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Welcome to Women in Crime Ink (WCI)

Looking for a fresh take on crime and media issues? Bookmark this page. Women in Crime Ink brings you a lineup of best-selling true-crime authors, award-winning print and broadcast journalists, crime novelists, a CNN anchor, television personalities, and criminal justice professionals—including a forensic artist, a criminal profiler, nationally renowned prosecutors, a high-profile criminal defense attorney, and a private investigator. From the West Coast to the Eastern Seaboard, we've got crime covered. In our "criminal careers" we have . . .
* written dozens of books on notorious killers
* investigated homicides and arrested offenders
* prosecuted and defended capital murder suspects
* lectured at universities, law schools, and the FBI
* spent time behind bars, with prisoners and as an inmate
* consulted as experts on high-profile murder cases
* sifted through crime scenes and attended autopsies
* pursued stories and justice at significant personal risk
* given a voice to victims permanently silenced
* safeguarded civil liberties
* secured death penalty convictions
* testified in murder trials and witnessed executions
We've seen just about everything.

Now, meet the Contributors of Women in Crime Ink:

Deborah Blum is a Pulitzer-prize winning science writer, a journalism professor at the University of Wisconsin, and the author of six books, the most recent, The Poisoner's Handbook, exploring Jazz Age New York City's murderous history. Kirkus calls it: “Caviar for true crime fans and science buffs alike.” From the cover: "a pair of forensic scientists began their trailblazing chemical detective work, fighting to end an era when untraceable poisons offered an easy path to the perfect crime."

Anne Bremner, as a trial attorney for 26 years, is a litigation shareholder in the Seattle law firm of Stafford Frey Cooper. She received her B.A. from California's Stanford University and a law degree from Seattle University. She’s a former deputy prosecutor at the King County Prosecutor's Office, specializing in sex crimes. Since entering private practice, Anne has represented police departments, private and public entities, priests and judges in civil and criminal trials. In addition, she is a fellow in the prestigious International Academy of Trial Lawyers, widely regarded as the most exclusive trial-lawyer group in the world, and a regular on CNN, HLN, Nancy Grace and Fox News.

Pat Brown is a renowned criminal profiler and 24/7 news fixture, with appearances on The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, HLN’s Nancy Grace and Issues with JaneVelez-Mitchell, Larry King and Joy Behar, FOX, MSNBC Prime News, Dr. Phil and others. The Discovery Channel, Court TV, and National Geographic feature Pat in documentaries and series. Pat is the author of Killing for Sport:Inside the Minds of Serial Killer. Her second book, The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths was released in May 2010.

Andrea Campbell writes books about forensic science and law. She holds a criminal justice degree and is a forensic artist whose work includes sculpturally recreating victims’ facial features from skulls. She is Editor of Arkansas Identification News (an IAI group) and an American College of Forensic Examiners International Diplomat and Fellow.

Lisa R. Cohen
is an Emmy award-winning television news magazine producer with over 20 years in network news, including ABC News PrimeTime Live and CBS News “60 Minutes.” She is also the author of After Etan: The Missing Child Case That Held America Captive. Cohen is an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, and was a Princeton University Ferris Professor of Journalism.

Diane Dimond
has reported for Court TV, EXTRA, and Hard Copy, and has hosted MSNBC’s “Missing Persons,” NPR’s “All Things Considered,” and co-hosted a show with Geraldo Rivera. The award-winning journalist and author of Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case also writes for The Huffington Post and appears regularly on Entertainment Tonight.

Stacy Dittrich
is an award-winning former police officer, and media consultant. A co-host of Justice Interrupted, she's appeared on Fox, The O’Reilly Factor, CNN, Geraldo at Large, The Nancy Grace Show, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, and E! True Hollywood in Crime. The author of the CeeCee Gallagher detective series, Stacy's first true crime book is Murder Behind the Badge: True Stories of Cops Who Kill.

Dr. Lillian Glass earned her PhD in communication disorders from the University of Minnesota when she was just 24. One of the world’s foremost authorities in the human communications arena, she’s an accomplished body language expert, who educates her readers and viewers with entertaining yet compelling analysis of cases in the news. She’s a sought-after media expert for her unique perspective on the big cases behind the headlines. A prolific author, Dr. Glass's books include the bestselling Toxic People.

Dr. Michelle Golland is a clinical psychologist, writer, personal coach and television personality who's often called upon to talk about high-profile criminal cases.

Holly Hughes is a former Atlanta prosecutor turned defense attorney. She regularly appears as a commentator on national TV shows, including CNN.

Donna Pendergast is a career prosecutor specializing in homicides. She has tried 100 murder cases, boasts a 98-percent conviction rate, and put away the most prolific serial killer in U. S. history. Donna has appeared on 60 Minutes, The Montel Williams Show, Dateline NBC, True Hollywood Story, Cold Case Files, and other television and radio venues, featuring her serial and sexual homicide cases.

Robin Sax is a former prosecutor in Los Angeles, where she specialized in sex crimes against children for fifteen years. An author and legal analyst, she appears on Larry King Live, HNL Prime News and The Today Show. A co-founder of Justice Interrupted, a top-ranked radio show highlighting cases that haven't received media attention, Robin is a the author of "SaxFacts," a weekly digest/blog.

