Thursday, June 5, 2008


Call it a book drive. Tonight, WCI contributor Michele McPhee will be signing books and broadcasting live from an indoor racetrack!

This week marked the release of Michele's latest book, HEARTLESS, and the party starts tonight in New England.

It's been a fast couple of weeks for Michele, who was recently subpoenaed in the murder trial of Neil Entwistle, the subject of her book. Entwistle's lawyers tried to compel Michele to give up her sources. As the veteran organized crime reporter wrote in Tuesday's WCI post: "I have never revealed a source, and I never will."

From a venue announcement of tonight's event:

She's BOOKED, TALKIN', but NOT revealing her sources.

Michele McPhee is Boston’s "true crime" radio talk host, author and reporter and she’s booked for 96.9 WTKK ’s "Heartless Paperback Release Party."

Meet Michele Thursday, June 5th, 7-10 p.m. at the Ascari Cafe located inside "F1 Boston," an indoor racetrack. Hear the author--watch the live radio broadcast--buy the book and get it signed by Michele just for you! Dinner will be served, with dishes named in honor of the author.

"This party should be a blast," Michele says. "Live radio. Drinks. Fast cars. Autographed books. What's not to love?"

The flags are down. If you're in the area, cruise on by and check out the party. Here's your invitation.

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