Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Will Dr. Phil Play Hard Ball or Soft Ball with the Anthony's?

by Dr. Michelle Golland

As I sit writing this wondering what will be coming out of the mouths of George and Cindy Anthony when they are interviewed by Dr. Phil this week, I can't help but know it will be disappointing. I know that the hard questions will be asked, but the Anthony's will not be pushed to truly explain their own actions. It will be watered down and spun as usual by the Anthony's to prove themselves the victims of everyone-Casey, the media, the prosecutors, and the defense.

With my clients who have experienced sexual abuse and psychological abuse they often see flashes of their own parents in that of George and Cindy. The sociopath father and the narcissistic mother. It is a match made in hell, hell for the children who are under their power and influence. I would predict that if Dr. Phil were to play hard-ball, as we have seen him do with other guests, we would clearly see these aspects of their personalities. Unfortunately, the previews seem to indicate he is playing soft-ball, which is an opportunity lost as far as I am concerned.

As a psychologist, I can feel when people are deflecting and defending, even in subtle ways. I am certain that is what will happen during this interview. The family member I would love to sit across from and hear his whole story about growing up under that roof is Lee Anthony. During the trial he was the only family member that seemed genuine and honest. His actions when Casey and Caylee were missing were appropriate and consistent for how someone would respond in that situation. George's were clearly suspect. Cindy's were vicious and public, for example her myspace message about Casey being jealous of her and her granddaughters relationship. Cindy is pointed and cruel. I can only imagine what was said behind closed doors.

As many of us wait to see the Anthony's on Dr. Phil we should be prepared for nothing much to be said that is of substance. We are dealing with liars who trained their daughter very well to be manipulative herself. I look forward to them being deposed by an attorney regarding the fraud case against Casey. Now that will show us the true colors of these two people-no softballs allowed.


Anonymous said...

We are also dealing with two people who has been taught lately to guard their words very very carefully.
Rest assured that representatives from the DA's office will sit glued to screen analyzing every word in order to find some slip-up that would allow them to start a new witch-trial. After all the Anthonys is a sure ticket to fame for whomever can snare them or Casey into a conviction. And in the general public the lynch mob is only dormant - not gone. 17th century America is only one wrong word away...

Anonymous said...

What did you think of Cindy's hypothesis that postpartum schizophrenia could have caused her to lie after the fact, and maybe a grand mal seizure occurred while Caylee was in the pool? Cindy rejected George's alleged role in the alleged drowning, but still offered up these conjectures. Apparently Dr. Phil hammered her on her denial but couldn't make much progress. George is not on the SS Denial after getting stuck in the undertow during the trial. Cindy will be making these lame, LAME, pathetic excuses for the rest of her life. They don't hold water at all, unlike possibly her granddaughter's lungs, and that's IF she even drowned. I don't think she did.

cheryl said...

A grand mal seizure while Caylee was supposedly in the pool does not explain several years of pathological lying. Neither does postpartum schizophrenia or depression or psychosis. Andrea Yates had postpartum psychosis, and she called the cops on herself!!

I thought Dr. Phil did a pretty good job of questioning the Anthonys without being judgmental.

A Voice of Sanity said...

There's plenty of evidence that Casey improperly disposed of her child's body.

There's no evidence that she killed Caylee.

Anonymous said...

Per the doctor on one show, there is no such thing as postpartum schizophrenia. As for seizures, I am pretty sure that certain illegal drugs can cause them. There is no medical reason for Casey killing Caylee.
What was interesting was Cindy telling dr. Phil that she prayed and that gave Cindy her answer when Casey was set free. "God" always makes a good excuse for everything.

A Voice of Sanity said...

"There is no medical reason for Casey killing Caylee."

And still no evidence she did.

rob said...

I have to disagree with you on this one. Lee cried like a baby during the trial because he was excluded from the baby shower and birth. Yet I remember his silly laughing when describing the smell in Caseys car, the smell of his niece decomposing. He does stay out of the limelight more than the money-grubbers, but other than that, I can think of no redeeming qualities.