Thursday, October 13, 2011

Emotional Pain of Seeing Michael Jackson’s Dead Body Language During Opening Arguments

Seeing Michael Jackson’s dead body language in this shocking photo which was presented by the prosecution on the first day of the Conrad Murray is beyond devastating and painful for me. The photo says it all. In my view, it will also have a lasting effect on jurors just as it has an indelible effect on me and anyone else viewing it.

It shows a helpless Michael Jackson lying on a gurney covered with a sheet on the lower half of his body. It shows the results of the actions of a doctor who irresponsibly administered propofol when he should have known better than to give it to his patient.

So what if was reported Michael demanded to have it. So what of Michael allegedly had a drug problem and drug addiction issues. It was not Michael’s call. Michael was the patient and not the doctor. But unfortunately as we see here, there are doctors who will do whatever a patient wants simply because they are a star and can pay big money and they know they will get a lot of perks. Unfortunately this goes on all the time in Los Angeles doctors who cater to the Hollywood community. In fact there is a vulgar name for these type of doctors who are often referred to as “STAR F***ERS. Unfortunately , this was clearly the case here.

Seeing Michael lying there so helplessly with his mouth agape brings forth a myriad of emotions. For me it brought forth a torrent of tears. It stimulated a personal memory of how sweet Michael was to a homeless woman just days before he died. Having my office on Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills, I was well aware of a sweet woman who used to hang out in the street. Many passers by, including myself often watched out for her, giving her food and money.

One day Michael spotted her after he left Dr. Arnold Klein’s office a block away on Roxbury Drive. He had his driver stop his black SUV and summoned the woman to come inside his car where she later shared that Michael gave her words of encouragement and inspiration and was so loving and generous. with personal gifts and money.

Seeing the above photo continued to make me cry as I thought of Paris and Prince having to see their beloved daddy this way for the last time. I thought of Blanket who is still as traumatized now as he was since the funeral.

The photo also brought forth anger in me . The anger is directed at Conrad Murray, a doctor Michael trusted. That trust was betrayed as the doctor left the room to chat up his girlfriend while Michael was in crises.

While Murray should have never administered the lethal drug outside of the operating room, let alone in Michael’s bedroom, the fact that he wasn’t there to monitor Michael with proper equipment and left Michael all alone is unconscionable.

Had he been there and he seen that Michael was in physical trouble, he could have quickly revived him or he could have done immediate CPR measures to save his life. Michael died because of this doctor’s negligence in my view. Whether or not Michael had other issues or health related issues is irrelevant. In my view Murray’s negligence is what put the final nail in Michael’s coffin.

Yes, everyone deserves a fair trial but what is fair about leaving a person alone to die by not monitoring them? It screams of incompetence, lack of humanity, selfishness, and sheer greed.

Watching all of the nuances and the verbal gymnastics by the defense is a waste of my time and emotion. It hurts me deeply to watch this trial on a very very personal level as well.

I know firsthand what it feels like to lose a loved one at the hands of an incompetent negligent doctor who committed malpractice. My own very beloved brother Manny was killed at the hands of such an incompetent doctor who intubated him wrongly so that he became a vegetable and died. The doctor was only a doctor for seven months when he recklessly and incompetently ended my vivacious brother’s life.

Thus, I feel very deeply for the Jackson family (except for mercenary and obnoxious Joe). I feel for Michael’s kids the most and for his mother Katherine who not only had to put up with Toxic Joe all her life, but now continues to deal with the death of her precious and loved son.

The doctor who actually killed my brother due to his malpractice was found liable. Yet this miserable cold emotionless creature who showed no compassion is still alive and well practicing in New Jersey at the same hospital where his incompetent hands ended my brother’s life. Whenever I think of this fact, I am livid.

If I allow myself to think of the possibility that Conrad Murray may possibly get away with Michael’s death and be allowed to resume practicing medicine as though nothing happened, I get sick to my stomach.

Just as my brother did not have to die, Michael did not have to die either. I hope that Conrad Murray is NEVER allowed to practice medicine anywhere ever again and that he spends time in prison for his actions.

If Murray manned up and said he did wrong and was prepared to deal with the consequences I perhaps would have a bit more respect for him (not much but a smidgen more than I do now). But instead he is blaming everyone else. Sure there are other doctors who enabled Michael. But it was Murray who left him alone to die. That in itself is reprehensible!


A Voice of Sanity said...

This rant is an appalling collection of unwarranted assumptions. The real villains here are the doctors who first hooked Jackson on this dangerous collection of medications, not the one who was trying his best to clean up the mess that was left behind and was his very good friend. It is clear to me that promises were made to Murray and over and over again they were broken. Who suggested $5 million for one year? Not Murray, it was almost certainly Jackson himself, and it was the financiers of the tour who bargained this promise down to $150,000 per month. Murray's real mistake was getting involved with a sickly, addicted man who needed real inpatient treatment, no matter how much he rejected the obvious.

Anonymous said...

As much as I did not care for MJ, I think he was murdered. Whether he got drugs from other sources is moot; this doctor killed him.

Stacey said...

My aunt died after being improperly intubated as well. She fractured her hip and was in the ER to have it reset. It was devestating for her family.

I have mixed feelings about MJ and his addiction. Murray was clearly wrong for what he was doing but I believe MJ has to bear some of the responsibility as well. All the money he had could have easily paid for a nice rehab stint - Dr. Phil Style. He died because he loved to self medicate more than he loved his family. Its a sad truth about addicts. They are selfish even if they are well meaning.

I doubt Murray will spend a day in prison for this although he deserves to.

A Voice of Sanity said...

You have two 'groups' here:
1) Dr Murray and his other patients
2) Michael Jackson and his other doctors, nurses, family, friends and employees.

When you compare the two groups, you clearly see where the real problem lies - NOT with Dr Murray.