Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pass The Burnt Toast

by Susan Murphy-Milano

A university recently graduated Crystal Mangum, the sexually active prostitute and mentally challenged delusional mother of three. Her degree is in Police Psychology. She was the individual who accused the three lacrosse players of raping her in 2006.

This certified liar and criminal, has written a book due out in the fall. In my opinion, this is no different than O. J. Simpson's If I Did It. Mangum's "
memoir" is being released in an e-book format.

The people promoting this "self-appointed victim" have a unique site, below is an excerpt :

The people in society needing the most protection are the ones most vulnerable to abuse. Left on the outside looking in and their voices silenced for fear that the truth will be revealed, few are brave enough to tell their stories. The producers at fire! Films are willing to take chances and confront tough subjects.

The stories told by fire! Films are the kind you won't see anywhere else. Whether it is a documentary or feature film, exposing wrongdoing, dealing with the tough subjects and supporting cutting edge artists is our mission.

I should also mention that Crystal Mangum is attempting to donate one dollar from the sale of each book to battered women. Kind of like a "cleanse your soul donation"—you buy my book and I do something good for others. In my opinion, not much good will come from anything Crystal Mangum decides to do.

She is fortunate not to be
behind bars herself. The way I see it, this drama queen is begging to be returned to the public spotlight, a sad reminder of lives destroyed by a woman who has no business doing anything other than apologizing to those young men and their families.

Sorry, I cannot bring myself to post the name of this woman's book.

She jumped up and down shouting for more than two years that three Duke lacrosse players violated her orally, vaginally, and anally in a bathroom the size of a broom closet.

Court documents now sealed prove Crystal Mangum had DNA from two unidentified men in her rectum; two more in her pubic region; and another still inside of her.

What this woman should be doing is releasing a taped statement of apology on You Tube to Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, David Evans, and their

Mangum has already had her fifteen minutes of damage in the national spotlight.

Playing the role of a victim is just plain wrong


Anonymous said...

Who does she think she is anyway? I heard her education was paid for by a special fund from Rev. Jackson.

An apology has a total of 7 letters it is a word she was never taught. I also read she converted is Islam.

She needs to convert to reality.

Kathryn Casey said...

As I remember it, Susan, the DNA recovered didn't match any of the young men on the lacross team. Isn't that correct?

Levi said...

Mr understanding is that the book is going to be about how she had to get a job as a stripper, to feed, and cloth her children, and pay her college and be a single mother.

If you look at that picture above. This woman has a boob job. I'm not familiar with that surgical procedure, but I'm sure that they are not cheap.

That shows you how much she really cares about her children, the money spent on that boob job, could have went to her children, or to her education.

Susan Murphy Milano's Journal said...

Yes Kathryn, The DNA evidence did not match any of the 46 Lacrosse Players. The 3 wrongly accused settled with Durham and Duke.

Here is an interesting site on the case:

Anonymous said...

Not only did this lady lie about what took place in that house, it was compounded by a egomaniac District Attorney who could have put a stop to the madness before it got to the point of ruining the lives of those involved. He is now making a play to get his law license back, hopefully that will never happen.

TxMichelle said...

The saddest thing is this type of thing makes it even more difficult for women who really have been raped to come forward. She didn't just damage those boys, but helped to set back the credibility of the true victems.
There should be charges for the false accusations made. Maybe that will make people think twice about doing it.

Leah said...

Levi, I doubt the pic is of CM. She never looked that good.

The only reason those poor boys got out of the situation was because their parents had the funds to aggressively fight the charges. If they had been poor struggling college students, they'd probably be in prison right now.

Levi said...

leah, I disagree with that last statement about had they been poor, they would have been convicted.

Regardless of guilt or innocence, we all know they are innocent. But a jury would never convict because this is just not a "good victim." I really think sadly, convictions or guilt, is not based on the evidence, but on what type of person the victim is.

I just hate that this woman is trying to get publicity, like txmichelle said this liar makes it difficult for true victims to come forward.

What people need to understand is that false rape reporting is VERY rare, and this case is not the usual rape case.

Leah said...

Juries have convicted innocent people before. And if they had been poor, they likely couldn't have even posted bail.

I am not sure how you are supposed to draw the line at weeding out false rape reporting. Many people are irate because they don't think LE takes all rape reports seriously and those who think there are too many out there like Mike Nifong. Maybe not as bad but certainly in a hurry to prosecute.

katfish said...

Hopefully if these wrongfully accused young men wished to persue a civil suit against this liar, they could get most of the profits from this book....although I personally wouldn't pay a dime to read her story. We know she's a liar, why believe anything she wrote in her book.

Levi said...

According to FBI stats 2% of sex assault reportings are false.

Kelly Siegler wrote a great post a while back about how it is media and liberal Hollywood hype and propoganda that all prosecutors are like Mike Nifong. She demonstrated how most of the time, prosecutors don't want to go to trial unless they have a slam dunk case, even when there is good circumstancial evidence against the defendant.

Susan Murphy Milano's Journal said...

Leah that is a picture of Crystal Magnum from a couple of years ago when she was "dancing" at a gentlemens club.

And Levi you are correct regarding rape cases. Maybe we can invite her to be on The War On Crime Radio Show when the so called "book" is released.

Katfish because this is an E-Book and not a mainstream publishing house I am guessing the young men and their families will not do much to halt its' release. You have to download the book and it will not be sold in bookstores.

This case from the onset has been a blood boiler for me. So many victims both in domestic violence & rape cases seeking help via the justice system who must jump through hoops just to get their case prosecuted. And here struts Miss "I want to you tell you" who manages to cry wolf and destroy lives with lies in the process.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

"She jumped up and down shouting for more than two years that three Duke lacrosse players violated her orally, vaginally, and anally in a bathroom the size of a broom closet."

The same can be said for the vast, vast majority of the media covering this case who were quick to hype her false claims and belittle anyone who questioned them. It was during coverage of this case that I went from thinking Nancy Grace is someone I disagree with to thinking she might be insane.

Levi, if 2% of sex assault allegations are false, then what are we to make of states like Texas that don't require corroboration for testimony by underage sex assault victims? Doesn't that mean 2% of the time someone will be convicted solely based on a false accusation? Is that an acceptable ratio to you?

Further, if 2% are false accusations, some additional number also identify the wrong assailant, making the total number of false accusations higher. More than 80% of DNA exonerations, most of which have come in sex assault cases, involved faulty witness IDs. So for that reason I think the issue of false accusations shouldn't be dismissed so lightly as an outlier - even where a crime really occurred, in cases where the victim had no prior relationship with the perpetrator there's still a significant chance for identification errors.