Friday, February 10, 2012

No Visible Tears, Defensiveness and Body Language Tells of Baby Lisa’s Parent’s on Dr. Phil

by Dr. Lillian Glass

After watching Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, the parents of missing Baby Lisa Irwin, on Dr. Phil, it is my view that something does not seem right from a body language and communication perspective.

There were several signals of deception in my view along with signals of defensiveness. Her “crying” on the air seemed to remind me of the non-tears and extremely quick recovery time, complete with lack of facial transition of Casey Anthony and Susan Smith.

What struck me a odd was her immediate display of a crying facial expression as soon as Dr. Phil asked her about the Kansas City Police Department and if she thought she was treated unfairly. There are no tears as she transitions to a non crying facial expression within milliseconds. In my view anger would be a more appropriate reaction instead of self sympathy tears.

She then gets defensive and volunteers the following information in a harsh and defensive vocal tone . Say says “It’s not a circus. It’s not a joke. ” Those are her words No one else said it was a circus or a joke? When someone volunteers extraneous and tangential information that has little or nothing to do with the case , it usually indicates a signal of deception. It may very well be a case of “thou dost protest too much.”

She goes on to say “This is not a game. This is my baby.” Once again no one said anything about a game. In analyzing her statement, when someone is playing games and is the first to bring up the term “game," it is often a game they may be playing.

In Debbie Bradley’s case, perhaps she is playing that “cat and mouse game” with the Kansas City police as they says he is not cooperating. Perhaps the reason she has been interviewed b them so many times, according to her attorney Joe Tacopina, is because they don’t feel thy are getting any answers from her and may very well feel as though she is playing games.

Deborah Bradley clutches on to Jeremy Irwin’s hand as his finger is extended. And does not interlock with hers, showing distance between them in my view. His cupped fist may also display anger. Perhaps he is angry at Debbie for what may have happened to Baby Lisa on her watch.

As he speaks he breaks away from her grip and comforts himself by interlocking his own fingers as he places them on his groin area. This indicates that he is feeling extremely vulnerable. He ignores the hand that Deborah places on his thigh.

His tone is robotic, yet his voice betrays him as he displays a shakiness as his words tend to trail off at the end. This may be further indication that he may be masking his true emotions.

Dr. Phil then asks Deborah if during the 90 days new light was shed and whether something developed.

Deborah looks down and says in an arrogant manner “ Yes but I’m not gonna talk about it.”

If she is not going to talk about it then why appear on Dr. Phil? Why not speak to the Kansas City police and tell them about the these new developments.

The constant dabbing of her non-tears with no liquid present throughout the interview is very disturbing.

Joe Tacopina spins his spin and speaks on behalf of the couple. As he does this we see several signals of deception with him in my view from his cocked head to his blinking, shoulder shrugs, etc, which may indicate to me that he may not really believe everything he is saying.

As he speaks, we continue to see Deborah dab her tearless eyes. To me that is a HUGE red flag body language wise.

When Dr. Phil asked baby Lisa’s mother if she was wrong when she said that all the lights were turned off in the house after her husband Jeremy contradicted her by saying the lights were on when he came home, she immediately went on the defensive and began to attack Jeremy . She leaked out anger as she looked up and said that what he said was a it was a huge exaggeration.

Her looking up during his crucial statement along with her anger and defensiveness could be interpreted as a signal of deception. It is interesting to note that Jeremy doesn’t speak up and intervene and agree with her statement.

When Dr. Phil asked her about the cadaver dog’s hit we could see her squirm around, indicating discomfort at this line of questioning. Then we see her lick her lips, no doubt due to a case of ”cotton mouth” which is due to anxiety, which is often a signal of deception. We then see her bite her lips which indicates she was no doubt holding back information.

While I am not accusing Deborah Bradley of wrongdoing, her body language and facial language and speech content and Jeremy’s voice patterns and body language may speak volumes.


Anonymous said...

Up until you posted this article, I didn't suspect her. But there was always a nagging feeling that maybe, because she was drunk that she dropped the baby by the bed where the dog picked up on.And yes, Dad is definatley ready to let it all out...I don't feel his love anymore.Body language is a true science that can hang you. Thanx for opening my eyes...

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with all of this, and in my humble opinion...I DO think she did something to baby Lisa. It's very sad that she's willing to live with what she has done. Everything she has stated in public, indicates that she knows EXACTLY what happen to her child. The one person who depended on her.

I am not sure if you are aware of the fact that there was a child of the same age that disappeared in 2007 in Ft Bragg's, but the screen or window was broken and that is how the 11 month old child disappeared. Deborah Bradley lived there during that time of the disappearance. Does anyone truly find that to be just coincidental? I sure don't. There are a lot of clues that would surely implicate her, yet not enough hard evidence.

I truly pray this does not turn out to be another Casey Anthony ending. I really do.


Anonymous said...

Although my thoughts about the
Baby Lisa case come only from what
I've heard in the media or the
body language I've seen on TV -
I've come to think that Deborah
Bradley accidentally killed Baby
Lisa - perhaps by sleeping with
her and the boys & rolling on top
of her and then finding her on the
floor deceased. The support to
cover up the accident by her
mate, Jeremy Irwin might be due to his sincere love for the boys and
a fear of losing them if their
mother is convicted of
manslaughter. Once began,
however, he is then stuck in the
cover-up for having obstructed the
police and now being party to the
crime. (I wish the police would
offer him 1) immunity for his
testimony and 2) primary custody
of the boys if that is what he is
afraid of losing.) But lastly, I
wish I could see that whoever is
behind the hiring of Tacopino
would also be held accountable for
obstruction of justice. I believe
that the reason they have paid for
this high-priced "winner" is so
that they can string Bradley and
Irwin along long enough to "win"
their confidence and then, when
they least expect it, lower the
boom on them and crack them open
to exploit in a 3-night
mini-series, "Who Took Baby Lisa?"
(for which they knew fully who was
responsible!). In my opinion,
they are nearing the culpability
of the baby's parents!
Why...why...why... can't the
police stop these people????