Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ink Blotter Sunday - Mother's Day Edition

Ink Blotter

Join our live chat this afternoon for a special Mother's Day edition of the Ink Blotter. We'll be discussing a mother most everyone remembers, and not just on Mother's Day--Kate McCann. It's been a year since her three-year-old daughter Madeleine Beth McCann disappeared during a family vacation in Portugal. Madeleine's parents insist she was abducted. During the investigation into the girl's disappearance, Portuguese police focused on her mother as a suspect. WCI Criminal Profiler Pat Brown is convinced that Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, know what happened to their child. After telling the world they would not leave Portugal without their daughter, the couple finally returned home to England once they were officially named as suspects. Pat Brown has speculated the couple could have returned with Madeleine without anyone knowing--if they packed their toddler's body in a suitcase for the trip home. Could Kate McCann have played a role in the death and disappearance of her daughter? Or is she simply a grieving mother, falsely accused and shamelessly abused by the media? This Sunday, Pat will offer her opinions in a discussion with WCI's Donna Weaver, a missing persons authority who understands the difficulties faced by anyone who investigates a disappearance in a foreign country. Donna is an area director for the Bahamas and Caribbean Region for The Doe Network - International Center for Unidentified and Missing Persons. Today marks Kate McCann's second Mother's Day without her daughter Madeleine. Let us know what you think about Kate. Is she a twice-victimized mother who will continue to live in the shadow of suspicion? Or is the British mum a daughter killer? Don't miss this live chat from 4 - 5:00 p.m. EDT. This will be WCI's last Ink Blotter discussion. (New format!)


Ludmila said...

I still think that Kate and Gerry McCann knows something.
I think if something happen to her was an accident.
Why let 3 kids in the room alone, even if they are sleep?
And how a random person enter to the room and take Madeleine in a place that it was supose to have some security?
And this have such a media cover.

This case allways remember me the JonBenet case.

Leah said...

I believe they had something to do with Madeline's disappearance as well. For the life of me, I cannot get over going to a foreign country and leaving your children alone in a hotel room. I know people say that many parents in Europe do it all the time but I just cannot accept that. But aside from the fact that someone coculd kidnap your child[ren] they could have woken up and accidently harmed themselves while their parents were at dinner. I cannot fathome that two doctors believed this was ok.

Rae said...

I'll take the other side of the fence and say that I don't believe the McCann's had anything to do with Madeleine's disappearance. Yes, I do believe they should have been far more attentive-but, then, who am I to say? I've had backyard BBQ's while my children were asleep in the house, and there's not much difference. All anyone can cite as evidence that these people murdered their child is to repeatedly say that they left the children alone. That's not proof.

IF they did do something, where's the body? I've yet to see anyone come up with a scenario of disposing of the body that fits in with the known facts. Packing the body in a suitcase-okay, but how? People and LE in and of that hotel room, and the McCann's didn't leave for England for some time-not to be graphic, but wouldn't someone have noticed the odor?

Where all the people at the gathering in on it? The more one speculates that the McCann's did something, the more people you have to involve, and the more implausible it gets.

A. said...

I'm with Rae on this one.

Furthermore, If Kate and Gerry had anything malicious going on, I can't see that they would be able to continue getting in front of camera's to perpetuate an ongoing masquerade.
Their grief seems as authentic as it gets.

There have been numerous abductions of young girls in Portugal and Spain that mirror the circumstances of Madeleine's. Whomever came up with the idea that the McCann parents must be involved, took this entire investigation off course.
Actually, it was never on course to begin with...makes me think that someone needed to create a diversion to cover their own ass (LE).

Anonymous said...

Still looks like a pedophile network kidnapping to me. Someone probably got her into one of those dungeons in Austria or Belgium. After reading about Fritzl, I am amazed that any kid has a snowball's chance in Europe or Asia.

Any way to get the transcript of the chat? I have to enlarge the font for reading comfort. The old chats don't allow that. The online chat is very informative even when it's last week's news! I can't sit in-have to work Sun. afternoon.

John (ptklsn[insert at symbol]inbox[insert period symbol]charlie/oscar/mike)

Women in Crime Ink said...


Glad you have enjoyed our chats. We regret we do not keep a separate transcript of our chats. To enlarge the chat to fill a full screen for easier reading, you can select the "Full Size" option below the Ink Blotter chat box. Thanks for reading Women in Crime Ink.

Leah said...

Technical question: How do I get to your live chats??

Women in Crime Ink said...


To get to our live chat, scroll nearly halfway down our page until you see a bright blue box along the right margin: "THE INK BLOTTER." To chat, simply place your cursor in the empty white box at bottom and begin typing. See you there at 4:00 p.m. EDT.