Thursday, November 27, 2008


All of us at Women in Crime Ink give thanks to you for making our unique crime blog a success. We appreciate your readership as well as your insightful commentary. To all of our guest contributors, thank you for your thought-provoking stories.
To mark the holiday, our regular contributors are noting what we're grateful for this Thanksgiving. We invite you to use the comments section to share with us whatever blessings you're counting. Thanks for reading Women in Crime Ink. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Pat Brown - Although the world is struggling with disasters, violence, economic, moral and ethical problems, I am thankful that there are still many, many kind and loving people who wish to do right in the world, who live a principled and responsible life in spite of the attitudes and conditions which plague the societies they live in.

Andrea Campbell - I am grateful that forensic science keeps progressing and is working better than ever. Personally, I am happy to have good health for me and my family. And I am also warmed by the camaraderie that I share with the other important women here at Women in Crime Ink.

Kathryn Casey -
I'm more grateful than I can say for family and friends, including all the wonderful people I've met this past year through my association with Women in Crime Ink. Even though the world is a tumultuous and sometimes dangerous place, there's so much that's positive. We write about bad people at WCI, those who do terrible things, but the truth is that the bad folks are vastly outnumbered by the good ones, another reason to feel good this Thanksgiving.

Diane Dimond -
This Thanksgiving makes me stop and reconsider the last year. No, the economy isn't great, no, our politicians still aren't doing their best for the country (mired as they are in their own partisanship), no, there is no peace in the middle east. But I have a loving family who are healthy and happy. We have warm homes and food on the table. And I'm most thankful that the miserable demon known as
Tony Alamo is in prison. He has tortured children in the name of God for long enough!
Tina Dirmann - I'm thankful for all the work, despite the horrible economy. I'm thankful that I'll be surrounded by dear friends this turkey day. And I'm thankful the
Hawks family finally found justice in the courts this year.
Stacy Dittrich - I am most thankful for my husband and daughters, and the fact that we are healthy! On a lighter, more humorous note—I'm thankful for annulments and second marriages . . . I'm thankful that I didn't grow up with a ridiculous name like Joran Van der Sloot . . . I'm thankful that in less than a month I will basking on the sunny beaches of Florida laughing at my fellow Ohioans . . . I'm thankful for the medical phenomenon known as plastic surgery and those wonderful plastic surgeons who lowered their rates during this economic crisis—my thighs and the thighs of millions thank you as well . . . and I'm damn thankful for being alongside the most audacious group of women known as Women in Crime Ink!
Diane Fanning - I am thankful that my daughter moved to Austin and is now only an hour away, that I was able to celebrate my 25th anniversary in Jamaica with the man I love and that we live in a nation that has chosen to step into the future with optimism and hope.

Cynthia Hunt - I am thankful that despite the fact that doctors believed my mom and younger sister would die of their brain and heart anuerysms nine years ago, they are miraculously still alive.That makes me thankful every day, every hour, every minute. I am thankful to live in a nation where brave men and women fight to protect my freedom and the First Amendment. Finally, I am thankful for Coach Nick Saban who has taken Alabama to #1 in the college football rankings. Rolllllllll tide!

Jenna Jackson - I’m more thankful this year than I’ve ever been . . . for: My twin boys—that they’re here, running around, laughing, counting, and singing their letters. My job—that I’m still riveted by the people and their stories after a decade at the same show. My family—that we become better friends every year and I know they always support me. My friends—that they get me through every single day, enjoying the good and more than surviving the bad.

Kelly Siegler - When we see the tragedies that happen to wonderful people in our world through no fault of their own, it makes me more grateful to God for my family. Donna Weaver - I am grateful to be surrounded by the warmth and love of friends and family—especially Lauren, Leanna, Gabby, Gracie, and Emma. I am also thankful that disgraced FBI agent John J. Connolly was finally brought to justice this month when a Florida jury convicted him for a murder committed twenty-six years ago. A very Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!Michele McPhee - I am thankful for the cops who put their lives and families on hold every holiday to maintain public order. Susan Murphy-Milano - I am grateful for the ability to provide hope to victims of crime. Sometimes it is by shining the light via the media or a simple blog. Other times, I can relocate a woman in danger, taking her with her children far enough away from her abusive husband where she and her children are having their first safe and peaceful holiday meal and know all is well. Connie Park - I'm thankful for all the blessings God has given me in my life: my family, friends and all the people who had such a positive impact on me throughout my life. I hope that I can make a difference, even if it's a small one, and give back what I've received. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Donna Pendergast - I'm thankful that despite current tough times, I live in the best country in the world. I'm thankful that I have a roof over my head, a job that pays my bills, a hot shower in the morning, a warm bed at night and enough food to eat in between the two. I'm also thankful that my darling nephew Brandon who was born with a severe heart defect is well and thriving. We continue to pray for our miracle baby. Lucy Puryear - I am thankful for second chances—second marriages; Andrea Yates' second trial that allowed her to live and be treated in a psychiatric hospital; and second helpings at Thanksgiving dinner. Peace and goodwill to all. Robin Sax - I am thankful to have a forum to learn, write, and connect with the most amazing group of women . . . ever. Katherine Scardino - I am so very thankful that for the first time in a very long time, my life feels as if it is in order! My children are grown, educated, employed, married and happy. I am grown, educated, employed, not married and happy! I am so grateful to be in a country that is more than bountiful in its riches, even in what we may think are hard times. We still have so much to be grateful for—and the most important one is that we live in the United States. Happy Thanksgiving!

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