Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why I Quit doing Media Interviews on Individual Mass Murderers

by Pat Brown

When the most recent mass murder occurred, I got the usual calls from the media networks - television and radio - to come and talk about the mass murderer and why he did what he did. I gave my opinion on the causes including psychopathy, lack of empathy, anger toward society, attachment disorder in his early years, and a childhood likely influenced by ultraviolent movies, negative fantasy and role-playing games, and excessively violent video games. And I spoke of the media attention that also encourages mass murder as a way to express rage and become famous at the same time. I did television and radio from daybreak to bedtime for three days straight.

I got my usual hate mail from a number of video gamers who don't get that what I am talking about is young children growing up in a world with far too much time spent in activities which are not of the most positive and wholesome variety; they think I am claiming all gamers will become psychopaths and killers. Not what I am saying at all, but some tend to be very sensitive about anyone who postulates that violent video games just might not be the best past time for our children, especially those with psychological issues.

But, then, there were those who pointed out that as part of the media giving the mass murderer all that attention, I was part of the problem. I had to admit they had a point. I have always avoided using the killer's name and been careful to say nothing nice about him. I have attempted to educate the public about the psychology and development of mass murderers, hoping to effect change in parenting of the future. But, I have to say, I always kind of felt like I wanted to go home and take a shower after talking about the killer. I did think I was contributing to some extent to his fame and I didn't like the feeling.

I finally decided I should step up the plate and take a stand. I will no longer do media interviews that focus on a specific mass murderer and give him the glory he wants. If parents need to do a better job of parenting, I need to do a better job of commentating.

So when FOX News Channel called yesterday, I just said, "No."

This morning the show went on without me. And when more television and radio producers called me throughout the day, I told them, "No." There was a stunned silence; us media folks know that refusing to do a show does not inspire producers to call you back and can be a career killer. Some people have written me saying I should continue because I will just be replaced anyway with someone who will say the mass murderer's name and won't explain what needs to be done to prevent mass murder in the future. They are probably right, that someone else will simply take my place, but, along with sleeping better at night, I hope that another media commentator or show host will stand up and just say "NO!" as well. And then another. Maybe a few years from now, no mass murderer will get his photo or his name or any details of his crime or life history in any media forum at all.

I may be unrealistic about such change, but I can hope, can't I?

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jose Baez’ Book Reveals George and Cindy’s Telling Body Language

If what Jose Baez reports in his book is accurate about George Anthony’s initial reaction to hearing that Casey accused him of molesting her,  then George’s body language and verbal communication may very well point to his most likely allegedly molesting his daughter.

Jose states that when he initially confronted George, he observed that George hung his head and was silent. Then after a long pause, George  asked  Jose what else Casey said. In my view, most people who did not molest someone would be outraged. They would raise their tones and insist this was a lie. They would knit their brow in anger or open their eyes wide in shock. Jose does not report that any of this happened.

His observations appear to be in synch with George’s behavior on the stand when asked whether he molested Casey. On the stand, there was a long pause and he looked down, adding suspicion in many people’s minds, to his answer that he did not molest Casey.

The other thing which was revealing in Jose’s book is that two independent  qualified mental health experts - a psychiatrist and a psychologist said that Casey’s behavior was that of someone who was sexually molested.

If this is the case, then what Jose is alleging about George certainly may ring true in my view.

Until the DNA test showed otherwise, Casey believed George may have impregnated her and that Caylee was his baby.  Jose and everyone else thought it was odd that George was in the delivery room watching Caylee being born, something a father does not  usually do. That is reserved  for the father of the baby being born.

Jose was also surprised that Cindy didn’t know Casey was pregnant as he showed a photo of a very pregnant Casey in his book. Maybe Cindy was in severe denial or maybe deep down she  may have thought the baby was  fathered by George or Lee.

Jose’s book also says that Casey was afraid that George would molest Caylee.
Jose and everyone else who heard George  speak at Caylee’s memorial  and say  that he misses the :smell of Caylee’s sweat” thought it was very odd . It no doubt made many wonder if what Casey may have alleged about George molesting Caylee as possibly ringing true.


Jose also mentions  in his book how Cindy inappropriately insisted on holding his hand on several of their initial meetings,  which Jose thought was odd. To me this speaks volumes about the competiveness and jealousy and control issues Casey and Cindy had with one another. Cindy was initially trying to endear herself to Jose through her inappropriate touch as a form of one upsmanship and control over  Casey . It could have been seen as a seductive flirtation on her part.  Jose was Casey’s attorney, not her attorney. But her body language behavior indicated that she wanted Jose to like her. It may have been her means of trying to establish control over the situation and over Jose. But obviously it didn’t work.

Jose also confronts Cindy after the trial and asks why she didn’t call him to thank him for saving his daughter’s life as only her brother Lee called to thank him. Cindy allegedly lies to Jose and insists she thanked him when she never did. If this is true then we can certainly see the how lies and selfishness are a common theme with Cindy and Casey.


There were several things in the book that did surprise me. One was the fact that both of the mental health experts did not find that Casey was a sociopath or a narcissist.

Based on Robert Hare’s Test on Sociopathy and observing Casey in action on video all these years, she seemed to show signals of narcissistic behavior to me. She was self -centered and it was always “ all about her”. Remember the jailhouse tapes? She never even mentions Caylee. She also shows no remorse.   

Jose even reported in his book that Casey acted with no remorse which is a huge signal for sociopathic behavior as is lying. Jose addresses Casey’s lying throughout the book.

Based on Casey’s selfishness I believe there is no way she would take the rap for her father, especially if he allegedly molested her. That is why I had a hard time wrapping myself around Jose’s argument that Caylee drowned. If that were the case, why didn’t Casey bring it up at the beginning?


 What is the most sickening is that Casey continues to abuse and disrespect others, especially those trying to help her. Look at what she allegedly did to the couple who had her hiding out in their home.  Casey now fancies herself as a star. In sych with her self absorption , she loves reading about herself online and reports say that she loved the SNL bit about her and her new dog.


Perhaps the most disgusting news about Casey and Cindy is that they are both allegedly wearing matching necklaces  which contain Caylee’s ashes. How ironic that they have split Caylee  in half for each of them to own. Now both of these self absorbed women who in my view were  clearly jealous  and competitive of one another can now each have their own Caylee to wear.