Friday, April 18, 2008

Mystery Man - Clue Box

We hope you caught our last Mystery Man, true-crime author and 48 Hours Mystery correspondent Peter Van Sant. You'll find our next Mystery Man working hard in the shadow of Abraham Lincoln. You've seen him on 48 Hours and 20/20. He's popped up in books including Through the Window by Diane Fanning and Victims of Justice by Thomas Frisbie and Randy Garrett. If you are ever wrongfully convicted, he's someone you'd really want on your case. He helped obtain the exoneration of Rolando Cruz and Alejandro Hernandez when they were convicted of Jeanine Nicarico's murder—a crime actually committed by serial killer Brian Dugan. Our guy also found the forensic evidence that freed Randy Steidl from Death Row. Finally, this week's Mystery Man played a major role in the case of a wrongful conviction he's writing about this weekend. You won't want to miss it. Check back here on Saturday.