Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ink Blotter

Ink Blotter

Today's Ink Blotter is whatever you want it to be. One of our readers, Cherry Simpson, expressed interest in discussing the Becca McEvoy case, which we
featured in a post last Thursday. Good choice, Cherry. Unfortunately, our most knowledgeable contributor on that case, Robin Sax, is unavailable today. But please open the discussion. First, listen to Robin discuss the case on Scared Monkeys radio with outraged friends and family of Becca McEvoy here. Then tell us how you see it. In the upcoming week, we will respond to your thoughts with our own impressions in the live chat box.

Post-chat update: This afternoon, Robin Sax was able to make an appearance, as was Scared Monkeys host Dana Pretzer--both authorities on the Becca McEvoy case. Thanks to Dana for getting the ball rolling today. And for helping the conversation pick up speed, thanks to WCI contributors Kathryn Casey, Stacy Dittrich, and Diane Fanning. The panel that took shape this afternoon was ideal for the subjects covered, which included the polygamists in Texas. All the women who participated in our live chat have prosecuted, arrested, and/or written on sex offenders.


Anonymous said...

I'm Cherry Simpson the mother of a rape victim and family friend of Becca McEvoy. I never met Becca but I empathized with her families fight for justice. I recognized their instinctive desire to protect their child and put away the monster who raped and sodomized her. When I told my daughter of thier fight she encouraged me to try to help them. She said, "Maybe helping another is the good God will bring from this evil." She was right!

My daughter was raped 2 yrs. ago. I thought justice would be easy because the rapist, her husband, confessed. It has been a struggle all the way and continues.

One would think justice would have come easy to Becca. There's medical exams, testimony, other victims.

I have learned, the hard way, innocent victims do not have the same rights as the accused. This needs to change. Especially in the case of small children. Many of you womenincrimeink are mothers of small children. You know they are our most precious gifts from God. Please help deliver our children from evil, help change these laws.

I know you are the experts so I would very much like to know how do you stop a pedophile? I know they are often multiple offenders. Are there more places to look for evidence? What must we do to get justice for Becca and all the other innocent victims of sexual abuse, rape and sodomy?

Rebecca's told a friend her secret. Her father bravely encouraged her to do the right thing and confront her abuser. She did all that was required, 2 grand jury testimonies, medical exams and was seeing a therapist. I think confronting him helped Becca.

Bob Ingle, allegedly raped Becca so severely the medical report states she had suffered deep internal lacerations. The Dr wants to testify to this. It has been allegedly said that it maybe costly to have the records transcribed. It's been reported Bob Ingle, allegedly forced Rebecca, at age 9, to verbally tell him that she liked being raped and sodomized. Becca went through living hell. It's no wonder God, in his mercy, has taken her to heaven.

There are two other girls, daughters of Bob Ingle which have also given graphic testimony to the investigator in this case, but unfortunately they have recanted, like so many rape victims. I have been told Bob Ingle has molested children for 20 yrs. The investigation has gone all the way to Pennsylvania.

I have also heard there is a mattress at the home of Becca's aunt. Bob Ingle had wanted a new bed after his arrest. The DA has been told of this but has not collected it for tests.

Bob Ingle was arrested Dec 13, 2006. He was indicted in Jan 2007 and bond was set for $35,000, later reduced to $15,000. Why has this case taken more than a yr. to go to pre-trial? What happened to a speedy trial?

I am confused by this Crawford Law. Why has this been allowed to happen? What can be done? When did the process become more important than protecting the innocent?

Thank you for all your help.

Anonymous said...

i am rhonda the cousin of rebecca mcevoy & theres 2 much evidence here there should b exceptions 2 the crawford law 4 cases such as this!our goal is 2 accomplish that & put bbo ingle behind bars 2 never hurt another child ever again!

Leah said...

The only way to stop a pedophile is to kill them or incarcerate them for life. But you aren't going to find a legislator that will write legislation to take a pedo off the streets after just a first offense. It is a shame, but that is the truth. My paternal grandfather was a child molester. To my knowledge he never raped any of us but we were forever changed by the abuse just the same. This happened back in the 70s and early 80s but because he was the pillar of the community and such an upstanding citizen, AND he didn't rape anyone, we were never able to get justice.

I hope Bob Ingle is put away forever and that your daughter gets the justice she deserves. I honestly believe that many people do not understand the dynamics of a pedo and just how dangerous they are. People in prison for drugs and theft get more time than pedophiles.

Rae said...

Like Leah, I have been down that path, and, also like her, it was the 1970's, and my step grandfather was considered an exemplary citizen who didn't actually rape anyone, so there was nothing we could do.

By and large, I think this country's lawmakers need to be made aware that each and every pedophile is akin to each and every sociopath. The urges are just as uncontrollable and the disease as incurable. It might take a number of years and a large sledgehammer to get that message across, but it can be done. What have we got to lose? We wouldn't be any worse off than we are right now.

The Jessica Lunsford Act shows us that change in the laws and stricter penalties CAN happen, if advocates are willing to persevere.

This reminds me of a story I was reading recently about Raphael Lemkin, a Polish professor who lost 49 members of his family in the Holocaust. Lemkin was the man who coined the term "genocide". He came to the United States, and gave up good jobs at two Ivy League universities to walk the corridors of the United Nations, day in and day out, for literally years, to get the countries of the UN to pass a convention he had written making genocide a crime. He never gave up that fight.

"Only man has law, and law must be built."

Jan said...

Cherry, Bless you in your fight. Maybe I should say OUR fight. Because that is what it will take to make lasting changes in the law; for all of us to speak with one voice. Rae is right, the Jessica Lunsford case is a prime example of never giving up.

Rae said...

I also have to point out that the US Supreme Court recently heard arguments on whether Louisiana can use capital punishment in child rape cases. Patrick Kennedy is currently sitting on death row in a Louisiana penitentiary for the rape of his 8-year-old stepdaughter. The Supreme Court hasn't handed down their decision yet, but the fact that they even heard the case is evidence that progress is being made on the issue of capital punishment for first time offenders.

beccamcevoy said...

There's a lot of really good advocates out there. My eyes have really been opened to the legal wrangling that is happening in our courts.

Thank you Wendy Murphy for your book!

Here's a few other fearless fighters we owe much to. They don't just give you lip service. They act!!

Kathryn Casey said...

Thanks all for your comments on this thread. It's an important topic. We have to find ways to balance victims' rights and ensure justice is done along with protecting the rights of the individual. Unfortunately, sometimes, the closer you get to the criminal justice system, the more out of whack it can seem.

Anonymous said...

heres a link to a website made for Becca

Anonymous said...

To help Becca McEvoy– What about the print and radio coverage?

I thought of Neal Boortz you can email him at his URL

I also did a google search on right to confront accuser and you won't beleive the number of cases that came up! Newspaper coverage.

We need to contact the print media as well. HELP!! Get this story out!! Email a short summary and the link to Becca's web

It's got to get out in all areas of media communication, internet, newspaper, radio, TV. Any other suggestions or help in this is greatly appreciated. It's a short time to May 20th!

The family is also planning a community prayer vigil stay tuned for more information!