Monday, November 10, 2008


Announcing the release of THE PASTOR'S WIFE: The True Story of a Minister and the Shocking Death that Divided a Family by Diane Fanning.

Mary Winkler shot her husband in the back with a shotgun while he was sleeping. She then took her three little girls to the beach. But when the jury said "guilty," she only sixty-seven days of incarceration remained. How could this happen?

The jury was united on the verdict but many were shocked by the sentence, expecting Mary's time behind bars to be counted in years, not days.

Unlike many perpetrators, Mary was a compelling witness when she took the stand. She seemed child-like and helpless. Her lead defense attorney, Steve Farese is a skilled advocate who knew exactly how to pluck the heart strings of the jury. The prosecutor appealed to the panel's common sense but the pull of the emotions resonated much stronger in the deliberation room.

Throughout the trial, though, no one could point to anything Matthew Winkler did that made him deserve the death penalty inflicted on him by his wife.

Go behind the scenes of this provocative case and into a world of domineering men, obedient wives and unshakable faith with THE PASTOR'S WIFE, now everywhere paperback books are sold.


LadySheila said...

Oh boy, Ms. Fanning, I can't wait. This is going to be a good one!

Diane Fanning said...

Let me know if you have an questions after you read it, LadySheila.

Rae said...

Looking forward to reading it! That was a highly intriguing case.