Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ink Blotter

Ink Blotter

In last week's Ink Blotter we discussed the case of 12-year-old Becca McEvoy (pictured left) after Becca's story was written about by sex-crimes prosecutor and WCI contributor Robin Sax. WCI thinks this case deserves more attention and we hope you join us today to continue the discussion.

Other WCI Blogs inked this past week include our Mystery Man--jury and
trial consultant, Robert Hirschhorn; the jury "de-selection process" by contributor and murder prosecutor Donna Pendergast; and the opening this past Thursday of the New York stage production of The Judas Tree. Contributor Diane Fanning told us the story behind the play which is based on real-life female serial killer Dorothea Puente.

On Wednesday, Kathryn Casey wrote about the subject of polygamy and the recent raid in Eldorado, Texas, of the FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints) compound. Andrea Campbell posted on the FBI's use of billboards featuring most wanted fugitives. And Pat Brown brought us the story of Cheryl Cottle, the apparent Black Widow who married the transplant recipient of her previous husband's heart. Finally, Donna Weaver dismantled the complex issue of the FBI's mishandling of confidential informants, an insidious issue that resulted in murder charges against former FBI agent John Connolly and others.

So please stop by WCI later this afternoon and let's talk about what's on your mind.


Anonymous said...

I am working when the ink blotter chat goes on. I like to look at the past ink blotter files, but the chat whatsi is so clumsy, it's almost unreadable. Is there a text file of the previous ink blotter chats?

optklsn at inboxdotcom

Anonymous said...

It is rumored Bob Ingle sat in the gas station across from the cemetery when they buried Becca. It was the coldest day we have had this winter in Mobile.

He's just as cold hearted! It's also rumored he's moved back home to Mommy's house from Mississippi. Maybe he's following the coverage he's getting!

Thanks for all your help!

Go to for all updates on case!

Anonymous said...

Becca McEvoy Update

Becca died while awaiting trial for being sexually assaulted by her ex-step-father/cop Bob Ingle. Becca was 8 when the abuse started, she died at age 11. The crime was reported in 2006. She went before the Grand Jury twice. The case against the alleged sex criminal may be in jeopardy because a little girl died in a traffic crash.

IMHO The defense is using legal loop holes, tricks and victory by delay. Siting the Crawford vs. Washington law, which states the prepertraitor has the right to cross examine the victim. In Becca's case this isn't possible becuse she died. Please note this law has only been in effect for a few years and is wreaking havoc through the justice system. Prior to it the prior testimony and records were allowed.

Her case goes to trial on Mon. Sept. 22 @ 9am @ gov't plaza on 8th floor. Judge Youngpeter presiding over the case.

• We believe the medical report and doctor's testimony will be allowed.

• The Police Reports & DHR Reports will not be allowed.

• Statements Becca made to a friend will be allowed.

• Judge never ruled on the gag order from May 2008.

Becca's cousin Theresa has been busy calling on Alabama Senator's and Congressmen asking them to pass a law that states in cases of child victims of sexual abuse they must be heard within a two year period.

The wording which is applicable to victims is "a right to a trial free from unreasonable delay", this is at issue for many people across the county. Becca's family would like the law to be named in honor of Becca.

Cut and paste this into your browser for all the links and stories found on Becca's Case