Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Adam Walsh Case: Closed, Not Solved

by Pat Brown

"Florida cops solve Adam Walsh Murder," declares one of the many headlines announcing today's breaking news out of Hollywood, Florida. John Walsh, wife Reve and their children by his side, gave an emotional press conference in which John thanked Chief Chad Wagner and retired detective Joe Matthews for bringing closure to his family. "Not knowing was torture."

I feel for John and Reve. Years of working with victims has given me a ringside seat to the the pain they have suffered being left in limbo, the cases of their murdered loved ones going unsolved for years and years. I see the tears slip out of John's eyes and run down his cheek, his voice trembling as all his feelings of twenty-seven years rushed out, and I empathize with his relief that the years of questions and no answers has come to an end.

Unfortunately, when I separate myself from the tendency of us humans to accept what is the "nicest" answer, I feel uncomfortable with the conclusion of Walsh and the Hollywood police. I have worked on cases that have been administratively closed for a number of reasons - overwhelming circumstantial evidence exists but is linked to a dead suspect, limited circumstantial evidence that is linked to a dead suspect, and absolutely no circumstantial evidence but a dead suspect that is useful to pin the crime on.

The Adam Walsh case falls into the middle ground. Serial killer Ottis Toole was looked into as a possible suspect two years after Adam's murder, not because he came into their investigation through evidence or witness reports, but because they had convicted him on another homicide and pressured him to confess to other murders "he had committed". It is not unheard of for police detectives to offer attractive benefits for confessing to homicides regardless of guilt - better prison arrangements, notoriety, and trips out of jail complete with camaraderie and McDonald's treats. Often the police drop inside information about a crime and the convicted felon parrots back the details which "proves" he had knowledge of the murder "only the suspect would know".

So, Ottis Toole confessed a couple of times and recanted a couple of times. Interestingly, the one thing the police didn't know - where Adam's body was dumped - was something apparently Toole didn't know either. The location he told police was the final resting place of Adam's body was searched and no remains were found.

No physical evidence links Ottis Toole to the murder of Adam Walsh either. While the police claim they found a machete and carpeting in Toole's vehicle that had blood on them, they never scientifically proved that the blood was Adam's. Then that "evidence" went missing. Was it accidentally lost or did the blood turn out to exclude Adam as the contributor? Even if the DNA of that time was not as advanced, blood typing could have easily eliminated Adam Walsh as the victim connected to that evidence. It wouldn't be the first time a police department or prosecution misplaced evidence that would prove the desired theory wrong.

Jeffrey Dahmer was another possible suspect in Adam's murder. At least he was proven to be in the area at the time, drove a van that matched witnesses' descriptions of a vehicle they had seen at the mall when Adam disappeared. A man of his description was seen pulling a resisting boy into the van like the one he drove for his place of employment. Furthermore, a witness has claimed he saw Dahmer in Sears that day. While none of this proves Jeffrey Dahmer killed Adam Walsh, he certainly seems to have more possible connections to the Walsh murder than Toole. But, he makes less of a useful suspect post-death because he didn't "confess" to killing the boy.

Even John Walsh admits the police do not have any smoking gun evidence with which to link Toole to Adam's homicide, only a thread of reasoning which he was not privy to from outside the police investigation.

"If Ottis Toole was alive today, he would be arrested for the abduction and murder of Adam Walsh on July 27, 1981," claimed Hollywood Police Chief Wagner at the new conference. He added that there was no "magic" piece of evidence that caused Ottis Toole to now be labeled the one-and-only possible suspect. Worse, Chief Wagner offers so little evidence linking Toole to Adam's murder that no prosecutor in his right mind would have been willing to risk his reputation by taking such a pitiful case to court.

But, Toole is dead, the Hollywood police department would like to close this unfortunate blemish on the history of the department's investigative prowess. John Walsh would like to feel justice (perhaps by believing the man who killed his son is dead) has been served. The American citizens are happy because John is happy.

Closing this heinous case based on a "could of been him" conclusion, is not only egregious but dangerous. Cases should never been considered solved when there is nothing more than wishful thinking and political expediency. Worse, nailing Ottis Toole with Adam's murder without solid evidence proving he was involved, may leave a child killer on the loose. How will everyone feel if next year an aging pedophile named John Smith is arrested for the kidnapping and abduction of a small boy and when the police search his house they find pictures of him with a little boy named Adam Walsh in a basement safe?

As many times as I have heard the opposite on television news in the last few hours, justice has not been served and the killer of Adam Walsh has not been conclusively identified or linked to the crime. The investigation has no more evidence today than it did twenty-seven years ago and the only reason the case has been closed is because Chief Wagner wants it closed. Ending an investigation without a shred of proof is a travesty, not justice.


Anonymous said...

Listening to John Walsh speak, he mentions that while he is not privy to the actual goings on in this case, that there were recent interviews (within the past year) and a fresh look at what evidence they did have. I guess I can't say what I think about the case being closed because there is just too much information missing to have an opinion.

Anonymous said...

I have to think that anything connected with Toole is tainted. In the early 80's, Toole and Henry Lee Lucas scammed multiple police departments with their admissions.

FleaStiff said...

That police department lost the carpeting from the car and then they lost the whole car ... so how competent were they in other aspects of the investigation?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Dahmer committed this crime, even if he was in the Hollywood, FLA area at the time.

If Ottis didn't commit this murder, the child killer has been out there for 27 years already; if he hasn't been incarcerated for other crimes and if he is even still alive.

cheryl said...

When I saw the press conference yesterday, I asked myself these same questions. "where is the evidence?" "what is the evidence?"

I feel for the Walsh family, I do. I am not convinced that Toole committed this crime. I am more convinced that Casey Anthony killed her daughter.And that was before the body discovery.

Both Toole and Lucas were liars extraordonaire. I don't know that anyone will ever solve Adam's case.

Pat Brown said...


I tend to agree with you that this is a case that will go unsolved.

Many people believe that this is a rare thing, for a serial killer case to go years without closure but in actuality it is the norm, not the anomoly. Many serial homicides go unsolved and often are only solved after the serial killer has murdered for twenty years and finally screws up. A portion of serial homicides are closed by attaching them onto convicted killers like Toole or the Green River Killer when there is no evidence to prove the link.

Toole and Dahmer are both dead and unless some weird piece of info turns up that absolutely links one of them (like Adam's body turns up in a trunk with one of their names on the lid) or some other fellow screws up and evidence is found in his home, the case will remain as I believe it is today - unsolved. Sometimes it is the fault of the police department that a case goes south (incompetance, politics, egos) and sometimes the killer is never discovered because stranger homicides are the most difficult of all crimes to solve. There is usually no previous link between the offender and the victim, and the killer picks a moment when he can grab the victim without being identified. Unless he does something really stupid, he can just drive off and no one has a clue who he is or where to look for him.

I really wish i could be happy the case was closed, but I never could stand lies for the sake of convenience.

Anonymous said...

Haven't the Walshes suffered enough? What if either of them decided to peruse your website and read this.

I feel giving your opinion in this situation at this time was in poor taste.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Adam Walsh but I have a hard time feeling sorry foe John Walsh. John Walsh has an agenda, and I'll go so far as to say he's not completely honest in this case or the handling of sex crime cases. In 2006, Walsh strong-armed Congress to rush what we now know as the "Adam Walsh Act" through Congress, using the 25th anniversary of Adam's death to rename a stagnated sex offender bill in Walsh's name.

Walsh told the critics that when he was talking to senators about electronic monitoring of sex offenders, "I said implant it in their anus and if they go outside the radius, explode it, and that would send a big message."

Walsh said it was a joke, adding, "Nobody thought it was funny."

Continuing his riveting performance, he said his wife had suggested that when he went to Washington to stump for the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, he ask all the congressmen who he thought were holding up the legislation named in honor of his son whether they were child molesters or if they had child porn on their computers."

Now, John Walsh will go on the record stating "pedophiles" can't be cured, but then again he went on Larry King Live stating he had a sexual addiction and treatment helped him:
KING: We're back with John Walsh. In our remaining moments, we want to touch some other bases. Your marriage problems continue. Your wife filed for divorce in 1999, then changed her mind. Then you admitted on this program that you had relationships with other women.

WALSH: Yes, I did. I apologized to her, and I've -- I went off the richter there somewhere, and...

KING: This was during the height of all of your fame? Do you think that had something to do with it?

WALSH: I think my inability to deal with my problems -- I never went to a therapist for 20 years. I think it just -- my own selfishness, my own stupidity, my own ego, all of those things, and I hurt my children, and I hurt my wife, and she's a good woman, and she, you know, we're working very hard at this.

KING: Are you in therapy with her, or?

WALSH: Both of us. Yes. I recommend it to everybody.

KING: Does it help?

WALSH: I do -- I think it helps. I think especially crime victims, and it's not an excuse, people that have been through an awful traumas, I think therapy is a terrific thing, and I thought, you know, I'm the tough guy, I'm the toughest guy, I mean, I can deal with this myself -- I couldn't deal with it. And you know, you thinking not hurting somebody, you know, women can be an addiction, and you have to deal with it...

KING: So you understand men who have that problem?

WALSH: Oh, I had it for years and didn't think I had it.

--The whole point is this. Whatever happened to Adam Walsh should not excuse the actions of John Walsh, who has never let the truth get in the way of what he says to people. Honestly, I think it is a way to gain support for the unpopular Adam Walsh Act, as now he's convinced every major news outlet to call Toole a PEDOPHILE instead of a SERIAL KILLER.

FleaStiff said...

As with much in our society, issues become politicized and focus is often distorted. We spend money unwisely and often target minimal risks rather than dealing effectively with major risks.

Those Temperance Society bandwagons were great entertainment. Now we have pretty much the same thing: we are taken for a ride but without the music!

Glenn Adams said...

If John Walsh, feels the need to find closure by accepting that Ottis Toole, was responsible for Adam's tragic demise. I have no problem with that conclusion.
I do have a problem with the silence by the media, including AMW, concerning Gary Michael Hilton & Associates, since 03/08. Yes, I said Associates.
I have been backtracking GMH, in an area called 'Wolfscratch Wilderness', since 01/06/08, which began as a search for Meredith Hope Emerson's remains.
Due to the items found,his residue, movements, info, both conventionl and nonconventional, I described him around 01/12/08 as: Evil, Demonic, Cannibal, Ritual: Serial Killer, with no victim profile, only a preference: 120# female aprox 25 to 30 years old. I knew that he was very intelligent, creative, calculating, used police procedures & hunting schedules, had been doing his evil deeds for decades(His words, "since I was 14 Yrs old). His IQ is 150+...
By the way O. Toole said, "since I was 14 years Old...

Wolfscratch: Too mny ironies, coincidences, parallels...

Glenn Adams said...

Case closed |
Case closed. The disappearance and slaying of 24-year-old hiker Meredith Emerson .... Meredith Emerson's death haunts lead GBI investigator (03/01/2008) ... - 67k - Cached - Similar pages
More results from »
There is obviously many knowlegeable people on this site. With that said, I would challenge you to give an explanation as to your thoughts on Why?, the Media was shut down by the FBI, as to Gary M. Hilton & Associates, 03/01/08.
When I read the headline in the AJC: 'Case Closed! in Huge Caps', I emailed all media outlets including Drudge 2008, and said 'Case Closed My Buttocks!'
It was reopened that same day...I am confident that GMH, has no victim profile(Levi Frady 11 years old to Irene Bryant 84 years old, white, black, male, female), only a preference. He does not fit a single SK profile but encompasses many profiles as well s MO's that are unique to him....
When I started backtracking him on 01/06/08, after concluding there was a 3 hour window that put him in this area. I put his head into mine, as an actor does a character, to be able to effectively track him. This was a very traumatic experience. I literally became him. All my senses were magnified: intelligence, memory, etc. I could visialize where he went and what he did when he arrived!
All the places that I tracked him as well as his burial sites were ewewitnessed by others.
I am a retired Fire Captain; AFD Haz Mat/High Rise Rescue, have experienced large life loss in my career but none that has affected me during the journey.
When I describe him as being demonic, this is not a simple description, it is accurate. He is pure evil and emits an evil aura and a distinct aura.

I have documented the journey with thousands of comments & hundreds of pics etc.

Wolfscratch: Glenn Adams

Glenn Adams said...

GMH, lead LE to the site where he disposed Meredith Hope Emerson's remains on 01/07/08. This was in the Dawson Forest WMA, Atlanta Tract. GMH, was interviewed enroute by LE. He made the statement, "this is not the only body that's been dumped here!"

MyFox Atlanta | Georgia's Most Wanted: Levi Frady Anniversary
Oct 30, 2008 ... Investigators with the GBI said Frady was driven almost 20 miles away to the woods of ... This story content provided by FOX 5 Atlanta WAGA ... Many pages in this Fox Television Stations, Inc. web site feature links to ... - 46k - Cached - Similar pages

Patrice Endres: The abduction in April 2004 of Patrice Endres, 38, who had run Tamber's Trim-N-Tan hair salon sparked a massive search in the area, but she has never been found.

Alleged serial killer Jeremy Jones, who was found guilty of murder in connection with an Alabama killing, is believed to be the primary suspect in the slaying of Endres.

On the Levi Frady site there 2 POIs. The #2 is GMH, I am confident that I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting POI #1, outside a shed at the abandoned farmhouse where GMH, held Meredith Hope Emerson. He walked toward me with an iron bar held firmly in his hand, no expression in his eyes nor in his face, I reacted, he veered around me, put the bar in the bed of his his truck, then became normal....

Wolfscratch: GMH, had Associates. 'The Circle will be Unbroken!'

"Why is the pretrial evidence sealed in Leon Co, FL; Cheryl Dunlap Murder Trial?"

Glenn Adams said...

Patrice Endres: The abduction in April 2004 of Patrice Endres, 38, who had run Tamber's Trim-N-Tan hair salon sparked a massive search in the area, but she has never been found.

