protesters and taunts. Anyone with whom she associates or whom she dates will be taunted and regarded as a villain. If her parents are now receiving death threats for their lies and possible perceived involvement, can you imagine what will happen to Casey?

As Baez, Mason and Ms. Simms move on with their own lives and on to other cases, Casey will quickly discover that they are not her friends after all. They will want to distance themselves from her as they too experience harassment.

She can’t travel because she will be followed and harassed. Restaurants will kick her out like they did OJ Simpson. Neighbors will rebel. The clubs she once loved and frequented won’t allow her in them. She will discover that she will be prisoner in her own home. She will never have a moment of peace. People will protest outside her home forever. They may damage her vehicles. No security can stop this. By the time the protesters get through with Casey, she may wish she was sitting in a jail cell.


Anonymous said...

Firstly thanks for making this site public again!

I really don't know what will happen to Casey. I'm guessing a bunch of lowlifes will attempt to get close to her in order to have (perhaps even sell?) their 15 minutes of fame.

I have to admit that I was surprised that she refused to see Cindy. I'm guessing she'll be regretting that sooner rather than later.

And if the Anthony parents have even half a brain, they need to replace ALL their locks. Even better, they need to put the house up for sale, and move out of the area.

The person I feel the saddest for (after poor Baby Caylee, obviously) is Lee. His parents sacrificed him on the alter of Casey. I hope he meets a wonderful, supportive partner, and moves on.

Anonymous said...

I really think Jose Baez looks and acts like a slimy second hand car salesman. I have heard he is a nice man. I would not trust him ever after seeing this trial and the way he supported a sick, selfish killer of a woman. He seemed all to comfy with the snide looks and clever (?) remarks at the defense table from his client. She may have fooled the jury, a poor jury if ever there was one, but the rest of the world has her number.

You are right, she will either be alone and a recluse, or get into the wrong crowd and end up in dire straits before long.

Love your insights....thanks for the good read!

Dorith said...

I followed the news reports from abroad, so I did not see body language etc.

However, I think that the article represents wishful thinking. I am quite sure that if Casey will be on TV, people will look. When there will be books written (paid to her directly or indirectly), people will buy. That's the nature of people.....

Soon this case will be half forgotten because there will be another murder highlighted in the news......

A Voice of Sanity said...

"Eleven hours is not enough time to weigh all the information in a six-week trial."

The final Scott Peterson jury spent just 6 hours to "weigh all the information" in a 5 month trial that was a shambles of misinformation and pointless 'testimony'. Did you complain about that? If not, your objections are specious, and rather disingenuous.

Despite the fact that the state offered no evidence that went to guilt Peterson was convicted anyway. Of course this all happened after every juror who appeared to have a doubt about his guilt was ruthlessly (and improperly) removed from the jury.

To this day, not one of these jurors can explain their verdict in any way.

Anthony's jury was clearly composed of people who can think, not delude themselves with 'feelings'. It is clear to me that Anthony is not guilty because she is almost certainly (better than 99.9%) innocent, this being proven by the state's case in chief.

Congratulations to one jury that did not shame America. It's too bad that America then decided to shame themselves. For shame, America, for shame.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what to think about this case. I can't get past the 30 day not reporting your child missing. Casey is 2 faced, she is not someone to trust. She had a lot of party friends not really true friends. I don't know if I could be a juror on a case of this magnitude. Through I thought juror #3 was defensive during her interview. She was trying to justify the not guilty decision.

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