Monday, April 7, 2008

Mystery Man - Still No Clue

We wish to apologize to our readers for not being able to reveal our Mystery Man as promised this past Saturday. Many of you may have been curious as to his identity after reading the clues we posted last week, here and here. But, alas, the reason we were unable to unmask last Saturday's guest contributor remains as much a mystery to us as it has been to our readers. We hope whatever has him down won't keep him down for long. But, really, what fun would a mystery be without a red herring every now and then? Now it's on to the next chapter. Our brand new Mystery Man will be making his appearance this Saturday. Who do we have lined up? Check back this week for clues. We will not disappoint!


trucrym15 said...

Has anyone guessed who it is? Or are you even taking guesses, at this point? I am pretty sure I know who it is.

Anonymous said...

Everyone KNOWS who it is. Unless you were brought here by anything by True Crime blogs.

Huff was the obvious answer from the very start (sorry Steve).

Dont you love being the victim of name dropping? And you really feel that you cant say Steve Huff?

The original post and the ones following will probably be deleted, but it was they very condescending.

BTW, good guess. Rolls eyes.

Anonymous said...

Women in Crime Ink's audience is as varied as our roster of contributors. We are proud to host distinguished guest contributors in our Mystery Man column. Because these men are distinguished, they are well known in their respective fields--forensics, criminal law, journalism, law enforcement, crime writing, etc. If you are in their field, odds are you will know them. At least we hope you will. That way, we can expect you and their other fans to visit when their column posts. Thanks for reading!