Monday, March 16, 2009

A Plea to Casey Marie Anthony

by Robin Sax

When interesting twists on today’s crimes stories are becoming more often the case than not, it still constantly amazes just how much evidence there is in the case of the People of the State of Florida versus Casey Marie Anthony, whom Nancy Grace so aptly coined “Tot Mom.”

The case of Casey Anthony has triggered many emotions. How can a young mother to a beautiful child seemingly murder that child? While so many people are uncomfortable with the notion of a young attractive mom killing her child, it amazes me how quickly people forget just how much evidence there is in this case. There is more
evidence in this case than most—and I mean by a long shot.

By way of reminder in this case the prosecution’s
evidence looks like this:

1. The defendant being caught in
numerous lies about material facts;

2. friends saying the defendant had a history and a reputation for lying;

3. the defendant’s mom Cindy Anthony calling 9-1-1 saying that she had not seen Caylee for weeks (Tot Mom didn’t even report her own daughter missing);

4. the defendant’s dad (who was a former police officer) smelling an odor that was unmistakably that of a dead body in Tot Mom’s car;

5. the defendant stealing money from her mother and committing crimes against her own parents which show callousness and are depictive of her moral turpitude;

6. chloroform searches turning up on Tot Mom’s computer (Ring a bell? Recall Scott Peterson’s trial where his computer showed searches for tide patterns in the water where his wife was found murdered);

7. little Caylee being found less than a mile from the Anthony home;

8. pictures EVERYWHERE showing Casey partying it up, even after Caylee was “missing”;

9. journal entries revealing that Casey had never been happier around the time that Caylee went missing;

10. Caylee’s body being discovered in a bag that also contained a Winnie the Pooh blanket that was missing from Caylee’s bed;

11. duct tape being found on Caylee’s remains with apparently deliberately placed heart sticker residue on duct tape right where Caylee’s mouth was;

12. DNA turning up in Tot Mom’s car consistent with decomposition along with traces of chloroform;

13. Medical Examiner "Dr. G” Jan Garavaglia confirming Caylee’s death was a homicide of undetermined means; and

14. PERHAPS DAMNING THE CLEAR MOTIVE . . . a girl who couldn’t hang with being a mom, wanting freedom from everything, and being willing to do anything to get it including murdering her 2½-year-old baby.

So if this is the case, Casey Marie Anthony, “Tot Mom,” please answer the following questions:

If you are not insane, why aren’t you begging for a deal?

You have said that the prosecutor is mad that you won’t plea-bargain. But aren’t you simply blaming the prosecutor instead of taking responsibility yourself—another habit of yours? Why not do what is dignified? Stop blaming Zanny the Nanny, tormenting the one and only Zenaida Gonzalez. Stop stepping on your daughter’s memory even more and seize the opportunity. Do something, for once, where you actually take responsibility. You may even appear to have a scant piece of dignity.

Yes, Casey, I am speaking to you. You should be begging for a deal, wanting to plea-bargain, and just being thankful that with the right disposition you may have a chance of being remembered as something other than the lying, selfish, narcissistic murderer that the evidence shows you are.

This post and all posts by Robin Sax do not represent the opinion of the Los Angeles County District Attorney or the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.


FleaStiff said...

"...You should be begging for a deal ... rather than the lying, selfish, narcissistic murderer."
She probably should but its seldom that a criminal charge alters someone's personality or value system. A woman who is overwhelmed with the demands of motherhood and wants to be free of wet diapers so she can spend her time bar hopping would act rationally by putting the child up for adoption rather than googling chloroform and leaving an obvious evidence trail and then failing to call 911 for a month. Not everyone makes rational choices when faced with a conflict. We want people to have a long shot bias when they foolishly buy a lottery ticket but then we expect them to behave rationally rather than have a long shot bias when they want to go to trial despite overwhelming evidence.

Anonymous said...

Why should she be begging for a deal?? The DP isn't even on the table. Everything is going just the way one would want it to if you were Casey Anthony. She has a brilliant team of attorney's who are evidently not charging a fee but working off the noteriaty [sp] this case brings. She has more money in her commissary account than I have in my bank account at the moment, and it appears a large fan club. What more could an incarcerated narcissistic sociopath ask for??

A Voice of Sanity said...

I fail to see any evidence of a homicide. All I see is improper disposal of human remains, a misdemeanor. So why would she plead to anything more?

Anonymous said...

Gees if this is the front page of this website then I don't think I can be bothred opening any links...wehn I saw legal professionals blah blah it sounded like I was in for some intelligent banter about the court case and the legal side of things not your very obvious I have made my mind up already emotional crap...oh and also...some of what you have put is hearsay...I feel confidant in saying that from the extensive hours I have put in on this case and I am not even a lawyer...

California Girl said...

Cindy Anthony purposely gave LE the wrong hairbrush for DNA testing. No one called the child in as missing for many weeks. Lee Anthony has done all he could to block investigators. Cindy has enabled, covered, made excuses, sweet talked etc. for Casey all along. This has been a pattern all of her life. It didn't just start with Caylee's murder. Why should Casey think her life would be any different with a family who solves all her problems?

Anonymous said...

She's the female version of Scott Peterson: a sociopath that believes she'll get away with murder.

A Voice of Sanity said...

Scott Peterson has never harmed or even hit a human being in his entire life - something I can't say and I doubt that 'Jane' can say either. Or perhaps she is saying that Casey is innocent?

Anonymous said...

Scott Peterson IS A MURDERER AND A DEMON, he kills the ones that hes attracted to until it doesnt go his way !! SAME AS CASEY ANTHONY , she just went beyond comprehention to human society. so sad and scarey to live in a world with that kinda peeps .

A Voice of Sanity said...

Anonymous ranted... Scott Peterson IS A MURDERER AND A DEMON

Nope. (Roll eyes)

Because of very serious juror misconduct, the whole trial now has to be thrown out. However, at the same time the three key pieces of 'evidence' have all turned out to be wrong. Most seriously, it now turns out that Conner, and hence Laci, were both alive on or after January 3rd, 10 days after Scott was supposed to have killed them. A retrial is impossible.

A date of Jan 5th is also possible and remember this is the earliest date of death for the baby/fetus. Although the habeas doesn't cover this, there was trial evidence that suggested Laci lived up to a week after the fetus was removed from her.

Now it's up to the California 'system' to come to terms with this and release Scott.

Read the appeal brief here (PDF)