Alleged serial killer Jeremy Jones, who was found guilty of murder in connection with an Alabama killing, is believed to be the primary suspect in the slaying of Endres.
Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Patrice Endres Has Been Located 12-6-05

Patrice was found on a road that has yet another church on the same street called "Sweet Water Creek" church. The same "Sweet Water Creek" Jeremy Jones spoke of disposing of Patrice. I now wonder was his confession true but sketchy because of his drug abuse? Authorities in Forsyth County say that because Patrice was not found where Jones claims he put her, does not mean he is cleared. They still believe he is the one who took Patrice that fateful day.What makes this mystery so interesting is the fact that Patrice was found five days after an Alabama judge sentenced Jeremy Jones to die for murdering another woman. The day Patrice was found was also on her husband's 60th birthday. My mother and I searched several church yards in the first months after Patrice's disappearance because my mother had a dream that Patrice was in a field with tall trees and she heard church hymns playing. We did not go too far to the next county where Patrice was ultimately found because being in the South, there is a church on every block. I have to wonder if he had kept searching because of mom's dream, would we have found Patrice? We dismissed it all as crazy dreams, because we all have them from time to time.

LE, searched Sweetwater Creek, in another County. Her remains were found near Sweetwater Creek, in Dawson County, GA, in the same vicinity as Levi,and Meredith....
GMH, had Associates.....

Wolfscratch: I am confident GMH & Associates has over 150 victims, and this is only the ones deceased...

Glenn Adams said...

Creativity: GMH, according to Samuel Rael, his court appointed attorney, movie producer, said that GMH, assisted the creative writer, hand picked the cast & crew, shoot locations, and tutored the lead actor in the art of serial killing....

In an 11Alive exclusive, a Metro Atlanta attorney said he worked on a movie with the confessed killer of a Gwinnett County hiker. The film's plot: a serial killer who murders women in the north Georgia mountains.

The film was made in 1995. Fast forward to 2008 -- Gary Hilton has confessed to killing a hiker in the north Georgia mountains. He is also suspected in three other murders, each in National Parks.

Samuel Rael is not only a lawyer, he has also produced movies -- including one that went straight to video in 1995. The title: "Deadly Run." It's about a man who stalks and kills women in the north Georgia mountains.
Samuel Rael said, "I knew that he was sociopath, just didn't know that he was evil."
GMH, torched his fiancee's home, with her and her elderly parents inside in 1982. The arrest records are availble, 'Court Records Vanished. Go figure....
The 'Deadly Run Movie', cast & crew, have filmed a half dozen movies in the No GA Mountains...
A pic of the abandoned house where GMH's writing studio was located is on my blog, and was eyewitnessed by Donald Holcomb and some trout fishing buddies in 1994. Donald, saw an old manual 'Royal' typewriter and some large writing pads on a table. He said,"it looked like someone was writing a movie!"

Wolfscratch: A Serial Killer with a script....

Glenn Adams said...

GMH, was asked at the Dawson County Det. Ctr. by the jailers, "If you are so intelligent(guess they were reading my comments on the forums)Why did you get caught?"
Gary Michael Hilton's replied, "They haven't caught me since I was 14 years Old!

Gary Michael Hilton, fith no profile. He is the Hannibal Lecture, of the 20th & 21st Century.
Do the research. You will not find a Complete Profile by the 'Experts', ask yourself why?

GMH, lived in our communities preying on our friends, families, and loved ones oblivious to LE, for decades. He was a predator 24/7. On 01/12/08, I analogized him as a mountain lion. He would hunt his prey & bring them back to his den and devour them. His primary den is the Wildcat Tract; Dawson Forest WMA ...The trees in his campsite tell the tragic story of his trail of terror. He was a ritual killer...

Wolfscratch: GMH, was seen as a petty drifter, this was an image he created to remain stealt. LE knew of his existenc since 1980, they didn't know his identity until 09/26/07, but that's another story...

re: Adam Walsh: GMH, 1972 Miami, FL chaufeur's License.....

Glenn Adams said...

FleaStiff said...
That police department lost the carpeting from the car and then they lost the whole car ... so how competent were they in other aspects of the investigation?

December 17, 2008 7:57 PM

Many items were found in GMH's campsites: His trash pile: backpack, clothes, Women's, Men's, children's(most were like new, some were burnt), carpet; auto & house, oliquor bottles(no two the same brand)bottle of cologne; Calvin Kleine: 'Escape'...
I contacted LE, they responded with 2 squad cars & K9 unit. They K9 wasn't taken out of the SUV, I was told Levi Frady didn't fit GMH's profile because he was male and was shot(John Bryant; 80 year/Pisgah Nat For., old shot in head), that I was consumed & needed therapy, and the clothes were left on the ground, for days until it was removed by the Park Service.....

GMH, emulated or carried himself as an airborne ranger; 'Two Tours in Vietnam'. He was stationed in I...has 666 in his GA Correction #, as I do in my SS#...
He buried everything in 'Black' garbage bags...

Wolfscratch: What I report is not speculation or conjecture, some simply has not been verified, some has been verified but not released by LE, some items are still sitting where they were reported to LE.

When GMH's DNA was taken, the turnaround was less that 24 hours. Cold Case Detectives from all adjacent States and others were waiting for the results....

Glenn Adams said...

I have hunted Dawson Forest WMA for over 37 years and know it well. GMH, knew it better than I. He is very spiritual in an evil way...
GMH, marks his burial or ritual grounds with glass canning jars on a treee limb. Sometimes he marks multiple graves with ancient artifacts of native americans; 'The Mound Dwellers'. He collects these artifacts and is very knowlegable about them.
Before he ended Meredith's life, he gave her a book to read: 'Cannibals to Kings'.....

Wolfscratch: Hunters are the eyes and ears of the forest. GMH, knew this and planned mny of his evil deeds with this in mind...He was very savy concerning police procedures as well as forensics. He kept large supplies of Windex, and Clorox, wet wipes, disposable laytex gloves. Made Ice in 5 gal buckets, and had an icebox in his primary den..GMH, had constructed a natural blind using a large rhodedendrum nd branches, hiding his ritual tree and icebox in his primary den....

How was he oblivious to the rangers, and game wardens, for decades, as well as local LE, for decades?

Glenn Adams said...

Earlier, I had touched on putting his head into mine to be able to track him effectively. I also stated that this was a very traumatic experience. I not only took on his mental capabilities, but also his physical apearance. I was assaulted on 3 occasions because of this, and one person thought that I was him and I had escaped the Dawson Co Det Ctr. He had opened his knife in his jacket pocket. This happened in the primary den campsite, 01/13/08. As coincidence would have it, his dad who visited him later actually confronted GMH on 01/04/08; 2PM, at the Atlanta Tract, where he dumped Meredith's remains. GMH, was captured 3 hours later.....


Glenn Adams said...

If you search the internet, you will find many of his more fortunate victims that due to a guardian angel, trusting their instincts, or some other intervention, are alive to give their testimonies. I am confident that there are many others that are simply keeping their stories private.
Gary Hilton & Associates, preyed on strangers and used different ceative schemes to capture them. If he ever got his evil hands on you, you did not live to testify. GMH said, "I am a professional!"
At the Jackson ST. Pen, GA, GMH said,"If you opened that cell door and told me I could go Free, as long as I didn't sin, I would have to turn around and come back in!"
**************** a_to_charge_hilton.php

This man (Hilton) stalked me at the Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon, FL in February 2004.

I was walking my two dogs at the time, and that did not seem to phase him.

I had the creeps from the second I saw him. He tried to get to me even with my dogs there, when a park ranger drove up on his golf cart.

I ran to my car and was just getting into it when he came racing around the corner towards me. (He was in the front parking lot- I was in the very back.)

Had it not been for the park ranger, who knows what could have happened. There was another complaint about him a day or two before this.

He had Leon County tags...And a dog in the front seat.

I have been haunted by this man ever since, and I know that serial killers don't start killing at 61. He's been doing it for years.

I just wish that he had been caught before these poor people died that way. It breaks my heart.

January 19, 2008 6:36 PM | valerie burner

C/P Wolfscratch a_to_charge_hilton.php

This man (Hilton) stalked me at the Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon, FL in February 2004.

I was walking my two dogs at the time, and that did not seem to phase him.

I had the creeps from the second I saw him. He tried to get to me even with my dogs there, when a park ranger drove up on his golf cart.

I ran to my car and was just getting into it when he came racing around the corner towards me. (He was in the front parking lot- I was in the very back.)

Had it not been for the park ranger, who knows what could have happened. There was another complaint about him a day or two before this.

He had Leon County tags...And a dog in the front seat.

I have been haunted by this man ever since, and I know that serial killers don't start killing at 61. He's been doing it for years.

I just wish that he had been caught before these poor people died that way. It breaks my heart.

January 19, 2008 6:36 PM | valerie burner

C/P Wolfscratch

Glenn Adams said...

Tyrra Meserve, grew up in San Diego, during the 'Night Stalker' tragedy. It left a deep impact on her as well as the entire community.
The following is a story written by her:
A Close Encounter With A Killer Mind By Tyrra B Meserve Greene Publishing, Inc.Since the beginning of time, within every culture, in every society, there have been those who are incapable of adapting and blending within the boundaries of their communal environment. Driven by a force that is incomprehensible to the peers upon which they prey, they feed on the terror and panic their crimes leave in the heart of the community. Unable to control their carnal desires for more than just brief moments, they reside in the dark recesses of the mind, opportunistically seizing victims to compensate for shortcomings they themselves are unable to overcome. Behind false smiles, it is truly then that the eyes become the window to the soul, or in some cases, the lack thereof.In most instances, the serial killer acts alone, extracting pleasure from the anonymity that he presents. However, in rare cases, these predators find in each other a kindred mind, linking up to work together, proving the old adage of water seeking its own level, even for heinous reasons. Whether the union is long-term, or short-lived, these serial killing partners present a unique problem for law enforcement officers trying to solve crimes.Recent developments have allowed Gary Michael Hilton to be charged with the murder of Meredith Emerson, and Cheryl Dunlap, however, questions still remain regarding Hilton’s involvement with other unsolved murders. It is currently under investigation as to whether Hilton is indeed a serial killer, and, if so, how many other victims did he claim, and, in what areas. In a recent interview with a Madison County resident, there has also now arisen the question as to if Hilton acted entirely alone.Debra Stephens, a Madison resident for many years, recalls a strange event that took place back in 2000. A local, who knew some of the more obscure river access points and sun-bathing spots, was taking advantage of a warm summer’s day and the company of her dogs. As she was lying on her towel, soaking up rays, Stephens was startled by her companions barking.“There’s canoers who go up and down the river all the time,” she said “so I didn’t think anything of it at first. Then I noticed there weren’t any other boats in the water and the dogs were focusing up the hill on the other bank.”Following their line of sight, Stephens noticed two men standing at the top of the hill, on the other side of the river, watching her.“I thought it was kind of odd when I noticed they were wearing blue jeans, sunglasses and boots. Not really boating clothes, if you know what I mean.”When the men stepped back into the shadows of the trees and did not reappear, Stephens said her apprehension abated a bit and she returned to sunbathing. Then, a few minutes later, the dogs started barking again and Stephens, now nervous, looked around once more. The dogs, trotting ahead of her, rounded a close bend and Stephens walked straight down to the waters edge to get a better view.“This older guy was paddling down in a canoe and it looked as though he was having a time of it. It was only he and his dog. At first, he asked if this was where they picked up the people for canoe rides. When I said no, this is private property, he kind of looked around, up the hill where the two guys had been.”It was at this point that Stephens said the older man looked like he accidentally flipped the canoe, trapping the dog underneath. As Stephens was debating whether or not she should jump in and help, she noticed the man glancing up, occasionally looking up towards where she had seen the other two men earlier.“He made it to the other bank and acted like he was going to lift the canoe,” Stephens remembered, “but then he just kept looking around and his dog was just laying there. His dog didn’t bark back at my dogs or anything. It was weird. It was almost like the dog had been through this before and he was trained.”When the man fell to the ground, he appeared to accidentally push his canoe back into the water where it started to float downstream. Deciding to lend a hand, Stevens started to get into the water on the opposite bank.“I looked up and there was one of the guys I had seen earlier, about halfway down the hill. I shouted up to him Hey, that man needs help, but he just looked at the older man, turned around and walked back up into the trees.”Stephens stopped the canoe from floating away, and then gave it a good shove back toward the old man on the bank. Deciding it was about time to head home, Stephens kept an eye on the man as she swam back to her side of the shore, gathered her things and got set to leave.“As I was walking back down the river bank to my truck, I glanced up the hill and there were those same two guys again. Well, one of them looked down at the older man and he looked back up at the guy and I thought they nodded at each other. When I passed by them on my side of the river, I remember thinking, now that’s weird; he doesn’t have anything in the canoe. Nothing, I mean, normally people have a life preserver, equipment, something. He didn’t. It was completely empty. Just him, his dog and a cane.”Stephens also found it disturbing that, as she passed the scene, both men that she had seen earlier had not only re-emerged, but they had picked up the canoe and were carrying it up the hill with the older man and his dog in tow.“I noticed that he wasn’t using his walking cane,” Stephens recalled. “He just followed them up the hill until they disappeared. That’s when I wondered how he had gotten the canoe down to the river by himself. There’s not a lot of places where we were at that you can drive up and drop a canoe, you have to hike it in and that didn’t seem like something he could have done by himself.“When I got home, I told a couple of people what had happened and they just told me I was nuts. I couldn’t help thinking that if I had gone over to their side of the river, I wouldn’t have made it back, but everyone I told laughed and said nobody was trying to get me, so I just pushed it to the back of my mind and tried to forget it.”Then, watching the news recently, Stephens got a jolt. A little thinner, a little older looking and worse for wear, Gary Michael Hilton looked like the man she had seen that day.“Naw,” Stephens said to herself. “I’m just spooked.”Letting it go once more, a week passed before on another airing of the local news, Stephens got a chance to hear Hilton speak.“I jumped out of my chair,” she said, “yelling, That’s Him! That’s the *!#* man from the river.”They were trying to get me,” Stephens stated with conviction “I know that now. I could feel that something wasn’t right. It was like they knew each other. It just felt wrong.”Sergeant Tim Baxter of the Leon County Sheriff’s Department was not able to give much information due to Hilton’s ongoing investigation; however, he is interested in connecting Stevens with the right authorities to take her statement.“The FBI is working with the different case investigators, developing a long term timeline for Hilton,” Baxter stated. “They are going back to before (Hilton) was born. So far, we believe he’s a loner, but we want to know where he’s been and whom he’s been seen with. We don’t want to rule out connections he may have to other cases.”As police still gather leads linking Hilton with other crimes, they are tracing his footsteps in the past. Only time will tell if police have caught all the right men.Staff writer Tyrra B Meserve can be reached at

Posted by Wolfscratch

Was this one of the ways that he captured victims for his evil deeds? GMH, was very creative, calculating, and cagey....

