Friday, April 4, 2008

Mystery Man - New Clues

Still trying to guess who our Mystery Man is for tomorrow? A few more clues: True crime giant Ann Rule said our Mystery Man "has real talent as a writer, and his blog is great!” Other best-selling true-crime authors agree. "As far as I can tell you invented serious true crime blogging," wrote Gregg Olsen, who added, "Matt [Phelps] and I read YOU every day." Print, online, and television newsmedia have taken note as well: USA Today, Newsweek, Wired magazine, FishbowlNY,'s media gossip blog, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution have all featured our Mystery Man. And did we mention that he's appeared on Dateline and Court TV? Well now you know. But do you know our Mystery Man? He'll be making his appearance here tomorrow. Don't miss it.

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