Friday, April 25, 2008

Mystery Man - Clue Box

Last week's Mystery Man was a private investigator, a detective who works behind the scenes, uncovering evidence in cases. Up next, we have a man whose work is mostly inside courtrooms, where he gathers information about you. This Mystery Man began his career as a criminal defense lawyer. What started as a nightmare of a case twenty-four years ago ended up opening the door to the career of his dreams: a trial and jury consultant.

His record of success in the nation's toughest cases is as inexplicable as his knack for picking a jury favorable to his clients, men and women whose lives have been on the line. His impressive roster of clients includes Mercedes-Benz murderess Clara Harris . . . former Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison . . . Enron CEO Ken Lay . . . accused sexual batterer William Kennedy Smith . . . Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols . . . and Robert Durst, the billionaire recluse who was found not guilty of murder after testifying that he'd shot, dismembered, and disposed of the body parts of his neighbor. And if the Durst acquittal seems an anomaly, consider another death penalty dismemberment-murder case that our Mystery Man helped win an acquittal on, one of two federal defendants who were spared the death penalty.

Tomorrow's guest contributor has written and co-authored several books and has also published articles. If you need another clue, it might be sitting on your shelf. Our Mystery Man can be found in a number of true-crime books. You've read his name countless times in USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times. And you've seen his face on Good Morning America, America's Talking, Cochran and Company, Court TV, CNN Morning News, Dateline NBC, MSNBC, 48-Hours, Rivera Live, the Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as many others.

He lectures throughout the United States to lawyers and judges on effective techniques of jury selection. As you read this, he is returning from Los Angeles after delivering a speech to the California Public Defenders.

This Saturday, he'll give you the nuts and bolts of his specialized profession and tell you how it all began. So check back here tomorrow. And take a good look at his photo. Maybe you'll recognize him the next time you're on a jury panel. If so, he'll know all about you. Don't miss your chance to learn something about him when we unmask our next Mystery Man.

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