Glenn Adams said...

But Tabor says a year ago Hilton started to change, claiming he was ill and taking a variety of medication. "I know at one point he told me he really needed the medication, that when he stopped taking them, the demons came back,? Tabor said. Tabor said Hilton's behavior grew increasingly odd, then threatening. Tabor said over a decade, he'd advanced Hilton as much as $10,000. Last September Hilton demanded more. "He told me he wanted $10,000. He said ?I don't care how you get it, but you better give it to me or else,?"
snipet from:

Tabor said. "He said it would be the easy thing to do, or I'd pay the price."

Tabor called police and told them Hilton was a danger. "I had to get family members out of the house and I armed myself and I remained armed 24-7 from that day forward until he was captured,? he said.

The danger to him & his family; call was made 09/26/07...
A simple 911 call, that my 7 year old grandaughter would have made on 01/03/08, at 5PM, at the 'Huddle House'; Marble Hill, GA, would have captured GMH, and rescued Meredith Hope Emerson. I am confident of this. A Sheriff w/squad car works at the bank within 200 yards...
Why wasn't the call made?

Wolfscratch: Meredith was a Kindred Spirit; a fighter. She still is...

Glenn Adams said...

If you leave 'Wolfscratch Wilderness' and go to Blairsville, GA, if you go right, it will lead to Blood Mtn. and the Herbert Reece Trail where Meredith was abducted. If you go left, it leads to Murphy, NC, another haunt of GMH, where he was very active. He could cover 3 states in less than 45 minutes by auto.
*****************************Nancy Linkesh will never know how close she came to being Gary Hilton's victim.

The 36-year-old Gainesville sales representative crossed paths with the suspected serial killer on the Byron Herbert Reece trail in Union County one day before he abducted Meredith Emerson there. The story of her encounter has made its rounds through cyberspace by way of a cautionary e-mail she wrote to a group of old friends.

Hilton, 61, was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to Emerson's murder and remains a key suspect in the deaths of three others in North Carolina and Florida.

Linkesh said she never wanted or sought publicity for her encounter with Hilton, which was briefly mentioned by District Attorney Lee Darragh when Hilton pleaded guilty to Emerson's murder on Jan. 31.

Darragh did not mention Linkesh by name, but spoke of Hilton, on the day before Emerson's kidnapping, "having approached another hiker ... she was with other people, however."

Linkesh and a group of four others embarked on a two-mile hike up the trail on Monday, Dec. 31, stopping near the top to have a midday lunch before heading back down. By the time they started the hike down, it was 3:30 p.m. and the temperature was dropping. Linkesh had not dressed warmly, so she took the hike down at a quicker pace, getting a few hundred yards ahead of her friends.

It was there she saw the dog with the shiny red coat, and its balding, white-haired owner, wearing blue nylon pants with a sheath around one leg and a half-full hiking backpack.

"That's a beautiful dog, what's her name?" Linkesh said, starting a conversation with Hilton, whose back remained turned to her as he walked down the trail. He told her the dog's name was Dandy, like a fancy dresser, and that it was a "red Retriever."

The two then engaged in brief small talk about the dog, never pausing from their brisk walk down the mountain.

Then Hilton, she said, became suddenly agitated. "He said he gets so angry with people who come up on the mountain who are not prepared," she recalled. "He said he's surprised more people don't die."

"He turned around and pointed where I was stepping, and said, ‘Right there, you could step there wrong and break your leg and lay there. In an hour you'd be hypothermic.'"

That was the only time she got a clear look at Hilton's face. "The brief time I saw him was kind of creepy," she said.

Hilton, she said, used disparaging terms to describe local rescue workers, and said it would take five hours, "best-case scenario" for anyone to get to her if she was stranded and hurt. "At that point he asked me if I was alone," Linkesh said. "I said no."

Hilton seemed to let out a frustrated grunt, "huh," she said. Then he asked if she had a cell phone, commenting, "most days people carry a cell phone with them." Linkesh, whose hiking companions had cell phones, said "well, no."

Linkesh said she kept looking back to make sure her friends were in sight. At one point, she was too far ahead to see them. "He made me feel uneasy, but not uneasy enough not to talk to him," she said.

As the trail branched off, Hilton kept walking straight, while she and her friends went to the left. The entire encounter lasted about 10 minutes.

"I said, ‘It was nice talking to you,'" she said. "He was far enough away that I couldn't understand him. He threw up his right hand and barked something."

As the group got to the bottom of the trail, one of her companions looked up to see that Hilton was behind them again, having apparently doubled back.

Linkesh thought no more about the strange man with the dog until her husband called a few days later to tell her that he was the person of interest in Emerson's disappearance, which occurred at the same location the day after her hike.

Interviews with law enforcement officials followed, but it took several days for Linkesh to grasp the full impact of the encounter.

"I just was thinking it was a weird coincidence." she said. "I don't think I could really get my head around it."

Eventually, after talking with a family member, Linkesh came to the conclusion that Hilton had been "shopping her" as a potential victim.

"As time went on it dawned on me that it was a really close call," she said.

She sent out the e-mail to a small group of old friends as a cautionary story, telling them "to keep in mind that the world is full of bad people and they are very good at manipulating situations to get you involved with them ... ‘Stranger Danger' applies to grown-ups, too."

The e-mail was forwarded and forwarded again, and took on a life of its own on the Internet, drawing more attention to Linkesh then she ever wanted. She received hundreds of e-mails and was hounded with requests for national television interviews.

"I didn't want to be seen as a publicity-hound," she said. "I'm just not interested in that. I'm a very private person."

Linkesh hopes she can use her experience to teach others about how close they can come to real danger.

The lessons learned, she said, are "never let your guard down, always be vigilant. It's sad to say, but you can't strike up a conversation with a stranger any more. It's not worth the risk."

Wolfscratch: A very fortunate victim...

Glenn Adams said...

Tyrra Meserve, grew up in San Diego, during the 'Night Stalker' tragedy. It left a deep impact on her as well as the entire community.
The following is a story written by her:
A Close Encounter With A Killer Mind By Tyrra B Meserve Greene Publishing, Inc:
I contacted Tyrra, when I read the article about the close encounter in Madison Co, FL. She shared the story about the 'Night Stalker'. A few months later, I located GMH's Frigid weather room located in the attic of the abandoned house. It was insulated with plastic wrap & cardboard and had a wood burning stove. There is a heavy corrugated cardboard box about 3'X 6'X 14" which is labeled 'Tuck Me In Box'..
I found a newspaper from the Gainsville GA Times dated Wed Nov. 8, 1989, it was opened to an article tittled; 'Night Stalker' says he will be avenged by Satan.
One paragraph reads:
"You don't understand me, you are not expected too, I am beyond your experience, I am beyond good and evil...I will be avenged. Lucifer, dwells within us all!"
After reading this article, I called Tyrra, to ask if Richard Ramirez, was the SK that she had referred too. After a long silence, she said yes...

Wolfscratch: GMH, pulled his teeth and said to Jana Tabor, made him look evil. said that when he come off his meds, "The Demons, come out in him!"

Glenn Adams said...

There are two photo sites where Glenn Adams, a retired Atlanta firefighter, posted photos from the abandoned house and barn where Hilton kept Meredith tied up. There is a dump area with clothing that someone tried to burn. Glenn is not a reporter, and he can't type or spell well, but I'm very glad that investigators are starting to check into the things he found. Glenn has been pleading since the first week of January '08 for someone to investigate. (keep clicking Older Posts to view all of it) Glenn also posted digital photos at his Kodak gallery site

The abandoned house and barns are the second row of photos.

CP from another Forum;
The photo gallery was made last Christmas 2007, we had recently built our new dream home on property that we had owned several years. It is on the Amicacola River & only 200 yards from the abandoned farmhouse.
Pay close attention to the wooden reel, frayed rope, broken studs on the shed held up by the Sears Speaker, and the iron bars leaning against the tree. I wi elaborate later.

Glenn Adams said...

Gary Hilton, attended Church, and received funds from churchs. He received $50.00 from the Foothills Church, Marble Hill, GA, 2 weeks before capturing Meredith Emerson. The church attendance, and the emulating of a traveling preacher is very significant, and I will elaborate in a future post. He was very knowlegeable about ancient native American History and encorporated this into his rituals.
GMH, pulled his teeth, except for two, said it made him look evil.


Glenn Adams said...

The Adam Walsh Case was Closed 12/08. The following is a comment made on:;num=1180476233

Title: Re: Tara Grinstead - Ocilla, GA
Post by Wolfscratch on 10/08/08 at 18:38:31
Gary Michael Hilton, to a Dawson co., GA; Jail Guard, when asked, "If you are so intelligent, why did you get arrested?' GMH: " They haven't arrested me since I was 14 years old!"

Ottis Toole, was a native of Jacksonville, Florida. His father left the family when Toole was young, and he claimed his mother was a religious fanatic, and often dressed him in girl's clothing.[1] Toole also claimed his grandmother was a satanist who exposed him to various practices and rituals in his youth.[1] Toole was often designated as being mentally retarded, with an IQ of 75. He ran away from home repeatedly, and claimed to have started fires in abandoned homes from a young age.[1]

Toole claimed to have committed his first murder at the age of 14,

after being propositioned for sex by a traveling salesman, he ran over the salesman with his own car.[1] In the documentary, Death Diploma, he claimed he was forced to have sex with a friend of his father when he was 6 years old. He claimed he knew he was homosexual when he was 11 years old.

Toole was first arrested as an adult in 1964, on a charge of loitering.[citation needed]

[edit] Reputed murders
About 1976, Toole met Henry Lee Lucas in Florida.[1] Both would later claim to have committed many hundreds of murders, sometimes at the behest of a secret cult called "The Hand of Death." Lucas would recant his confessions, saying he made such statements only to improve his living conditions in jail. Though some authorities have argued there is significant doubt as to Lucas' guilt, Toole is still generally seen as a serial killer.

On October 21, 1983, Toole confessed to the murder of Adam Walsh.[2] A few weeks after Toole made the confession, however, police investigating the case announced that they no longer considered him a suspect. John Walsh, Adam's father, has said repeatedly that he believes Toole to be guilty.[3]

In April 1984, Toole was convicted and sentenced to death for a 1982 arson incident that killed 64-year-old George Sonnenberg in Jacksonville, Florida. Later that year, Toole was found guilty of the 1983 murder of 19-year-old Tallahassee, Florida, resident Ada Johnson, and received a second death sentence; on appeal, however, both sentences were commuted to life in prison. While serving his sentence, Toole was briefly housed next to Ted Bundy in Florida's Raiford Prison.[2]

Toole pleaded guilty to four more murders in 1991 and received four more life sentences.

This was O'Toole's sidekick:

Lucas's sentence was commuted to life in prison in 1998 by then-Governor George W. Bush. His was the only death penalty case among the 153 that came across Bush's desk in his tenure as Texas Governor in which he intervened and commuted the death sentence. Lucas died in prison of natural causes. Because Lucas's death removed the possibility of resolution in many instances, there are still a number of unresolved questions. Some authorities—while admitting that Lucas tended to exaggerate his accounts and told some outright lies, and also recognizing that the Lucas Task Force engaged in some very questionable tactics—insist that Lucas was a viable suspect in a number of unsolved murders. Despite these factors, Lucas still maintains a reputation, in the words of author Sarah L. Knox, "as one of the world's worst serial killers—even after the debunking of the majority of his confessions by the Attorney General of Texas.

*********************************ABC News: Decades Later, New Clues in a Cold Case

Aug 13, 2007 ... John Walsh remains convinced the killer of his son was drifter Ottis Toole, ... - Similar pages

Could this be why their is a 'GAG ORDER', placed on Gary Hilton's case since Feb 2008? Is it the magnitude of his Trail of Terror for decades, the tragic results of an individual serial killer working solo, or was/is it organized?....
Food for Thought:1964-1967 Hilton enlisted in the Army in 1964. According to Military records, Hilton spent some time in Germany and received basic airborne training along with his GED. He was honorably discharged in 1967.

1969 He was married to first wife Sue in DeKalb County, Georgia; divorced in 1971 in Miami Florida.

1970-1972 Qualified for a Florida chauffeur’s license from 1970 to 1972, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

11-09-07 1972 Arrest warrant dismissed, Miami Dade County. Florida. See following court action.

12-01-72 COURT CASE: F72008604
State Case#: 131972CF0086040001XX
DOB: 11/22/1946
Date Filed: 12/01/1972
Date Closed: 11/09/2007 Warrant Type:

1-24-1973 He was convicted of DUI in Miami Dade County on Jan. 24, 1973. His Florida license was revoked for a year, and he never took steps to re-instate it.

Wolfscratch: Inquiring minds want to know...

Glenn Adams said...

by WolfscratchIn North Carolina, Transylvania County Sheriff David Mahoney told ABC News that his department was almost certain that Hilton was responsible for both Bryant deaths. "We've uncovered evidence," Mahoney said when asked about Hilton's possible involvement. "We haven't spoken to any specific details, but at this point in the investigation, I am completely comfortable and confident that he is the suspect."
Then there is the hooded yellow jacket on the inventory list from Hilton's van....The Bryants' ATM card was used in Ducktown, Tenn., the day after their disappearance. A surveillance camera captured a figure using the card and wearing a hooded yellow jacket. Transylvania County authorities said in November the jacket appeared to be one that belonged to the Bryants.

Federal authorities said they won't release any further information in the case and have directed local authorities to do likewise.

"With gratitude to the public for its patience, neither the U.S. Attorney's Office nor law enforcement agencies involved in this ongoing investigation will entertain further media inquires, make any independent public reports or make themselves available in any way regarding this investigation at this time," the news release said.

