Saturday, July 19, 2008

Whatever Happened to Chandra Levy?

by Pat Brown

Remember Chandra Levy? The Washington Post just did a nice spread on the cold case, still rumininating about what actually happened to Chandra. The Post declared the intern's mysterious disappearance and murder "Washington's most famous unsolved crime." Last we heard some local serial killer wandering about Rock Creek Park (where her body was finally found in a ravine) is theorized to have grabbed her, tied her up and raped her.

Bullocks. I never bought this scenario. Let's take a look at it. When was the last time you heard of a serial killer, wandering around a park with ropes, looking for a jogger to tie up? In my experience and from all the history of dead women in parks, they are attacked by anger retaliatory serial killers, the type that commit the type of crime I have coined as a "bop and drop." This means he jumps out of the bushes or comes up behind his victim and nails her with a rock, or a police baton, or throws a belt around her throat and she falls to the ground. He rapes and strangles her. Her body is left right there or he pulls it under a bush to hide it. This is the level of activity we find with raped dead women in parks.

I have never heard of a woman being bound hand and foot (which rather makes raping her difficult) when there is no necessity to bother to do so. Bound women are found in homes, places of business, basements of serial killer's houses, and in trunks where the bindings are merely for ease of managing those flopping limbs.

Which brings us back to former Rep. Gary Condit. The location where Levy was found in Rock Creek Park is pretty much a skip and a jump away from Condit's home. It was also along a drive that one would take to make sure the car is not seen going from Point A to Point B.

Condit got to know the lovely summer intern, Chandra, the 24-year-old USC coed interning with the Bureau of Prisons in Washinton. Condit is a pretty squirrelly character. He had affairs with numerous women, stringing them along, and attempting to keep their relationships secret. I believe Chandra was naive and foolish and thought Condit was really going to dump his wife and marry her. This is what she told a friend. If she stuck to her guns, she would become a massive liability for Condit.

Did he kill her? There is a good amount of evidence that makes one focus on him as opposed to anyone else. If Condit (pictured right) didn't bind her up and toss her in the park, who else would? I bet Condit wishes still he could come up with an answer for that, but he can't. He was her one and only even if she wasn't HIS one and only. I doubt this case will ever be closed, any good physical evidence is long gone. If Condit did her in, he got away with a "good enough" murder.

For readers who want to take a closer view, see this timeline and the Washington Post series. What do you think it would take to solve this cold case?


Unknown said...

I just wanted to add to your list "and this serial killer just happened to nab an intern in DC, who just also happened to be dating a congressman, whom she loved, but didn't love her back"

Quite the coincidence....

Rickahyatt said...

I think the WPost is just warming the People up for the real deal: Various signed & sealed reports were sent to the Phoenix Federal Court System at the behest of SS Agent Brian Larkin in a closed hearing before HI Judge Komo in 1994, to have been processed this last month. In the meantime, I was put into a horrific "Cover Life" with the real secrets as I know them, and am quite financially distraught today.
However, in an attempt to raise grocery money (Paypal donate at or sent to I have written out and added my old photos to, the above, but especially to my Picassa Album, Gary Condit's Very Long List of Victims - Some that I Knew Personally. I can, with the above, connect his "Disposal For Hire Service" to not just Chandra, and Jonbennet, and Laci, but please view my own photos of Deborah Palfrey and Brandy Britton (ASK the above SS Agent about them - WE DATED THEM!) and the list grows longer and longer.
Why? Because I have been, since young, a person of interest to major espionage agencies because of what could come of an inheritance case law precedence I once stood in line for (No, not a cent). To facilitate my being "Committed" for all kinds of similar horrific crimes that have occurred all around me since young, has this assassination team operated. I was ushered into US Army MI and then used to lure them out, hence my '77 photos of they and other spies. What would mainly intrigue you will be, as you will view, the direct connections between how these bodies are found, and the methodologies and "Research" of the now-sought SS Concentration Camp Mauthausen Dr. "Death" Aribert Heim I can now openly provide proof of.
Serious replies only, please.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have always believed GC was responsible for Levy's death. Didn't he go to a nearby town [actually it was in Virginia, I think] and dispose os a watch or something like that, right after she died?

Anonymous said...

I like the huh? Oh GC did it. What's the real story, why can't they get him?

Rickahyatt said...

Leah say's "Huh?"
My reply, "Duuh..."

Sandy said...

Yeah, I've got to add a huh to that one too. It all went right over my head. Just didn't comprehend much of what was said there.????????????

California Girl said...

Whut he say? Huh? That post does not seem to be related to the topic very much.
I vote serial killer. I vaguely remember another woman murdered in the same time span in the same or similar area under similar circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Gary Condit is another one of Lin Wood's "innocent clients" along with the Ramseys and Howard K. Stern. I think all 3 are good for it in one way or another. Condit had an alibi that day but I think he paid someone to do it. Stern enabled Anna Nicole to O.D. ... and the Ramseys, well there was no intruder and Wood's bully tactics and John's money paved the way for an incompetent D.A. to write him an apology. I personally do not know how Lin Wood sleeps at night!!

Pat Brown said...

Yes, California Girl, two other girls were murdered around the same time and some tried to link them with Chandra as a serial killer set of crimes. I even had a television show try to get me to say this and when I refused, they dumped me.

Joyce Chang was one of the other murder victims. She went missing from Georgetown and I believe she was killed by someone she knew. Christine Mirzayan was a grad student who was walking on a path back to Georgetown University at night. She was likely killed by a serial killer, the bop-and-drop anger retaliatory type. I see no connections of either woman's murder with Chandra.

Anonymous said...

"My reply, "Duuh...""

Duh...what? 'Fraid you lost me, too, dude.

I think Condit did it, always have. But 9/11 sidetracked the attention the press was paying to the story. I sincerely hope that, someday, justice is found for Chandra, and her family.

And, Leah, I remember something about a watch, too...

Anonymous said...

Have there been any updates lately? I have not seen anything on it in the news in awhile. I wish her family could get some closure.

nobody said...

a tragic s6tory

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Nemesis919 said...

Then you've done absolutely no research into the subject. Bondage fetishes and rape often go hand and hand and it's usually such an obsession that drives certain rapists. The Chandra Levy case aside, that was a very ignorant comment.

And it doesn't matter if it's necessary, it's part of the act, many times a bigger part than the rape itself to the attacker.

The theory that happened with Levy is obviously bogus. Everyone knows it and has known it for a long time.

And as far as making it difficult to rape...again, pure ignorance. A quick glance at the dark side of the internut disproves this quicker than rabbits on crank.

Re:[I have never heard of a woman being bound hand and foot (which rather makes raping her difficult) when there is no necessity to bother to do so. Bound women are found in homes, places of business, basements of serial killer's houses, and in trunks where the bindings are merely for ease of managing those flopping limbs.]