Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mystery Man - Clue Box


Our next Mystery Man covers all the crime stories in the county--not just any county, though. This is the county made famous by Sheriff Buford Pusser. Only a faint bell tinkling in the back of your head? Let me refresh your memory: Pusser is the lawman in the Walking Tall movies. And, yes, he was a real person who fought the bad guys, survived an assassination attempt that took the life of his wife, and walked tall until he crashed his Corvette on an empty stretch of highway. This Saturday, the sheriff's legacy is celebrated with the 20th Annual Buford Pusser Pageant and May 21-24 is the 20th Annual Sheriff Buford Pusser Festival.

This Mystery Man doesn't just write the stories, though. He also shoots the pictures. His photographs have been published in major newspapers from coast to coast. His most famous photo featured a shoe shrouded in controversy. In addition to reporting, this Mystery Man is also an ordained minister who does a lot of couples counseling. He's a very nice guy who would never give you the finger--but he can find it on the map.

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