The media(local & National)have been silenced since 03/08. There may be several reasons for the censoring of info: The magnitude of the victim total, both deceased and encarcerated, as well as involvement of others....
* The duration of 'Trail of Terror' due to his creativity, cagey, and calculating behavior.
The following article describes the assessment of Gary M. Hilton, by LE & the Justice System, although his IQ is within the top 10% of the world:
Gary Hilton: Misfit with a mean streak

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 01/13/08

He fancied himself a soldier "on perpetual field maneuvers." He recently lived and camped out of his minivan, purposely subjecting himself to hardship. He used to carry a gun because, he said, there's "a lot of crazy things going on in the world."

He was a petty criminal, a transient workman who pulled his own teeth, someone who made people uncomfortable with his odd mannerisms.
Mr. John Bryant, Pisgah Nat For., NC, was shot with a firearm.**********************
Murphy NC, mountain property real estate signs were found near a second abandoned house where I backtracked GMH. The signs were used as blinds, to block the view of his staging area under a large hemlock tree and an excuse for being on the posted property in case he encountered Law Enforcement.

Glenn Adams said...

The following comment was made concerning Jeremy Jones: Serial Killer. I am confident that GMH, had Associates or sidekicks...

Re: Tara Grinstead - Ocilla, GA
Reply #223 - Today at 04:16:38 A friend of mine grew up with Jeremy Jones and has told me some things on him from when they were kids. They were never really so called friends, but my friend does have stories. He say's that Jeremy was disturbed early in life. He stated out killing animals and mutilating them and when he found out about the murders Jeremy had done he was not surprised at all. I will not use the words my friend used for this dude but I will say there is no respect there period. He does say though that Jeremy's mom is a nice lady who has had it kinda rough but she is sweet.
A stranger aproached me one day, under the guise of being in the North Ga Mountains, for a Wedding. He was unique in the way he carried himself, as he was very evasive yet he wanted to have a conversation. The conversation was one sided; he did all the talking.
He said that he couldn't tell me what his occupation was, but that he had his training at Quantico. He then started rattling off GMH's traits, at what age he acquired them; the why's and wherefores. Although his little seminar was very informative, he didn't give me a chance to respond. He said that GMH's sociopathic tendencies were formed before the age of 3 or 4 years old.
I am convinced that it was before his birth. GMH, fits no previous profile, but a combination of many with a demonic twist....
An 'Albert Fish' MO, as well as identical apearance...


Glenn Adams said...

A Beauty Shop Owner in Tate, GA, 30177, was winding down a busy day while finishing up a perm, a few months after Patrice Endres vanished. The customer's husband was sitting in his truck waiting on her. As it was late, night had set in. A white van pulled up and a man fitting GMH's description came in inquiring if that was her last customer and what time was closing. While inside another man stepped out of the passenger side, went around and opened the side door, then got back in the truck.
The customer's husband reacted and went inside, spoiling their plans.
LE was called, responded, and said to keep her door locked and don't let anyone in unless she knew who they were. The same advice was given to the customer.
GMH, had been doing his evil deeds for decades, and preyed 24/7...
He is analogous to a mountain lion; would capture his prey, take them to his den and devour them...


Glenn Adams said...

GMH, has a definite travel pattern in the Eastern US. Due to lack of communication between, LE in different states and jurisdictions, antiquated strategies of excluding the public from info and evidence in a case, and GMH's knowlege of this, is why he was so successful for decades.
I talked to Donald Holcomb, the person that dropped Vann Mason; a close friend of his , but more like a brother, off at Cal Rock Mtn. to hike the AT, to Springer Mtn, and was to pick him up there. After not showing up, DH, filed a missing person report. I found out today that is was the 3rd week in Oct. 2003. Vann was found a couple hundred yards from his campsite, unclothed, decomposed after 3 weeks, had a 4' dia. pine limb in his hand, a broke neck, and was ruled as an; "accidental fall from a tree."
DH, was very close friends with Vann Mason, and is on his mind to this day. An interesting observation came out while talking about the area; that I am confident was Hilton's base camp for years.
There used to be an old house on Steve Tate Hwy, at the Amicacola River. It was unique in that it had hand carved trim, of early English design, was in very good condition, and has historical significance as a school and country store. I would take visitors to see it in the early 90's. I located a hidden room in the soffit area under the stairs, that had a large sofa placed in it before it was enclosed. I figured it must have been a moonshiner's house and this was his hiding spot from the revenuer.
I was informed by DH, today, that they were trout fishing in 1994 in the Amicalola River and noticed lights on in the old house, the next day they checked it out and found a creative writing studio set up, with an old manual typewriter and large writing pads. He said that "Someone was writing a movie, and that the bathtub and sink was sparkling and the house emaculate. He had never seen a cleaner house, I think is how he put it.
Something I have noted about Hilton, is that he left windex bottles, carpet, wet wipes, clorox bottles, 5 gal buckets, ropes, lady's clothes, purses, etc., a demonic aura, and stinch, everywhere that I tracked him. I found brooms in 3 of his campsites and; a broom and mop, half full bottle of windex and half full bottle of clorox, and dustpan, in the Densmore; abandoned House, that had been recently used.
I feel that Hilton's victims, are crying out to be revealed. I also feel that Vann Mason, is one of his many, many; victims... this should be reinvestigated as many deaths in State and National Parks, should be...
may they rest in peace..

A pic of the House is on my blog

The house burned in the late 90's and the remnants were washed away during Hurricane Floyd.... seems GMH, left ashes and misery in many of his haunts...\


Glenn Adams said...

Channel 2’s Jodie Fleischer spent the day going through four hours of interviews with Hilton right after his guilty plea in the Emerson case.

"You could take me to the front door of this jail and say go forth and sin no more. I would literally have to turn back around and walk back in here,” said Hilton.

He refers to his behavior as a rampage and appears to admit he’s killed more than once.

"If you're already caught there's no use in killing them. I didn't kill them because, for any satisfaction,” said Hilton.

Gary Hilton: 'I'm A Sociopath'

He’s suspected in the murder of a North Carolina couple in October and a Florida woman in December. She was found in the Apalachicola National Forest, which Hilton smugly references.

“You can go down to Apalachicola Forest for that matter (laughs)," said Hilton.

And he caught on as agents tried to chart a timeline of his whereabouts. On the tape, an agent asks where he’s been in the United States and Hilton said, “Oh, I know what you’re getting at…the unsolved murders.”

In one instance, Hilton did show fear when presumably referring to the North Carolina case already in the hands of Federal prosecutors

GMH's greatest fear: 'Super Max'..


Glenn Adams said...

This link to a CNN video says it all: Samuel Rael's interview concerning GMH & 'Deadly Run ', Movie...

Rael interview:

Wolfscratch: may his many, many victims rest in peace...

Producer: Georgia killer made murder movie -
When attorney-turned-movie producer Samuel Rael decided he wanted to make a film ...

* he visited his former client in the Dawson County jail in Georgia. ... - 87k - Similar pages

The visit of GMH, by Rael, was on 01/07/08, the day that GMH, escorted the GBI to Meredith Emerson's remains..
My question is: WHY?


Glenn Adams said...

Gary Michael Hilton acknowledged that the petite woman nearly overpowered him when he first accosted her. As they struggled near the Appalachian Trail, Meredith Emerson disarmed her attacker of a knife and baton.

Hilton eventually subdued Emerson, kidnapped her and later killed her. She did not make it easy for him, according to interviews Hilton gave to investigators that were obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

• More Atlanta news
• More Metro news
• Metro photo galleries

Speaking to Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Clay Bridges only days after killing the young woman, Hilton said: “I think it was you probably, or one of the GBIs, said ‘That little 120-pound-girl about probably came close to whipping your ass.’ She about did.”

Her life in danger, Emerson fought back using her strength, her wits and a large measure of courage and determination. In the four days after she disappeared on a Blood Mountain hiking trail in Union County, investigators said, Emerson never gave up.

Bridges said he talked with the South Florida-born vagrant as authorities drove him from the Union County Jail to the Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area, where Hilton killed Emerson. Hilton made a deal with prosecutors that he would lead investigators to her remains, if they would not seek the death penalty.

As they descended the winding North Georgia mountain roads, the Army veteran casually detailed the abduction and slaying of the 24-year-old University of Georgia graduate.

Bridges said Hilton clearly relished the attention, and authorities described his account as “self-serving.”

Still, Emerson’s tenacity and smarts are evident throughout, and, despite Hilton’s best attempts, her actions overwhelm the one-sided narrative.

“She was doing everything she could to stay alive,” GBI Director Vernon Keenan said. “It’s not something you can train for. Instinct kicks in. … She nearly got the best of him. … She’s very much a hero.”

Meredith Emerson was described as “feisty” by her roommate and close friend. Her Judo teacher said at 5 feet 4 inches and 120 pounds, she “trained with us like she lived every day — hard and with everything she had.”

Hilton, 61, told investigators he abducted her because she was a woman....

Wolfscratch: Meredith Hope Emerson, A kindred Spirit & Fighter, she still is....

Glenn Adams said...
Roger L Depue: Pioneer of this Unit:

When I was a young man, a friend taught me the ancient art of dowsing, and after a time, I became something of a practitioner myself, finding water underground as a kind of parlor trick for friends. It might seem odd that a man so rooted in grim reality would take an interest in something so ethereal. In fact, I’m fascinated by the unseen forces at play in the lives of human beings.

My job has been to try to stop human predators before they kill again, and after studying them so closely over so many years, to me their traits seem clearly recognizable.
Evil is more than a vague notion. It is an entity, and it is manifest on the earth. It has reflexes and intuition, senses vulnerability, and changes its form to adapt to its surroundings. Those who do not believe the Devil walks this earth have not seen the things that I have seen.

Evil is not a discrete entity that springs forth fully formed. It is born in the mind, takes root there as fantasy, and prospers when normal human restraint can no longer contain it. I have seen it devour the personalities of men like Richard Speck, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ted Bundy, turning them into blank-faced sociopaths who clearly know right from wrong, but choose, time and again, to follow their own base urges, with complete disregard for the terrible human suffering they cause.
I believe that every act of homicide causes a slight unbalancing in the world, and that it diminishes life’s universal equation. In the interest of justice, it is imperative that someone try to right that imbalance. But the task of fighting evil can take a terrible toll on the people who are charged with it. It can cost them their families, their equilibrium, their capacity for joy.

CP by Wolfscratch
A Master Dowser; Joe Chastain, taught me the ancient art of dowsing a few years ago. He gave me a refresher course before searching for graves of his victims. He then dowsed the same area where I located GMH's icebox &
1st burial ground, without knowing my findings. He found exactly the same results as I, except more...

Gary Michael(Mack) Hilton: Evil, demonic, cannibal, ritual: Serial Killer.
Hannibal Lecture of the 20th & 21st Centuries....He has no profile, only a preference...


Glenn Adams said...

Meredith Hope Emerson, was a fighter, a kindred spirit, she still is... She was my neighbor for just four days....

Winton Porter owner of Mtn Crossing Trail Head Trading Post & author of 'Trail Angel' ellegy...

An Elegy by Winton Porter
January 2008

Out on the trail, when a comrade falls, a trail angel rises.
Meredith, whose kind and loving spirit was cruelly taken from all those who knew and loved her, has joined the ranks of trail angels.
She will forever be our guide.

Because trail angels dance along the path of peace and joy forever.
Because trail angels watch over those who merely want to walk forever.
Those who simply want to live.
Those who want to live simply.
And beautifully as Meredith did.
Merediths light once illuminated the path of hundreds of friends and family members as well as among the many, many she touched along the graceful trail of her life.
The light Meredith brought us has not been extinguished.
It has risen.
It now illuminates the path of millions
Across our nation.
Around the world.
And as her light rises, we come to know its source.
A source inextinguishable.
An inner source.
It came from Merediths compassion.
Her kindness.
Her love of outdoors.
Her love of animals.
It now fires our love.
Our compassion.
Our resolve to live better lives.
Kinder lives.
It warms us, consoles us, unites us here and now.
And as her light rises,
It ignites in us the good of our natures.
It reveals to us the beauty of these mountains.
It fires in us a renewed joy for living, for those around us, for the walks we share today.
Her light reminds us not to wait but to love while we still can.
Hush and truly listen.
Hear the drums?
Feel them on the wind?
Hear the human tales of triumph and sadness that echo through these vast and ancient mountains?
These are human tales, bouncing off the cliffs,
Reverberating among the high tree lines,
Following the deep gaps.
Filling our hearts.
Separateness is an illusion, my friends.
There is no me.
There is no you.
There is only We.
We of this earth.
We the one.
I am you.
You are me.
Together , we are bound by common experience:
Love. Life. Hope. Joy. Sorrow. Pain. Memory.
Meredith Emerson is you.
You are Meredith Emerson.
Follow her light.
It will guide you well.
Out on the trail, when a comrade falls, a trail angel rises…

CP by Wolfscratch

Glenn Adams said...

Some of the info that I have, came from conventional sources, and some from nonconventional means.

The following is a possible victim map of Hilton’s: may they rest in peace…

Glenn Adams said...

GMH, is being looked at for many other unsolved missing & murdered victims.

Many of the items that I reported at the abandoned farmhouse on 01/06/08, were taken in for testing, but much was missed, by a quick walk through.

The frayed rope with the ends taped, in the shed, where GMH, had Meredith tied up and she broke loose and fought him the 3rd time wasn't noticed by me til 01/07/08. On the ridge above the shed was some large steel tanks, that GMH, was using to secure victims, as well as 2 iron bars leaning up against a tree. These were shown me by an intelligent stray black lab named 'Buddy'. After scenting the rope, he proceeded up the ridge into the woods, stopping and looking back at me to follow him. When he reached the iron bars he nudged them with his nose, and looked back at me... He then proceeded up the ridge, which is a hunting club, and started scratching the ground and sniffing in several spots. On a logging road that disected this area, I looked around and saw the glass canning jar that GMH, used to mark his burial grounds. The sheds are full of ladies clothes and purses. The 2nd shed over from the house is where the POI #1 on the Levi Frady site, came at me with the iron bar. I was dowsing the ridge, and suprised him. I am confident that he was removing evidence from the shed. He had no life in his eyes or expression on his face...

