Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mystery Man - Clue Box

Our special guest contributor will be making an early appearance this week, on Friday. WCI's next Mystery Man is a veteran journalist who has covered stories around the world – from Twin Falls to Dallas to Germany to Africa to Afghanistan. But he started in a tiny town outside of Seattle, where he made money working at the shipyards as a teenager. We don’t have room for his list of awards – but they include several Emmy and duPont awards, among the most prestigious in the industry. During the last 20 years, he has covered every kind of story out there – from why helicopters crash to how lions could cure AIDS; from the collapse of the Soviet Union to the reunification of Germany. And don’t forget the murders, hurricanes, and scores of celebrities. He recently won another Emmy for his work on a documentary detailing the inside, horrific account of terrorists who took over and destroyed a school in Beslan, Russia. The documentary aired on Showtime. After years of reporting, he has now added Author to his résumé – writing a book of one of his most bizarre stories. He has six kids, two who are following after their father’s footsteps. And one more clue – he has a national television story airing on his blog topic on Saturday night. We’re thrilled he’ll be blogging for us as our MYSTERY MAN with a special-edition, two-part series (this story was too juicy for just one day). So check back here for Part 1 tomorrow. Then watch the show after reading Part 2 here on Saturday. We'll provide program details when we unmask our Mystery Man on Friday.

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