Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ink Blotter - March 30

Ink Blotter

We have a bone or two to pick with some cases in the news, beginning with the bones recently found on the Manson family ranch (pictured below). The skeletal remains do not appear related to Manson. So whose bones are they? Less of a mystery: The bones discovered inside a suitcase in a pond on Staten Island (see video below). Those remains belong to missing mom Amy Giordano, whose disappearance and murder were profiled last week by WCI's Pat Brown on Nancy Grace. Another cable show might be linked to the dismemberment of Giordano: HBO's The Sopranos. And yesterday, the ground search resumed to locate the remains of Stacy Peterson. Will a spring search unearth the body of the mother who disappeared last fall? Last, but not least, we have the skeletons found in the closets of once-powerful politicians. It's old news that the former Governor of New York and a Texas D.A. resigned from office after their clandestine affairs came to light. More recently, we've learned that both prosecutors resigned to dodge criminal investigations. But one may not be safe from prosecution. When ex-D.A. Chuck Rosenthal stepped down last month, he sidestepped a state investigation. But since Rosenthal was found in contempt of court last Friday, rumor has it the Justice Department might be digging up the former prosecutor's inconsistent statements in federal court. The feds won't have far to dig. But will they choose to prosecute? Join us this afternoon in the Ink Blotter (blue box at right, midway down the page), where you can share your views and exchange ideas with some of our contributors. Leave your prints on our blotter today between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. EDT.

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