Across the street is an old country store. GMH's wardrobe of old vintage wool clothes were hanging, and in a wooden box. A pile of these clothes were in the attic of the house where he had the frigid weather room, alog with the 'tuck me in box',case of canning jars, wood burning stove, and the newspaper with the night stalker article from 1989. . He was eyewitnessed by 3 people wearing these clothes in the dead heat of the summer. One of the witnesses said that he was cursing 'Dandy.'

re: MS versus CJD: If you came within a few feet of GMH, a chill would go up your spine. This demonic aura is why the dowsing rods follow his movements. He has a very strong stinch....


I found 5 gal buckets, and bleach bottles, at many of his staging areas, located in 'Wolfscratch Wilderness'; Dawson Forest WMA 30534

Glenn Adams said...

The 2nd shed over from the abandoned farmhouse, where GMH, held Meredith Emerson, is where the POI #1 on the Levi Frady site, came at me with the iron bar. I was dowsing the ridge, and suprised him. I am confident that he was removing evidence from the shed. He had no life in his eyes or expression on his face...

MyFox Atlanta | Georgia's Most Wanted: Levi Frady Anniversary
Oct 30, 2008 ... Investigators with the GBI said Frady was driven almost 20 miles away to the woods of ... This story content provided by FOX 5 Atlanta WAGA ... - 44k - Cached - Similar pages

Glenn Adams said...

Burn delayed for area near fugitive's armed camp
Jon Ostendorff • • published December 10, 2008 12:15 am

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BREVARD – A Henderson County fugitive had equipment to make booby traps in a camp where federal investigators allegedly found gunpowder and guns, a U.S. Forest Service spokesman said Tuesday.

John Joseph Hiles' camp in the Pink Beds area of Pisgah National Forest was a quarter-mile from Yellow Gap Road. The area is one of the most popular in the region for hiking and mountain biking. It is also popular with hunters this time of year.

The government had planned to burn hundreds of acres in the area on Tuesday to clear underbrush to aid in searching for more ammunition and explosives.

The Forest Service postponed the burn because of the rain.

Hiles, 45, was camping in the woods after failing to appear in court on charges of misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, felony manufacturing marijuana and maintaining a vehicle for selling drugs.

Investigators charged him with growing 15 marijuana plans in his 1984 Ford Ranger pickup truck in May, according to an arrest warrant. He had potting soil, cups and fertilizer in the truck to use in the growing operation, according to the court papers.

Hiles was being held in Henderson County with bond set at $20,500.

He is scheduled for a court appearance on Friday. The court papers listed his address as “general delivery,” which is often used by law enforcement when a person doesn't have a home address.

Officials with the Henderson County Sheriff's Office did not return messages Tuesday seeking more details.

U.S. Forest Service agents and deputies from the Transylvania County Sheriff's Office captured Hiles on Nov. 21. He had placed a classified advertisement looking for a ride out of the state.

A Forest Service agent responded to the ad and met Hiles in the forest, where he was arrested.

The Forest Service closed the area and posted signs warning the public about the possibility of explosives in the woods after finding the camp, Forest Service spokesman Terry Seyden said.

The area remains closed. Safety measures include a new metal gate at the fire road leading to the camp off Yellow Gap Road, warning signs and increased law enforcement patrols.

News of the camp and Hiles arrest surprised some forest users.

“It's bizarre,” said Van Rogers, president of the Pisgah Area Southern Off-road Bicycle Association, who was mountain biking in the Pink Beds area two weeks ago. “I could have been potentially riding around some of that stuff.”

The camp wasn't near a maintained trial, Seyden said.

He said authorities found equipment for making bullets in addition to guns and gunpowder at the camp.

The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is investigating, Seyden said. A message left with the agency seeking more details wasn't returned Tuesday.

Federal authorities don't typically discuss ongoing investigations beyond details available in public court documents.

Hiles had not been charged with a federal crime.

Seyden said he did not know how many guns, how much gunpowder or what materials that could be used for making bobby traps were stashed in the woods.

Those details are not public because of the federal investigation, he said.

He also said it is unclear whether any more munitions would be found.

“We don't have hard evidence that there is anything out there,” he said.

He said the burn will cover a large area — up to 400 acres — to make sure firefighters setting and controlling the blaze are safe if hidden ammunition or power explodes. The burn area is much larger than the actual camp area as a safety precaution, Seyden said.

Yellow Gap Road is the same place where hiker Irene Bryant was killed last year.

Georgia drifter Gary Michael Hilton is the only suspect in her death.

Federal authorities in North Carolina are expected to charge him after a state court in Florida tries him for the murder of a woman on national forest land there. The case in Florida is still a year away, prosecutors have said.

Staff writer Mike McWilliams contributed to this article.



Autopsy Reveals John Bryant Shot
Gary Michael Hilton, confessed murderer in the slaying and beheading murder of Meredeth Emerson, is also a suspect in the murders of John Bryant and his wife Irene.

John and Irene were an elderly couple who were hiking in the mountains in North Carolina when they disappeared last October, 2007. Irene was found dead soon after the disappearance. John's body was found by a hunter in February, 2008.

The site where Mr. Bryant’s body was discovered appeared to be an illegal dumping ground.

An autopsy report released this week revealed John Bryant died from a gunshot to his head after being taken from Pisgah National Forest where he had been hiking with his wife.

Medical examiners used Mr. Bryant’s pacemaker to identify his body. The autopsy reported the presence of unfired but partially opened red shotgun shells containing birdshot and a piece of wire, small fragments of paper-like material and vegetation.

Now that a firearm has come into play, the case may hold more precedence to be tried federally.

The Bryants ATM card was used the day after they disappeared, which is one of Hilton's MO's.

Hilton also has been indicted in the death of 46-year-old Cheryl Hodges Dunlap.

Read resource story details....*******************************************************

This description of items found near Mr. John Bryant's Remains, has always haunted me:

The autopsy reported the presence of unfired but partially opened red shotgun shells containing birdshot and a piece of wire, small fragments of paper-like material and vegetation.

Now that a firearm has come into play, the case may hold more precedence to be tried federally.


Unknown said...

i think that toole should and is in hell 4 wat he did 2 poor and useless adam walsh!!! my brother is adamz age and my brother also has the same name and i worry when he goes to school

Glenn Adams said...

Originally published Feb. 14, 2008
Local officials collect more Hilton evidence

Last week, the two agencies and the State Attorney's Office met with Georgia and North Carolina officials. They agreed to release the evidence to Florida investigators.
FDLE lab personnel will go through the evidence for hair, fibers, DNA, blood and fingerprints, said Maj. Mike Wood, of the Sheriff's Office.
"There's just so much evidence that can be mined out of this entire process," Wood said. "It's almost beyond description. It's a little bit overwhelming, quite frankly, but we're very confident that it's going to be of benefit to us in the Cheryl Dunlap investigation, as well as the Bryants'. It has a serious potential to tie the unknown cases at this juncture."

Wolfscratch: 'serious potential to tie the unknown cases at this juncture.'?

Glenn Adams said...








Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness, were denied Gary M. Hilton's victims, for decades. The public's safety was jepardized due to silence by LE & the lack of information to the media; National & Local...

It would seem to me that lessons would be learned after the devastation of families and communities caused by Serial Killers such as Ted Bundy, Ottis Toole, Lucas, Bobby Joe Long, Jeremy Jones, Gary Hilton & Associates, and many, many, others, that techinology and resources would be utilized. The most powerful of these resources, knowlege, communication, and information provided the American people via the media...


Glenn Adams said...

Gary M. Hilton: Evil, Demonic, Cannibal, Ritual, Serial Killer, had no victim profile, only a preference. Most of his rage was directed at females. Once the Truth Prevails, he will be categorized as the Hannibal Lecture of the 20th & 21st Century with a victim tally that goes back decades; 47 years acording to him...

GMH's Trail of Terror, was driven by Pornography, Drugs, and Bondage/Rituals

* Combined and perfected the Traits of many Serial killers, organized at times: He didn't want his primary den, or ritual grounds identified, but disorganized at others, continously trying to throw off LE by using different MOs, and diversions, such as jurisdicitional boundaries, creating squabbles among them and taking advantage of the lack of communication.

*GMH, was convicted of arson, and used this method and others to clean crime scenes and eliminate forensic evidence. GMH, not only used this method to clean crime scenes but used arson as on of his many weapons in his arsenal of death. GMH, torched his fiance's home in 1982, with her and her elderly parents inside. GMH, said, "If I can't have her, then nobody can!"

*GMH, had a distinct pattern of travel, which can be traced using the Appalacian Mountains as a guide, and ancient areas of FL. His victims were spaced out in one year intervals, and extended fron NY, to FL.

* GMH, utilized hunting schedules, posted lands(hunting clubs) State and Federal Parks & Forests & was very knowlegeable of police procedures, and forensics. strategies & procedures. His victims were stranger on stranger, which created statistical roadblocks for LE.

* Utilized Religion, Ancient Civilizations, & Native American history, and rituals. GMh collected Ancient Artifacts and marked one grave which contained many victims, with an artifact that characterized a demonic mask. GMH, also marked his burial grounds with glass canning jars, for relocating them in case of an extended absence.

* GMH, was very creative and used several ploys to lure and then capture his prey. His dog Dandy, was well trained and was utilized in many of his ploys.

On one occasion GMH,and two Associates, on a rapidly flowing river, created a scenario of a man and a dog flipping a canoe. His targeted victim was sunbathing on a sandbar with her dog. This occured in Madison Co., FL. The victims instincts activated an alarm and she would live to tell her story.

He would pull up behind the vehicle of potential victims, blink the lights, and once they pulled over, tell them that sparks were coming from their undercariage, then offer them a ride.

-One lady said that he would pretend to be blind and used the expandable baton to look like a blind person's cane, & Dandy as his seeing eye dog. She almost was tricked into believing him, but later saw him driving his van.

He carried himself as Traveling Preacher, Soldier on a perpetual mission, and was emulating Joshua; Of the Old Testament Bible: 'The Soldier's soldier', in his final days before capture. GMH, has over 15 identical traits of 'Joshua.'

* GMH, is self diagnosed with MS, & was taking large dosages of riddilin. I am confident that he is stricken with CJD, due to his cannibalism, as well as other residue in his dens and staging areas.

GMH, is demonic, which is due to the symptoms of the CJD: brain cells mutated creating a demonic personality. GMH, pulled his own teeth except for a couple, said it made him look more evil. He told his ex bosse's wife, "when I come off my meds, 'The Demons' , come out in me!".....

* GMH, was Military Trained; Special Forces, Very Intelligent(150+IQ) Cagey, Creative, Calculating, Opportunist, with no Human Emotions. He was obsessed with the power he possesed over his victims.


Glenn Adams said...

interviews with citizens who said they spotted Dunlap and possibly other people in a black Dodge truck on Highway 319, where her white Toyota was abandoned with a flat tire Dec. 1, 2007.

Material from Hilton Case Available to the Public


Why was this kept from the public?

Did GMH, have Associates? If he did: Who are they, where are they now, was the public's safety jeopardized by the silence.


Glenn Adams said...

Wolfscratch wrote:

From the GBI interview of GMH, while in route to Dawson Forest WMA, on 01/07/08.
GMH, is very intelligent, cagey, calculating, and deflective...

The entire interview can be read on my blog at Click 'older posts' til you see GMH's Photo, scroll and down. ' Warning it is very graphic'

2/3/2009 9:25:14 AM From the GBI interview of GMH, while in route to Dawson Forest WMA.

The entire interview can be read on my blog at Click 'older posts' til you see GMH's Photo, scroll and down. ' Warning it is very graphic'

)Continued) Wolfscratch
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Wolfscratch wrote:



Or in the Apalachicola National Forest, IMO. GMH, didn't wake up one day on Oct. 2007, and start his Trail of Terror....

Wolfscratch: GMH, says that he didn't know that he had been associated with her, yet 01/03/08 & 01/04/08 AJCs were found in the van....
2/3/2009 9:20:42 AM (continued)


Or in the Apalachicola National Forest, IMO. GMH, didn't wake up one day on Oct. 2007, and start his Trail of Terror....

Wolfscratch: GMH, says that he didn't know that he had been associated with her, yet 01/03/08 & 01/04/08 AJCs were found in the van.... Wolfscratch
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Wolfscratch wrote:

The Appalacian Mountains, were named after the Apalachicola Indians. GMH, was very knowlegable of ancient history and religions...
I swear I saw this guy 2 years ago when my girlfriend at the time and I were hinking off of Richard Russell Prkwy. I was well in front of my girlfriend and she had the dogs. He walked right past me and tried to chit chat with my gf. I stopped and turned to tell her to keep moving. I told her there was something wrong with that guy. He put off some really bad vibes. Right before he tried to speak with her another younger guy did also. I remember because he was trying to talk to her but watching what i was doing. I also recall when we got back to the car there was a white van parked next to us. I've always told her to stay away from white vans...
Ric Spiva
Clarkesville, GA
(Note: Clarksville, GA, is where GMH's abandoned van was towed to a scrap metal yard.)

Wolfscratch: GMH & Assoc
2/2/2009 8:07:00 PM The Appalacian Mountains, were named after the Apalachicola Indians. GMH, was very knowlegable of ancient history and religions...
I swear I saw this guy 2 years ago when my girlfriend at the time and I were hinking off of Richard Russell Prkwy. I was well in front of my girlfriend and she had the dogs. He walked right past me and tried to chit chat with my gf. I stopped and turned to tell her to keep moving. I told her there was something wrong with that guy. He put off some really bad vibes. Right before he tried to speak with her another younger guy did also. I remember because he was trying to talk to her but watching what i was doing. I also recall when we got back to the car there was a white van parked next to us. I've always told her to stay away from white vans...
Ric Spiva
Clarkesville, GA
(Note: Clarksville, GA, is where GMH's abandoned van was towed to a scrap metal yard.)

Wolfscratch: GMH & Assoc Wolfscratch
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Wolfscratch wrote:

Another victim, could it be only one of many?

