Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stacy Dittrich on Nancy Grace!

WCI contributor Stacy Dittrich appears on Nancy Grace tonight to discuss today's crime stories. As with her first appearance on the show in April, Stacy will be commenting as a law enforcement consultant. Officially, our policewoman-turned-novelist retired from the Richland County Sheriff's Office in Ohio just yesterday.

"I was sworn in as an auxiliary," she explained to WCI, "so I still get to carry a badge and gun. Whew."

Nowadays her fingers will be on the keyboard more than her crime-fighting arsenal as Stacy embarks on a career as a full-time writer. "This was what I worked so hard for and finally made it," she said. "I'm loving this stay-at-home stuff--except I've been busier than I've ever been in my whole life." She's not kidding. Stacy just returned from BookExpo in Los Angeles. Two of her crime novels are scheduled for publication in the next year, the first in October. And she also has a contract for her first hardcover true-crime book. A memoir is in the works as well.

This past spring, Stacy's agent received a call from the Academy Award-winning producer of the movie The Devil Wears Prada. Hollywood is interested in a screen adaptation of Stacy's debut novel. The Devil's Closet is first in the CeeCee Gallagher detective series. The protagonist was patterned after Stacy, who was a detective specializing in sex crimes.

Stacy's hometown newspaper has chronicled the adventures of their local girl made good. Click here for a link to the story in today's Mansfield News Journal, which includes current news on Women in Crime Ink.

Make sure to tune in to Nancy Grace tonight to catch Stacy Dittrich in her first TV appearance since retirement.

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Levi said...

Stacy you did great on Nancy Grace, your writing journey has just started to bloom. If I was a psychic I would predict that you will become a best selling author. LOL

If I can do anything to help, you know how to contact me!