Monday, March 9, 2009

Murder in Disguise

by Susan Murphy-Milano

Rhoni Reuter, 42, was 7 months pregnant when Marni Yang, 41, walked into the woman’s Deerfield condominium on August 3, 2007, emptying seven rounds into the first-time mother.

According to police reports, before fleeing the scene, Marni (pictured above left) took a few items. Among them, a silver and pearl bracelet with the word "pregnant" engraved inside.

It is likely the story would not have made front-page headlines if not for the fact Reuter (above right) was carrying the baby of ex-Bears football player Shaun Gayle. The couple had an on again-off again relationship for 17 years.

Out of a true-crime book that could have been penned by any of several WCI contributors, Marni Yang spent months planning Rhoni Reuter's murder. She bought a book on “How to Make a Disposable Silencer," and learned to fire a 9 MM weapon using numerous grips at a shooting range. Using someone else’s credit card, she rented a car and changed the license plates on the car to plates with stolen plates from another. Her disguise consisted of a hairnet, swim cap, and wig. Yang bought one of those disposable cell phones to take with her the day of the murder so it couldn’t be tracked through a cell tower.

How did Marni Yang know where Rhoni Reuter lived? Herein lies part of the problem that the media and law enforcement are not discussing.

Marni Yang was a real-estate broker. She represented ex-Bears player Shaun Gayle (pictured right) on a number of property transactions. Because of her real-estate business, Yang had access to the personal information of the women the football player was dating. She used her computer to send threatening e-mails, and stalked Gayle’s serious romantic interests.

A real-estate person has many tools at their disposal through the Internet. Real-estate companies such as Coldwell Banker, Century 21, ReMax, etc. provide their sales agents with easier access to programs the way a law enforcement officer runs a license plate. A Realtor can access a person's information via property tax, treasurer’s office, and tax identification databases. Yes, this information is public record. But for the layman, it takes longer to research. And, unlike a law enforcement officer who attempts to conduct a private search, there are footprints and accountability when accessing this information. A real-estate agent leaves no trail or footprint.

After the arrest of Marni Yang, people on the Internet left comments pointing fingers at the ex-Bear, implying that he possibly led Marni on, or failed to inform police he was in a romantic relationship with her. It happened as I made media rounds on live radio and television shows commenting on the crime.

We always seem to react and point fingers. The fact is, Shaun Gayle is a tragic victim. Marni Yang murdered this woman and her unborn child all by herself!


FleaStiff said...

Okay. I'm a bit confused.
The football player was involved with some woman who sent threatening or harassing letters to people.
The football player was repeatedly involved with the killer who had a reputation as being confrontational.
And then the player issues some sort of statement that he is surprized ... .
I would have thought he would be used to such behavior by now. Its apparently the type of woman he sought out.

Anonymous said...

Even if Shaun Gayle did have a romantic relationship with Marni, it doesn't mean anything. Marni planned the crime and committed the murder all by herself. It amazes me how someone who is a mother herself could take the life of a completely innocent unborn baby (she fired two shots at the baby). Horrible monster.

Anonymous said...

It drives me crazy that people still insist on blaming the VICTIM of violent crime instead of the KILLER. No one deserves to be murdered. No one! Many people are able to resolve their differences, romatic or otherwise, without committing murder. There is no other to blame - not even God. Only one person pulled the trigger.

Anonymous said...

But Jan, only a SANE person could resolve differences. Marni Yang has a history of harassing those who she sees as the other woman, when, in fact, it has always been her who is the other woman.

FleaStiff said...

Ofcourse only one person pulled the trigger, I don't know any firearms that are designed to be discharged by a committee!
And I wonder why the word victim in this case seems to be applied to the football player instead of the corpse with the bullet in it.

I don't know if he chose to have solely an ongoing business relationship with a violent woman or he chose to also have a sexual relationship with her as well. I do not know. I do know, however, that he made his decisions and should not now be upset that she turned out to be less than a perfect angel.

Anonymous said...

FleaStiff your comments direct blame on Shaun Gayle. How was he suppose to know that Marni Yang was crazy possessive and insane? I'm sure she never showed that side of herself to him.

Anonymous said...

I know this girl personally. I went to high school with her. Even back then she was a vendictive person. If she did not get what she wanted, everone paid. She was always in trouble there. She is a class A manipulator.

She's going down. And she'll wake up each morning to the 'sister hood'. A tiny 100lb white girl will not last.

Do the crime, pay all the time.

Anonymous said...

This is to Anonymous who posted at 8:54 PM

I know there would be ALOT of reporters who would love to talk to you and hear what you have to say about her.

FleaStiff said...

"Even then she was a vindictive person. If she did not get what she wanted, everone paid."
Perhaps that football player was unable to find any real estate brokers who were not vindictive manipulators and thats why he chose to repeatedly be associated with her in what he now claims was a purely business relationship.
Or perhaps he felt that a vindictive manipulator would get him a better price for his real estate and did not know that he would later be paying a price for having associated with her.
He probably could not have predicted the nature and extent of her future actions but I'm sure he didn't think she would suddenly turn Southern Belle.

Anonymous said...

Stop trying to blame Shaun Gayle, Flea. Marni Yang did this all by herself. She allowed herself to be his booty call, Shaun Gayle didn't force her. And when she wanted more of a relationship and he couldn't or didn't want to give it to her, she was the one who went insane and murdered an innocent pregnant woman, not Shaun Gayle.

Anonymous said...

Shaun Gayle is a victim of an unfortunate tragedy taking the life of his child. Is your world so negative it lacks compassion or understanding?

Does everything in your own life have a motive? Just once FleaStiff present comments with always being so negative.