Several years ago, a hunter, local to the area, by the name of Leonard Sosebee, found a boot in the woods.
He wondered what this could be doing so far from the norm.
He picked the boot up to check it out because it just didn't seem right, and behold, inside was the bony skeletal remains of the foot.
He contacted the Union County Sheriff's Office(Blairsville, GA) and after a search of the area, they find the skeleton of the body, still with the clothes, but minus a head.
This happened within a mile of the area where Meredith Emerson was abducted.
Could there possibly be a connection here? BY: Rick Spiva, Clarksville, GA

Wolfscratch: GMH's victims need to be revealed. All of them.....

Glenn Adams said...

While backtracking Gary Hilton, in 'Wolfscratch Wilderness', I located two abandoned houses, a pop up camper, and a dome style tent or hunting blind. One thing these enclosed areas had in common was a unique foul odor or stinch that I had never experienced before.

From conventional and unconventional methods as well as his residue. I had established that he was cannibal.

Cannibalism: The Last Taboo

".... Cannibals have something else in common: they smell. Doctors interrogating Chikatilo - who butchered and ate parts of 52 young women, boys and girls after they agreed to go into the woods with him - spoke of the killer's pungent odour. Kusikov has the same animal smell - peculiar, say police, to psychopaths, a goaty smell that comes from an acrid sweat made by a body full of the wrong chemicals...."


Glenn Adams said...

Inquiring mind needs to know:

Why is so much weight given to 'Death Bed Confessions? This was the deciding factor in the Adam Walsh Case.

Adam Walsh - Case Closed
No DNA Evidence, but Prime Suspect Ottis Toole is Named
© Karen Lotter

Dec 16, 2008

Florida Police have named prime suspect, Ottis Toole as the murderer of six-year-old Adam Walsh, son of America's Most Wanted host, John Walsh, 27 years ago.

In spite of the fact that there has been no new evidence and that that the crime was committed over 27 years ago, Hollywood Florida Police have closed the case on Adam Walsh.

Adam Walsh - Case Closed: No DNA Evidence, but Prime Suspect...

Toole's niece told John Walsh, her uncle confessed on his deathbed in prison ...


Glenn Adams said...

am confident this segment was ran for the benefit of me and my family in late January 2008 on the O'Reilly Factor, due to my experience backtracking GMH. If it wasn't intended for our benefit, it sure was ironic; a coincidence...

When I began the search for Meredith Hope Emerson's remains on 01/06/08, and tracked GMH, to the abandoned 'Densmore Farmhouse. After concluding that they had been there due to the residue & car tracks leading to a secluded area behind the root cellar, I entered the house, then to a fortified room with mattresses that had been placed there recently. Once entering the room, I experienced GMH's demonic presence or energy. I assumed his identity both mentally and physically. This is why I know where he went in Wolfscratch Wilderness & what he did when he arrived. A very traumatic experience.

After being contacted by the Owner of a local Ins. Co., that GMH, had been eyewitnessed by him, and others at a primitive campsite, I located his first burial grounds in the 'Wildcat Tract' Dawson Forest WMA, the demonic energy was released. I am confident that this was the result of his victims, my emotions were of euphoria..

Although I was confident that I had located his burial grounds, I returned the next morning to dowse the area. After experiencing the most incredible experience of the woods coming alive at daybreak, I located several graves with multiple remains. This was verified later by a 'Master Dowser'. I also located his 'Icebox, and the tree he used for rituals, in his 'Primary Den'...This is why I concluded that he is cannibal...

His victims are crying out to be revealed. They simply had no voice...

This is why I will not give up the fight for the truth, til my dowsing rods point to me...



O'REILLY: When you pray over the child and you do the exorcism, there's nothing like what happened in the movie where you can visually sense evil or anything like that?

Watch the video
Show Info


O'REILLY: Give me one example.

LEBAR: I had a case of a rather large woman who took five people to hold her down on the floor and during the prayers — on the chair. And while we were praying the prayers, those five people, the woman and the — could not hold down the woman in the chair. The chair was about six inches off the ground.


O'REILLY: That priest is a sanctioned exorcist for the New York City Archdiocese.

Joining us now from Mountain View, California, Anthony Gonzales, a Catholic theologian. For those viewers who are not Catholic, explain the concept of active evil, evil in the world that the Catholic Church believes is true.

ANTHONY GONZALES, CATHOLIC THEOLOGIAN: Well, in other words, I would say this, Bill. You have good, and you have evil. And evil is the absence of good. But it is also an active reality. It is personified in what we call the fallen angels. And the fallen angels are very active on the earth.

O'REILLY: All right. So the Catholic Church believes that there are spirits?

GONZALES: Correct.

O'REILLY: Spirits that are present on the earth that are doing evil things, correct?

GONZALES: Correct. Correct.

O'REILLY: And that sometimes those spirits can actually take over a body and force a human being to do a destructive act?

GONZALES: Yes. If you — in fact, the way that it works, is that the demon actually takes possession of those faculties of the brain that act in the world.

O'REILLY: OK. Now...

GONZALES: Normal circumstances we do that. In other words, our soul...

O'REILLY: All right. So free will disappears. So a human being doesn't have the ability to choose whether the person is going to be good or evil?

GONZALES: No, no. A little bit different. It's not that the free will disappears. It's that it's pushed aside.

O'REILLY: All right. Whatever. I don't want to get involved. You're the theologian. I don't want to do the Ph.D. But the person, according to the church, isn't able to control what's going on in the person's brain.

GONZALES: Correct.

O'REILLY: You know a lot of people watching tonight think this is a bunch of superstitious mumbo jumbo. They're going to mock you. They're going to say that you're a primitive and all kinds of things.

What is it about this concept of active evil, about possession, why do you believe it? Can you base it on anything other than faith?

GONZALES: Oh, absolutely. I mean, there is...

O'REILLY: You, you, you, Anthony? Why do you believe it?

GONZALES: Because I've experienced it myself. But outside of my own experience...

O'REILLY: No. I want to know about your own experience. Why do you believe it?

GONZALES: OK. Where do you want me to start?

O'REILLY: Just give me your best shot, Anthony. You've got two minutes to convince people that you're not a nut. Go.

GONZALES: OK. I knew of a priest who was an exorcist in the archdiocese of San Francisco in the 1970s. This man was very well respected. He was a very good priest.

He went through the process of expelling demons, specifically demons that were infesting and were — it was situations of obsession, where the demon will actually attack the individuals in a particular vicinity and attack them physically.

He saw this. There were pictures taken of it, movies photographed of it. It was there, and he fought these demons. And I spoke to him many times. He was someone I knew and was acquainted with.

So this is just one. I mean, I could give you hundreds of examples of this. These things are not — I mean, they're scientifically based. You can show evidence that they happen and that they exist.

O'REILLY: OK. Now we have seen some evidence of people speaking languages they weren't born to speak and all of that. But I will tell you that the skepticism about this is through the roof and that the church keeps exorcism very quiet. You know the church does. And it doesn't want a lot of publicity about it. Correct?

GONZALES: Well, there's a — yes. There's a reason for that. The church is protecting those who are the victims of this. And it does not want these people to be known.

O'REILLY: Held up?

GONZALES: Correct.

O'REILLY: All right, but they could put the exorcists out more. You know, the interview that you saw with the New York guy is the only interview I think he's ever done in his life.

Anthony, thanks very much. We appreciate it.

CP by Wolfscratch: GMH is the 'Devil's Deciple' and isbeyond Evil...

GMH, is one of the catalyst for this action, IMO:

Pope's exorcist squads will wage war on Satan

Satanism on the rise: Pope Benedict has unveiled plans to set up specialist exorcism ... Pope's exorcist squads will wage war on Satan ...

Glenn Adams said...

I feel that the Gary Hilton, could have a connection in the Adam Walsh tragedy due to the timing of the anouncement to close the case, and the weight given to Tool'e 'Death Bed Confession,' to his neice, which would make it hearsay, IMO...

Death bed confessions are a 'Dying Declaration' with a strong desire in the spiritual being to cleanse ones concience and ask forgiveness for their sins by people who believe in GOD, or are God fearing Protestants.

Ottis Toole, was a self confessed 'Satan Worshiper.' I feel that he was formulating and scheming. Since his IQ was only 75, the idea/scheme was prolly iniated by Ted Bundy, to ensure notoriety....


Glenn Adams said...

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2008 6:13 am Post subject: Gary Hilton tried to murder me in 1985


I didn't recognize Hilton at 61, but the name sounded familiar. But Clairmont Road was too much of a coincidence to be believed, and there was the Cumming, Ga. connection. Still, 1985 was a long time ago.

And then I looked at his record, and it was him. The guy who tried to murder me with a hunting knife in a biker bar parking lot at Clairmont and Buford Highway one night at closing those many years ago, a guy I had to sit next to at a probable cause hearing as my testimony was the basis for charging him and a cohort for something from hit and run to aggravated assault, actually back over, take the truck out of reverse, and re-run over a guy we were drinking with.

Yeah, I was drinking with Gary Hilton before he tried to murder me. Sort of. They came over and sat down and tried to buy cocaine from us, then went out at closing and waited for us to come out to kill us. Thought we were undercover or something. The guy was crazy.

Bill, a guy that lived in the apartments on Clairmont where I did, we went from the dayroom to the bar down the road to talk about trying to make some money off of developing some software, some things never change, he went out first carrying a pitcher of beer, take home I guess you could call it. Not that we needed it. I testified at the grand jury that I estimated I drank two or three pitchers, but who's counting?

I have posted about that grand jury testimony several years ago in Chandra Levy discussions as we discussed grand jury testimony. I ended up writing a chapter in Murder on a Horse Trail, Grand Jury, to explain the grand jury aspect in Chandra's disappearance. But my posting on my testimony in Atlanta back in 1985 is lost in the internet cloud by now.

When I came out of that bar Hilton was kicking Bill in the head on the ground. I tried to calm him down and he pulled his hunting knife on me. As I testified at both the grand jury and hearing, he was lunging at me with that big knife and I was going backwards as fast as I could, trying to stay out of reach of that knife and not trip on anything, not daring to turn my back because he looked like he could throw it. He finally gave up and went back to his pickup. He backed up over Bill, put it into drive, and ran over him again. He seemed pretty determined to kill him.

I got the license plate number while he was trying to back up over me too. Hell, it was almost imprinted on me if I hadn't dived out of the way in time. I yelled the license plate to the bar manager at the door, who was calling police, and police brought them back a few minutes later. They nailed that pickup going up Buford Highway in no time.

Bill ended up living through that. He had a collapsed lung, cracked skull, and broken ribs, but he got well enough that I went to see him at the hospital one day, and he told me he was going to sue the SOB. He wanted that truck, the truck he survived.

I next saw him at the probable cause hearing where I testified, and he lived to see Hilton and his friend Rodney fingerpointing at each other claiming that the other one was the driver.

But it was Hilton. Hilton wanted to kill people, even back then.

One other note of interest. Hilton and his friend Rodney and the people they brought with them, family and Rodney's girlfriend who audibly gasped at my testimony, were living in Cumming at the time.

That's apparently why we keep seeing Hilton's name come up in Cumming in murders. It's not a coincidence.

Hilton should have been put away a long time ago and never let out. May Meredith Emerson and all of Hilton's other victims rest in peace.

This victim got lucky.

CP by Wolfscratch

Glenn Adams said...
Monsters In Our Midst
This article was first published in Going South Sportsman magazine in March 2008. Thanks to Roger for letting me get this off my chest. Since this was written, Gary Micheal Hilton has been indicted for the murder of Cheryl Dunlap, and is fighting extradition to Florida. It has not yet been decided whether the John & Irene Bryant case will be prosecuted by the state of North Carolina or whether it will be federally prosecuted.

Monsters In Our Midst

I know this is not the usual type of article that Going South usually prints, but I think this kind of affects us all. I also know this is a difficult topic -it’s the kind of stuff nightmares are made of. We are all outdoorsmen, and there are real life monsters in our midst.

The day is January 1, 2008. It’s a brand-new year. The weather is nice, but cool. It’s a perfect day to go hiking in the mountains of North Georgia, a perfect way for Meredith Hope Emerson and her beloved dog, Ella, to start the New Year. She leaves her home in Gwinnett County, Georgia and heads to Vogel State park in Union County, Georgia. She is never seen by her family or friends again. A “person of interest” was soon listed.

The person of interest was found January 4 and arrested on an unrelated charge in Dekalb County, Georgia. On January 7, her body was found in a wooded area in Dawson Forest in Dawson County, Georgia, which is about 50 miles from where she was last seen. The “person of interest” led law enforcement to her body in exchange for them not seeking the death penalty against him. According to the released information from the autopsy a few days later, she was alive approximately three days after being kidnapped and had died on January 4 from blunt force trauma to the head, with decapitation following her death.

The monster that is currently in jail for this horrible crime, is a 61 year old monster named Gary Michael Hilton. He had apparently been a drifter for quite some time. I won’t go into all the timeline details of this case, as that information can easily be found by anyone with access to a computer. Believe me, just Google the names involved and there are hundreds of sites, from newspaper articles, television news programs and open public forums full of everything from speculation and rumors, to actual good information.

Hilton has been seen by many visitors along both the hiking trails and in the wilderness areas that he and his dog, Dandy, frequented. On October 26, 2007, he had been given a warning ticket by a deputy in Cherokee County, Georgia for trespassing/camping on private land. The deputy ran his usual checks, found nothing, and released him. On November 17, a U.S. Forestry agent in the Apalachicola National Forest ran his tags. Another Forestry agent in the Osceola National Forest ran them on December 28. Hilton was obviously quite the traveler. Many of the people who had seen Hilton at various locations described him as “creepy”.

On January 31, Hilton pleaded guilty to the brutal murder of Meredith Emerson. He was immediately sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 30 years. In 2038, Hilton would be 91 years old. The medical problems Hilton supposedly has, along with his age, pretty much means he’ll never again walk our streets. But, it also means we, the taxpayers, will be paying for any of his medical needs, his food, clothing, shelter and protection, for as long as this monster lives.

