Saturday, June 14, 2008


This afternoon at 5:00 p.m. EDT, catch WCI's Kelly Siegler on a live Internet radio broadcast. Today's topic on War on Crime Radio: "Husbands Suspected of Murder."

Gunslinging Texas prosecutor Siegler has much to say on the subject, having tried her share of intimate partner homicides. Two of Kelly's most notable cases: Susan Wright, who was convicted of binding her husband to the couple's bed and stabbing him hundreds of times; and David Temple, whom a jury found guilty of the shotgun slaying of his pregnant wife. WCI's Kathryn Casey is working on a book about the Temple case.

Today, Kelly (pictured right) will give her take on two husbands who are prime suspects in their wives' deaths: Drew Peterson (with wife Stacy at left) who has not been arrested for the disappearance and presumed murder of his wife, and a computer programmer currently on trial. Englishman Neil Entwistle is accused of murdering his wife and baby in 2006 (family at right). The book about the case was released last week, written by WCI's Michele McPhee, who is now covering the Entwistle trial.

Joining Kelly for today's broadcast is Dr. Maurice Godwin, a forensic expert, investigative psychologist, and author. WCI's Violence Expert and author Susan Murphy-Milano will also participate in the discussion with her co-host Levi Page.

Click here to tune in this afternoon at 5:00. Kelly will be taking your questions during the live broadcast: 347/838-9781. Listeners can also weigh in with their thoughts at The War on Crime's interactive discussion board. Also, watch for Kelly's first post for Women in Crime Ink this coming week.


Anonymous said...

So many families torn up by one monsters life. Hopefull there is closure. For families like Ms. Stacy's there is no closure. One web based site helpd victims of families who are missing its-

BTW-good show!

Levi said...

Thanks. I agree, there is no closure as of yet for the family of Stacy Peterson, because her body has not been recovered. And there are so many unanswered questions at the juncture.

We all know Drew Peterson is guilty, let's face it, he is either guilty or the most un lucky man alive to have one ex wife murdered, and then his wife half his age, turn up missing.

Thunder doesn't strike twice in the same place.

Levi said...

Wow, my mind is ready for sleep.
let me rephrase the last sentence:

*lightening doesn't strike the same place twice.

thanks for listening,

Leah said...

I am going to buy the book. This is a sad case yet it didn't get much press coverage after he was arrested.