Katherine Scardino is a defense attorney who has handled 39 capital murder cases. She received the first Not Guilty verdict in 25 years for the State of Texas in a death penalty case, and recently received another acquittal in a capital trial. Katherine has appeared on Court TV, TODAY, Bill O’Reilly, MSNBC, and American Justice. She has several capital murder cases pending.

Michelle Sigona is a crime fighting victims' advocate who was a reporter for America's Most Wanted.

Dr. Gina Simmons, a licensed psychotherapist and consultant, is co-director of Schneider Family Services, a private firm specializing in anger and stress management and workplace conflict prevention. Gina is certified in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and was part of the debriefing team following the 1992 General Dynamics Corp. shooting described in the book Ticking Bombs: Diffusing Violence in the Workplace. She provides consulting and training services, including for the FBI and City of San Diego. She has been featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune. She is editor and writer for the award-winning Manage Anger Daily blog.

Donna Weaver is an investigator for The Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency. She began her education and training after the disappearance and murder of her husband in 1983. Donna is an area director for the Bahamas and Caribbean Region for The Doe Network - International Center for Unidentified and Missing Persons.

Rachel Davis, WCI's editor, was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She has a BA in humanities, pre-law from the University of Houston - Clear Lake. She currently works for a criminal defense/family law attorney. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, and spending time with her family.


Cheryl said...

I shall be returning on a regular basis to see what's been contributed to this blog.

Thanks to Diane for providing the link.

Anonymous said...

You've been bookmarked...

I'm looking forward to it all!

True Crime Weblog Admin (Steve Huff) said...

Site looks good, y'all. I'll write up an entry at the True Crime Weblog today sending readers your way.

Kathryn Casey said...

Thanks so much, Steve. Really good of you! And thanks for dropping in. Stop in often.

Judy said...

The color is very annoying. It needs to be darker. It's like staring in to the sun.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Can't wait to start reading.

leah said...

Great Idea!!!!

Vivian Zabel said...

I've bookmarked this site. I've already found what I've read interesting.

Thanks, folks.


Vanessa Leggett said...

Thanks for visiting, everyone! Appreciate your input.

Judy, we're looking into border alternatives. No promises - but we're exploring other options.

Glad you found us.

Rickahyatt said...

Hello, my name is Rick A Hyatt, and I have lived a very unusual life because of an inheritance that got put into trust that is very politically oriented. Because of that, people have literally dropped like flies all about me all my life.
I got put into Army M.I. in order to lure out the assassins, who always use the same M.O., so as to connect these murders to me...
I was ordered to secrecy about what I knew, but to broadcast it, also, before this next very important election, a moment of military timing for our enemies.
Please visit, and seriously investigate,
Thank You

Anonymous said...

Susan Atkins should be transfered to the Pelican Bay all male maximum security prison for the most violent of criminal offenders and be released into the general population - this is how she should spend what time she has left and then put into a dumpster to die - the world will be a better place once she and the rest of the Mason's are gone - too bad Carlie Manson doesn't have brain cancer to -

Anonymous said...

Susan Atkins should be transfered to the Pelican Bay all male maximum security prison for the most violent of criminal offenders and be released into the general population - this is how she should spend what time she has left and then put into a dumpster to die - the world will be a better place once she and the rest of the Manson's are gone - too bad Carlie Manson doesn't have brain cancer too -

Anonymous said...

Any site that is willing to focus on survivors is welcome. We need a place where our voices will be heard. Violent crime has a devastating effect on those left to pick up the pieces. My 27-year-old son and his two little boys ages 7 and 3 were murdered a little over a year ago. The little ones' mother has been charged with murder in special circumstances and is still awaiting a preliminary hearing. How do you recover from a blow like that - ever? Especially when the legal system grinds away so slowly? It's hard to find any healing in that situation. My sympathies to Caylee Anthony's grandparents.
Anyone who wants to talk about grief is welcome to contact me, by the way at

Women in Crime Ink said...


Thank you for your comment. WCI features a "Survivor Stories" column for guest contributors to share their stories with our readers. We would welcome a submission from you. For requirements, please see the "Your Turn" sidebar under our Subscriber window. Thanks for reading!

Best regards,
Women in Crime Ink

MsPsycho said...

Interesting site.

Anonymous said...

Meredith Hope Emerson:Blood Mountain(AT)GA Hiker, singlehandedly brought Gary Michael Hilton: Prolific Serial Killer's Trail of Terror to an abrupt end, on 01/04/08. GMH, had been active for over four decades oblivious to Law Enforcement due to antiquated strategies and ignoring a very valuable resource: 'The American Public'....

Here's their story:

Here's actually what happened:

Anonymous said...

Great blog and community! I will check back often.

WomeninCrimeInk said...

Thanks very much, badluckdetective. We're glad you're enjoying it.

Women in Crime Ink

My Inner Chick said...

--I hope I can subscribe to this blog!

My sister was murdered in May of 2010 by her husband of 29 years.

Our lives darkened forever.

---here is my blog dedicated to her:

thank you for bringing awareness this horrible epidemic.

Kim Sisto Robinson
My Inner Chick