After much investigation, it seems this monster is connected to and will be possibly charged in at least a few other murders as well. Law enforcement agencies in four states have tracked his travels since October 2007, and have him linked to the murders of at least four hikers from North Carolina, Florida and Georgia. Yet even more agencies are looking to see if there are more connections that can be made in other unsolved murder cases, some going back many years. The most publicized connected cases at this time are John and Irene Bryant in North Carolina and Cheryl Hodges Dunlap in Florida.

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Glenn Adams said...

Gary Hilton Timeline

11-26-46 Born in Atlanta, Ga. to father William E. Hilton and mother Cleo M. Reynolds.

1964-1967 Hilton enlisted in the Army in 1964. According to Military records, Hilton spent some time in Germany and received basic airborne training along with his GED. He was honorably discharged in 1967.

1969 He was married to first wife Sue in DeKalb County, Georgia; divorced in 1971 in Miami Florida.

1970-1972 Qualified for a Florida chauffeur’s license from 1970 to 1972, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

11-09-07 1972 Arrest warrant dismissed, Miami Dade County. Florida. See following court action.

12-01-72 COURT CASE: F72008604 S
tate Case#: 131972CF0086040001XX
DOB: 11/22/1946
Date Filed: 12/01/1972
Date Closed: 11/09/2007 Warrant Type:

1-24-1973 He was convicted of DUI in Miami Dade County on Jan. 24, 1973. His Florida license was revoked for a year, and he never took steps to re-instate it.

08-24-77 Married Dina Evonne Baugh in DeKalb County, Ga; divorced on 05/16/1978.

03-19-79 Married third wife Betty Sue Edwards Galloway, a security officer for Atlanta’s Stone Mountain Park; they divorced 10-24-1979. Hilton apparently spared the world his spawn.

1983 Hilton was convicted in Clayton County of carrying a pistol without a license in a trial that convicted him of a drug charge. Asked in court why he carried a gun, he stated that he didn't need one, but that he had one for protection.-(!)

10-06-87 DeKalb County, Georgia
Criminal Case Information Case: 87C34780 ( Closed )
Filing Date: 10/06/1987 Type:
State Criminal Judge: J. ANTONIO DELCAMPO State Court

01-20-94 Hilton charged with 21 counts of solicitation.
Cobb County, Georgia
Criminal Case Number: 94900196 - 07
Judge: HINES Filing Date: 01/20/1994

12-01-94 Melissa Witt disappeared from Fort Smith, Franklin County, Arkansas on December first, 1994. More than a month later, her body was found in a rural area of Franklin County. Officers say while the crimes are separated by years and states, their similarities make it worth investigating a possible connection.

1995 "He was a weird character," said Chris C. Johnson, who rented a room to Hilton for several months in 1995 in the Marietta area; Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia

06-20-1995 Hilton pleads guilty under agreement to 21 counts of solicitation.
Cobb County, Georgia
Criminal Case Number: 94900196
Defendant #: 1
Probation Officer: HILTON GARY MICHAEL
Judge: HINES
Monthly Payment: $50.00
Sentence Date: 06/20/1995.

08-11-95 Hilton was arrested again in DeKalb County, Ga. for stealing books he was hired to sell for the American Book Display Company. Instead, he attempted to sell them for personal profit at a local flea market.

08-11-95 DeKalb County, Georgia
Criminal Case Information
Case: 95CR3990 ( Closed )
Filing Date: 08/11/1995 Type:
Superior Criminal Judge: ROBERT J. CASTELLANI Superior Court
Booking Link: 9519007
SPN Link : 00120663 --- 1 -- F 2317-
NO SENTENCE 0 DAY(S) 27-OCT-95--- 2 -- F 2317-
PROBATION 5 YEAR(S) 27-OCT-95--- 2 -- F 2317-

1997-2007 Around 1997 he answered a help wanted ad for Insulated Wall Systems, owned by John Tabor. For 10 years Hilton worked on and off to help the siding company market its services. Duluth, Gwinnett County, Georgia

10-22-97 Levi Frady was abducted from Little Mill Road in Forsyth County, Georgia
10-23-97 Levi Frady’s body found in Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area in Dawson County, Georgia
04-12-98 Authorities in South Carolina and Georgia are working to establish a timeline in the 10 year old disappearance of Jason Knapp. The 20-year old Clemson University student vanished in April 1998. His car was found days later at the Table Rock State Park in Pickens, South Carolina.

01-18-01 DeKalb County, Georgia
Case Information Case: 01V75298 (Closed)
Filing Date: 01/18/2001
Type: Magistrate Abandoned Vehicle
Judge: WINSTON P BETHEL Magistrate Court
Secondary: Abandoned Motor Vehicle

04-15-04 Patrice Endres disappeared from her hair salon in Cumming, Dawson County, Georgia

08-10-2004 An Atlanta man named William Brent told DeKalb County, Ga., police he had witnessed Hilton beating a dog in the park.

12-06-05 Patrice Endres remains found behind a church in Dawson County, Georgia

12-07-05 Rossana Miliani was in the area to go hiking. She was last seen in Bryson City, Swain County, North Carolina.

07-??-06 A neighbor called Duluth police in July 2006 to report Hilton soliciting at the intersection of River Summit Trail and Clearbrooke Way. He was handing out flyers, in which he used his dog Dandy, to advertise for a hardiplank siding business. Police quickly arrived. Duluth, Gwinnett County, Georgia.

09-??-07 John Tabor said in September he filed a compliant with authorities after Hilton threatened to kill him if he didn't pay Hilton $10,000. At that point, he told Hilton he had to leave his property. "He cleared out his stuff over the next few days," Tabor said. Duluth, Gwinnett County, Georgia.

10-21-07 John Bryant abducted, Irene Bryant was killed, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina, near Ashville. Irene tried to call 911 at 4 pm but the call didn't go through.

10-22-07 Bryant’s bank card used at 7:35 pm to withdraw $300 from a machine at a bank in Ducktown, Tennessee.

10-26-07 12:51 PM Hilton on dash cam video, Cherokee County, Georgia. Hilton says he was stopped 6 hours earlier in Gwinnett County, Georgia

11-09-07 Irene Bryant’s body discovered just yards away from the Bryant’s car in Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina, near Ashville.

11-09-07 1972 Arrest warrant dismissed. Miami Dade County, Florida, see below.

11-17-07 Dept of Forestry runs Hilton’s vehicle tags. Apalachicola National Forest in Leon County, Florida.

11-21-07 Michael Scot Louis, 27, went missing November 21. There may be a period of time where Michael was been alive but unaccounted for. Found at Tomoka River, Ormond Beach, Volusia County, Florida

12-01-07 Cheryl Dunlap abducted. Tallahassee, Florida

12-02-07 Cheryl Dunlap’s card used first time at ATM, Tallahassee, Florida

12-03-07 Cheryl Dunlap’s card used second time at ATM, Tallahassee, Florida

12-04-07 Cheryl Dunlap’s card used third time at ATM, Tallahassee, Florida

12-06-07 Unidentified woman missing hands, feet and head was found in five black plastic garbage bags along Stitcher Road in LaGrange, which is west of Macon near the Alabama line. An attempt had been made to burn the bags. Lagrange, Troup County, Georgia

12-06-2007 Remains of Michael Scot Louis discovered at Tokama River, Ormond Beach, Volutia County, Florida. Michael went missing 11-21-2007, but coroner ruled he had been dead 2-7 days when found--he had been gone 16 days.

12-07, 12-08 and 12-09-2007 A witness places Hilton in Apalachicola National Forest in Leon County, Florida

12-15-07 Cheryl Dunlap’s body is found in the Apalachicola National Forest in Leon County, Florida

12-28-07 Dept of Forestry runs Hilton’s vehicle tags Osceola National Forest in Columbia County, Florida

12-29-07 Cayle Bywater missing from Athens, Georgia

01-01-08 Meredith Emerson kidnapped from Vogel State Park, Union County, Georgia

01-04-08 Murder warrant says that Meredith Emerson was murdered on this day in Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area in Dawson County, Georgia

01-04-08 DeKalb County police took Hilton into custody. Emerson's dog, Ella, wandered into a grocery store, and Emerson’s belongings found nearby in Forsyth County, Georgia

01-07-08 Gary Hilton appeared in court and was denied bond. Meredith Emerson’s body was found in a wooded area of Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area in Dawson County, Georgia.
01-11-08 An Athens-Clarke County police spokesperson said during a press conference Friday night the body found in an Athens lake is missing University of Georgia student Cayle Bywater. Athens, Clarke County, Georgia

01-18-08 Second Van found.
Posted by Janet at 11:03 AM
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Glenn Adams said...

From the redacted pretrial evidence of the Death Penalty Trial of Gary Hilton, for the tragic murder of Cheryl Hodges Dunlap. Tallahassee, FL

Hell money was mentioned on page 243 12/31/07: Bag found under a cedar tree, in a grove of planted trees, with ashes and unburned 'Hell Money', found by a caretaker:

Joss paper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jan 14, 2009 ... Hell money notes is a modern form of spirit money. The Chinese interpretation of ... Burning actual money is considered to be unlucky in Asian cultures. ... Spirit Money: An Interpretation. Journal of Chinese Religions. ... - 30k - Cached - Similar pages
Hell Money (Hell Bank Notes)
Others symbols on the faces of the Asian Hell Money deserve individual description: To the left ... OCCULTISM, MAGIC SPELLS, MYSTICISM, RELIGION, SYMBOLISM ... - 20k - Cached - Similar pages
Ghost Money
The use of spirit money (also known as hell money or heaven money) in observing different rituals is deeply rooted in Asian culture. .... “Why Don’t We See Some Real Money Here?: Offerings in Chinese Religion. ... - 26k - Cached - Similar pages

Wolfscratch: The theme of GMH & Associates; 'Trail of Terror': Porn, Drugs, Bondage/Rituals

Glenn Adams said...

I am confident that the books given to Cheryl Dunlap, and Meredith Emerson, by GMH, came from used book and thrift stores. GMH, had been eyewitnessed in the Jasper, GA Thrift Store on many occasions by volunteers/employees.

I have had alot of times on my hands lately and on a hunch, thought I would go to the local Thrift Store and check out their selection of books. Of 3 shelves of books, 1 shelf was dedicated to 'Serial Killer Novels'. I purchased several of the books. After researching the authors, I found that although the stories are fiction,(portrayed as fiction, for liability purposes) many are based on actual events, with the help of consultants from Mental Institutions, LE, profilers, & Justice Officials, both retired and active.

The last book that I read is tittled 'Mind Tryst', by Robin Carr. After reading the book, I inadvertantly opened the cover and saw where the books original purchase was made:





(Clairmont Rd. is aprox 70 miles from the Jasper Thrift Store)

This is Gary M. Hilton's old stomping grounds...Coincidence, maybe...

Hershey says, "there are no coincidences'

Gary Hilton: Misfit with a mean streak |

Gary Hilton was officially charged with the murder of hiker Meredith .... though Tabor let Hilton live at a building he owned on Clairmont Road
Something that I noticed to be curious about the majority of the over 25 books purchased was that their copyright dates were from the 1980's to the late 1990's. The dates of these books are significant due to the 'Deadly Run'; 'movie' that the Producer/Attorney Samuel Rael said, GMH, assisted in the creative writing, named, hand picked the shoot locations, cast & crew, and tutored the lead actor in the art of serial killing.
Many of the books were of serial killers that were copycat killers of individual serial killers past.
Gary Michael Hilton, had no victim profile, breaks all molds of serial killers profiled, changed his MOs, signature, and method of abduction. Gary Michael Hilton, was a Copycat of multiple Serial Killers, entwineing many rituals and torture creating a unique signature. He is/was an anomally...
He was very creative and was a Master of Emulation. GMH, emulated a soldier on a perpetual manuever, 'Joshua' of the Old testament Bible: 'The Soldier's Soldier',
as well as a 'Traveling Preacher', long distant hiker, and a kyaker, petty drifter, law enforcement officer, etc...
some quotes from Hilton interview done by NC LE/April 2008


(Link to audio interview in Media links)
When asked how the other prisoners & guards treated him, GMH said:

"No one messes with me here. They treat me real good."

"I've got my own T.V. 'I READ'. I've got my meals cooked, served...the dishes are washed. My laundry is done....Hey, I love it!"

"I'm gonna f------ raise hell, total hell. I'm not gonna be happy unless it takes three to four years to go to trial. Unless we have a 1,000 person jury pool, and unless we have at least two changes of venue. And that's just to begin with (laughs)."


Glenn Adams said...

Bartow County, ga:
Date Found: May 07, 1988
Race: White
Location: Bartow County
Weight: 180 to 210
Height: 6'1" to 6'3"
Sex: Male
Birth Range: 30 to 40

Bartow County Sheriff's Office at 706/382-5050 or the GBI TIP line at 1/800-597-TIPS.
Found by: Couple looking for plants

Conditions: Victim had been killed in another location two to three days before. Head and hands of victim had been removed and were never located. The body was left in plain view with no attempt to conceal it.


Dashcam Video Shows Gary Hilton - News Story - WSB Atlanta

Dashcam Video Shows Gary Hilton. Posted: 4:30 pm EST January 8, 2008Updated: 1:19 pm EST January 9, 2008. CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. -- Hunting season had just ...

Coincidence, I think not..

Wolfscratch: GMH, "Since I was 14 years old."

Glenn Adams said...

Robert Hansen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Crime Library - Robert Hansen; ^ ExploreNorth - Robert Hansen, A Serial Killer in Alaska; ^ Portraits of Serial Killers - Robert Hansen ...

WE TV; FBI Files, tonight was about Robert Hansen: The Alaskan Serial Killer, that I commented about a few days ago. The documentary went into more detail than is available on the net, and involved actual investigators that worked the case.
Snipet from John Douglas; FBI Profiler on Hansen case:
Hunting the Hunter
I began to get an idea of how Hansen operated, and it gave me a cold, sick feeling in my stomach. It seemed clear to me that he was definitely the killer, but he wasn't simply killing these women. I believed he was releasing them into the woods and then hunting them down like animals—and this proved to be the case.

We gave our assessment to the authorities, and they were able to get a search warrant. Hansen's rifle, which matched the bullets that killed the four women, was found at his home, along with some cheap jewelry, ID cards, and other items taken from them. There was also a sort of "journal," an aviation map marked with the locations of his victims' bodies.

