Saturday, May 3, 2008

Don't Forget Your ID Saturday Night

Be sure to watch Investigation Discovery tonight, when you can see the work of two of our partners in crime: 48 Hours Producer Jenna Jackson and Crime Writer Vanessa Leggett, who was interviewed for "Texas Confidential," a story that originally aired on CBS's 48 Hours. The one-hour program details the murder of Houston socialite Doris Angleton, the wife of a multi-million dollar bookmaker who catered to Houston's elite. Doris's husband, Bob Angleton, was also a police informant. Doris had filed for divorce two months before she was gunned down in her home. Police were convinced Bob conspired with his estranged brother Roger to commit the perfect crime. Three people have been jailed in relation to the murder case: the suspected conspirators, Bob and Roger Angleton, and even the writer, Vanessa Leggett. But to this day no one has been convicted of murdering Doris Angleton. To find out why, watch ID on Saturday, May 3, at 7:00 p.m. EDT. For preview and program description, visit here.


Leah said...

What an interesting story and a great job the two of you did. I think I have seen it before but I am not sure. I am confused about the outcome though. Is Bob in prison? I read that he was aquitted but at the end of this program his daughters were talking about not having their weddings until he could be there to walk them down the isle. Or is he on the run??

Anonymous said...

Bob Angleton is in prison for lesser crimes (tax evasion, etc.)

Anonymous said...

This case is a huge miscarriage of justice. This is no longer about murder, it is now about the rights that this great country is based upon. Angleton was aquited of this crime. He should have never been charged AGAIN for the murder of his wife. I do mourn for the family of Doris however, if this goes back to trial, what then will follow. Will this lead to anyone aquited of a crime to face trial over and over again. Why is it so hard for prosecutor to except defeat. I feel for the citizens that stood on the jury and rendered the verdict. Did there judgement mean nothing? Why waste their time? And why even have a jury, if they come up with a verdict that the state doesn't want, then we'll just go against the rights of all American's and make it into a Federal case.

I do care that a murder happened to a beautiful, young mother who had her whole life ahead of her. The victim is not forgotten in my mind. No one deserves to be killed.

But my concern is about the accused rights being taken away. If he is guilty, the state should have done its job, found the evidence, and if they would have done that, Bob would be in prison. But the jury said "NOT GUILTY"! And that is where it should remain and the case against Bob should be closed!

Leah said...

You have me confused Anonymous. If he was once aquitted he cannot be tried again. Unless the Feds found a way to indict him but I haven't read that anywhere.