Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mary-Kate: What Was She Hiding?

by Tina Dirmann

Who does Michael C. Miller think he's kidding? Really. Don't know who Michael C. Miller is? Well, I'm sure you know his high-profile client, Mary-Kate Olsen. Miller is the high-dollar attorney Olsen hired to block federal investigators from getting anywhere near her. Drug Enforcement Agency officers just wanted to chat with her a bit in connection to the accidental drug overdose of her dear friend, Heath Ledger.

Miller said no way.

"Despite tabloid speculation," Miller said in a prepared statement, "Mary-Kate Olsen had nothing whatsoever to do with the drugs found in Heath Ledger's home or his body, and she does not know where he obtained them."

Okay, so, then I think we're all a little confused as to why she repeatedly refused to cooperate with investigators—unless they promised her immunity.

Immunity from what, Mr. Miller? Ms. Olsen, care to weigh in?

Well, I'm sure she and her attorney are both breathing a sigh of relief since they will never have to answer that question. The Ledger death investigation was officially closed last week, with the U.S. Attoney's Office deciding not to enforce a subpeona against Olsen, issued in April. The key question for investigators looking into the accidental death was how Ledger was able to obtain the lethal cocktail of prescription drugs that he ingested before falling asleep in his Soho apartment on Jan. 22. An autopsy revealed that Ledger had, among other medications, the powerful pain killers Oxycontin and Vicodin in his system.

Ledger did not have a prescription for either medication and investigators wanted to know how he got the drugs.

It's unknown, obviously, whether Mary-Kate can answer that question. Something tells me—and this is just my opinion, mind you—but I'm guessing she had a pretty good idea. Why?

The two were not only good friends. They were party pals. Mary-Kate had become a constant in Heath's life, frequently hanging out with him late into the night. And so, it's no wonder when Heath's masseuse found his body unresponsive, she picked up the cell phone and called, not 911 . . . but Mary-Kate Olsen (who, in response, generously—cowardly—sent over her bodyguards). Thankfully, the massage therapist had also called paramedics by the time Olsen's tough guys arrived.

Is anyone else furious at Olsen? I don't blame her for Heath's mistake. He was an adult. He knew that he was abusing prescription medications. But Olsen, I'm saying she can't walk away by casually saying, "Oh, I don't know, I simply have no idea what happened. . . ."

Uh-huh. I don't think anyone is buying that. So, I'm sad to see this investigation come to an end without testimony from Mary-Kate.

I also want to note that every other person in this investigation made themselves open and available: Heath's housekeeper and masseuse (pictured left, respectively), his doctors, the bodyguards, staff, and Michelle Williams, the mother of Heath's 2-year-old daughter (both below).

As one investigator told the New York Times, "Everyone has been very eager to help, saying what a great guy Heath Ledger was—except Mary-Kate, who refused to speak."

Why? If there was nothing to hide, why stand behind a lawyer to say that. Why not sit next to an investigator and proclaim it?

Hmmmm . . . I don't know. But Ms. Olsen sounds to me about as innocent as a North Carlonia senator on the run from a pack of National Enquirer reporters. Hey, didn't he also discount accusations by calling them "tabloid"?

Nice try, guys. From now on, you'll have to do better than that.


Leah said...

if you are referring to Senator John Edwards, he is from South Carolina, not Massachuetts.

TxMichelle said...

It really does piss me off that because they are celebrities they are not accountable for the things we would be. Hell, I have to pay 20 bucks to go to the doc and then I have to pay whatever ungodly amount is necessary for whatever meds I need.
Celebs have their very own docs that will prescribe whatever they want. Just like in the ANS case. Why doesn't she have to answer? Not only that why aren't these docs questioned and made responsible?

Leah said...

I meant North Carolina, sorry.

I wonder why KL didn't go to his own doc and get the meds anyway, since celebs seem to be able to get anything they want. A lot of people die because they have to take uppers to stay awake and to give them energy and then they need downers, a lot of them to get to sleep. A sad cycle. There are many people who know how KL was getting his fix but they don't feel compelled to talk. If LE can make a President [Clinton] talk, surely they can make a celeb. They just choose not to, for whatever reason.

Tina D said...

Leah, you are right! Thanks for pointing out the mix-up. John Edwards is from North Carolina. Another John (Kerry) is Massachusetts. I've made the change.

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