Confronted with the evidence, Hansen confessed.
I am confident that GMH, based the plot of the 'Deadly Run' movie on Hansen's Trail of Terror. Hansen, was convicted for the murder of only 4 women, which most were prostitutes, but admitted to over 33 victims in Alaska. He was from Iowa, and LE was confident that he had many victims, before moving to Alaska.
Their were many, many parallels to GMH. In fact you could switch names in the documentary and it would have been identical to GMH's trail of Terror, except GMH, had no victim profile. Said he would toy with his prey for days once reaching the Wilderness and then hunt them. Although Hansen, would vary his methods of abduction, he would handcuff them as soon as he put them in the vehicle, then pull a pistol on them. Said that if they tried to alert help, that he would kill/shoot them and the rescuer.(sound familiar?)
Something interesting from the Behavioral Science Unit/FBI; the Trophys/souveneirs could be any personal item of the victims; clothing, jewelry, or even Dr. Licenses. They are kept to relive the evil act in the future.


Glenn Adams said...

Interesting Link:

CP Wolfscratch

Glenn Adams said...

Snipet from a couple of Ralph Daughtery's comments from previous link:

I agree with that from my experience, SuziQ. He was nearly 40 years old at the time but was very into survivalist if you will. He talked about Nam a lot and when the guy he later ran over a couple of times with his pickup pointed a finger toward him to make some point (I'm not sure exactly, I wasn't paying that close attention),

Hilton said, "I'll eat that finger".

I had to intervene to sort of cool things off before he jumped across the table.


But it was Hilton. Hilton wanted to kill people, even back then.

One other note of interest. Hilton and his friend Rodney and the people they brought with them, family and Rodney's girlfriend who audibly gasped at my testimony, were living in Cumming at the time.

That's apparently why we keep seeing Hilton's name come up in Cumming in murders. It's not a coincidence.

Hilton should have been put away a long time ago and never let out. May Meredith Emerson and all of Hilton's other victims rest in peace.

This victim got lucky.




Note: Cumming is only a 10 minute drive from the Atlanta Tract of Dawson Forest WMA, where Levi Frady, Patrice Endres, and Meredith Hope Emerson's Remains were located. Coincidence, I think not...

Glenn Adams said...

I missed this article & video report concerning the released redacted evidence(Cheryl Dunlap; murder trial)and pics from Jan 2009. The video includes pics of evidence taken from GMH's van on 01/04/08 when he was arrested in GA, which included used duct tape w/hair, pocket knife, hunting knife, zip ties, etc. The duct tape with the attached hair is very damning, and sums up this tragic crime, IMO. More pics were announced to be released on the evening news but never were...


Glenn Adams said...

A question was raised by me a few weeks ago concerning GMH's abandoned van(white co, GA) that was shipped to FL. The van was abandoned by GMH, over two years before the abduction of Cheryl Dunlap, on Dec 1, 2007. The following video may answer the question as to why:

Gary Michael Hilton - Mahalo

Gary Michael Hilton, also known as Gary Hilton(MACK), is serving a life sentence ... van found (January 19, 2008); Winston-Salem Journal: "Sheriff: evidence links ... - 34k - Cached - Similar pages

Partial list of Gary Michael Hilton Murder Suspected Victims:

Meredith Emerson GA
John and Irene Bryant NC
Cheryl Hodges Dunlap FL
Michael Scott Lewis FL
Rossana Miliani

North Carolina authorities in another area of the state believe another disappearance and possible homicide can be tied to Gary Michael Hilton. A 26-year-old woman from Florida, Rossana Miliani, was hiking in western North Carolina and was last seen in Bryson City, N.C., on Dec. 7, 2005.
A store clerk from Bryson City recently told private investigator Steve Siske that Miliani came into her store with a white man in his 60s and appeared nervous when they bought a backpack.

“He purchased a yellow backpack, indicating it was for Rossana, and a coat and pants for himself,” Siske said the clerk told him. “He told the clerk that he was a traveling preacher that goes from campground to campground. Rossana made no statements but appeared to be nervous.”

Wolfscratch: May his many, many victims rest in peace...

GMH, 'He read, he emulated many Serial Killers'...had no profile.. GMH, & Associates lived in our communities for decades, abducting and slaughtering our families, friends, and loved ones, oblivious to LE, and slipping through holes in the Justice system. 'How Sad, How Tragic' Silence, was his most effective tool...


for Women in Crime Ink















When you girls have finished your clever ravings for profit, personal attention, & self aggrandizement at the expense of men, consider the crimes you are encouraging and the lunacy that you are spreading, as history records your names as purveyors of filth among your duped followers in the LD community.
geral sosbee (956)371-5210

Glenn Adams said...

The media silence concerning GMH, & Associates was and is his most lethal weapon and is why it lasted for decades...Here is the news blurb that was hid under “Big Bend Brief’s”….
No trial date set for Gary Michael Hilton:

A trial date was not set Friday during a case-management hearing for Gary Michael Hilton at the Leon County Courthouse. Hilton is charged with the murder of Crawfordville resident Cheryl Dunlap. Assistant Public Defender Ines Suber said new materials, including more than a

3-inch stack of paperwork,

had been received Thursday and Friday. She said more time was needed before a date could be set. Circuit Judge Terry Lewis set the next case-management hearing for Aug. 21, during which time he said he’d like a trial date to be set.
Over a year and a half and more evidence being introduced with no court date set:
When asked how the other prisoners & guards treated him, GMH said:

“No one messes with me here. They treat me real good.”

“I’ve got my own T.V. ‘I READ’. I’ve got my meals cooked, served…the dishes are washed. My laundry is done….Hey, I love it!”

“I’m gonna f—— raise hell, total hell.
I’m not gonna be happy unless it takes three to four years to go to trial. Unless we have a 1,000 person jury pool, and unless we have at least two changes of venue. And that’s just to begin with (laughs).”


Glenn Adams said...

GA Peach, A blogger that has been following this story has filed a FOI request with the GBI, and received 50+ pages which is only a fraction of the total investigation documents. Included in this info is the license inquiries by LE of Gary Hilton over a 10 year period. The total is 81.
Motor Vehicle Query - he was run 81 times from 1996 - 2007 All were in GA except the 2 times in Florida on 11/17/07 & 12/28/07 It is possible they only gathered data from GA. There likely could be more times in other states yet to be discovered and revealed. He and His vehicles were definitely being noticed by LE in many different jurisdictions for some reason. Only 7 times associated with Forest or Park LE officials including the 2 in Florida, but that may not be a real accurate portrayal since County LE officials could have been the ones called to cover many Forest areas in GA and many Federal Land officials may not have even been inquired of. The truth is probably there were a whole lot more times a vehicle Query was done.
Posted by GeorgiaPeach2


That's almost one MV query per month & half, average, if you don't factor in ones that don't show up. Note that GMH, traveled the Eastern US, and these queries do not include these states.
In that same period of time, mine has been ran once or twice, and I stay in the Forest. They didn't have a clue, nor did they want one...

Wolfscratch: May his many, many victims rest in peace...

Glenn Adams said...

While searching the internet for any updates on GMH & Associates, or information on the many victims of this tragedy, I went to the:

Guest Book for Meredith Hope Emerson – Online Guest Book by

I noticed that there is thousands of heartfelt comments . They are from all over the world and comments are coming in almost a year and a half later. Although many are from total strangers, they feel that they knew her. We have all been touched by Meredith's kindred spirit..

June 06, 2009
A deep sadness washes over me when I think of what Meredith went through. From what I read of what happened, Meredith did all she could to not have it end the way it did. Sadly, it places a fear in many; but, in the words of Shakespeare, "Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once." Meredith was valiant - a person that lived her life to the fullest. We should all take precautions, as Meredith did, but remember to live every day as if it were our last. May God Bless Meredith and bring peace to her loved ones...
Westfield, New Jersey
May 21, 2009
I didn't know Meredith, as many here, but she touched my life in so many ways.

What an Angel on earth Meredith must have been to those who knew and loved her!

Meredith is now an Angel in Heaven, watching over those she loved and held dear.

My prayers are with the family
April 27, 2009
I never met Meredith. I watched the news closely and worried while she was lost. I broke down in tears upon hearing the news that she may have been killed. I continued to grieve when she was found.

She had the strength that all women wish for, especially those of us fellow hiking females who feel safety and independence in hiking with our dogs. I prayed for her during the days she was missing as the media introduced us to a strong, self-sufficient and outgoing friend. I continue to pray for her family and her poor dog Ella who experienced untold fear and loss.

My parents worry about me as I venture out on my own with my dog. I can no longer reassure them of my safety that I'll be okay hiking with my dog since this senseless brutal ending to a beautiful life.

I continue to feel sorrow for this loss. I will always think of Meredith & Ella while exploring trails with my dog and now have a renewed since of vigilance as I pray for my own safety as I now know that my safety is not guaranteed when meeting fellow hikers. It is a sad day that we must live in fear.

To her parents I offer my sincerest sympathies and wish them peace. Know that her life affected many.

With sadness in my heart,
Rovella Funk,
Romney, West Virginia
April 27, 2009
Meredith, I do not understand why this happened to you, but your courage, spirit and strength inspires me. I did not know you, but I wish I had; may you rest in peace. May your family and friends find comfort in your memory. You will be in my prayers.
Marta Karwowska,
San Francisco, California
April 09, 2009
I did not know Meredith's story until tonight. I marvel at her strength, and mourn her loss. What a lovely, vibrant young woman; I hope that memories of her bring her family comfort and peace. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.
carpinteria, California
2756 entries

CP Wolfscratch

Glenn Adams said...

Investigators in Ormond Beach are hoping a piece of DNA evidence they’ve sent to a California lab might link a suspected serial killer to a South Daytona man whose body parts were found in the Tomoka River.

Gary Michael Hilton is already serving a life sentence in Georgia for killing hiker Meredith Emerson. The young woman was walking in a Georgia state park on New Year’s Day with her dog when she came across Hilton. Investigators with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Hilton led them to Emerson’s decapitated and dismembered remains in early January 2008.

Hilton also is charged in a Florida Panhandle murder.

Leon County authorities say Hilton killed Sunday school teacher Cheryl Dunlap, whose body was found in the Apalachicola National Forest near Tallahassee on Dec. 19, 2007. She, too, was decapitated, police said.

The two cases are similar to ‘Michael Scot Louis’, whose torso and legs were discovered Dec. 6 in black plastic bags on the banks of the Tomoka River inside Tomoka State Park. The 27-year-old Louis of South Daytona was also decapitated, and his head has never been found.

Earlier this week, Ormond Beach police Sgt. Jaime Gogarty, said Hilton is a person of interest in the Louis case, and he’s hoping the evidence sent out west will match the killer’s DNA.

Besides the murders of Emerson and Dunlap, investigators believe Hilton could be responsible in at least four other killings, if not more.

“We’re certainly hoping it’s him,” said Gogarty, who heads the department’s Criminal Investigations Division. “He was in the area, possibly Ocala, around the time of the crime.”

Louis’ stepfather, Joseph Provenzano, is hoping for the same thing.

Provenzano said the “not knowing” in this case has been extremely frustrating for him and his wife. Provenzano said he knew police sent DNA evidence to California and were waiting for the results.

He does not doubt the killer could be Hilton, but he is still puzzled as to how Hilton — if he is Louis’ murderer — targeted his stepson in late November 2007.

Gary Michael Hilton, emulated images he created. He was perceived by LE as a petty drifter with a very low IQ. A review of his military records indicated the contrary. His IQ when he entered the military was 150+. He helped to creatively write, name, and suggested the plot of the ‘Deadly Run’ movie(1994), hand picked the cast, crew, shoot locations, and tutored the lead actor in the art of serial killing.
GMH, is an anomally, no victim profile, nor human emotions. He is pure evil, the Devil’s Deciple…


Glenn Adams said...

Hilton's Missing Van Found
Posted: 4:00 pm EST January 18, 2008Updated: 9:04 pm EST January 18, 2008

ATLANTA -- Police on Friday found a second white van belonging to murder suspect Gary Hilton that had been missing.

After seeing a television report on the van, agents received a tip from a man who had seen a flat-bed tow truck remove the vehicle from the area the van was last seen in White County.

Agents contacted the tow truck owner who told them he had taken the vehicle to a scrap metal yard in Habersham County.

Agents recovered the vehicle from the scrap metal yard and transported it to the GBI's Regional Investigative Office in Cleveland, Ga. where it will be processed for evidence next week. The van had been stripped and is in very bad condition, according to officials.

A hunter last came across the white Chevy Astro van on a rarely traveled road in the Chattahoochee National Forest in White County in December.

Hilton was ticketed in 2006 for abandoning the van along that road.

After Hilton's arrest for the kidnapping and murder of Meredith Emerson investigators went back to White County to check out the van, but it was gone. It had been towed to the Habersham storage yard.
The timing of the removal of the abandoned van, is supiciously coincidental. Wonder who called the tow truck driver? Inquiring minds want to know?
Wolfscratch: rarely traveled road, huh?The inventory list in GMH's van when he was arrested on 01/04/08, Dekalb Co, GA, consisted of 4 vehicle ramps. GMH, frequented posted properties, hunting clubs, state parks & national forests. Many times there are roads that are restricted or off limits to motor vehicle traffic and gates are used to prevent trespassers. When gates aren't effective burms or mounds of dirt are used. These can be navigated using 4 car ramps.

One of his staging areas in Wolfscratch Wilderness, where bleach bottles, clothes, and other residue was found had one of these burms preventing access...


Glenn Adams said...

« View all web results for gary michael hilton serial killer news

Atlanta Journal Constitution
Serial killer experts target Hilton case
Atlanta Journal Constitution - Christian Boone, Rhonda Cook - ‎Jun 18, 2009‎
Gary Michael Hilton may be among the oldest suspected serial killers, but he's not the oldest. Missouri grandparents Ray and Faye Copeland were in their 70s ...
Dismembered Body Found; Police Looking At Gary Hilton
Gary Michael Hilton suspected in 2007 decapitation Atlanta Journal Constitution
all 6 news articles »
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MyFox Atlanta
Police link Fla. killing to serial killer
United Press International - Agatha Christie - ‎6 hours ago‎
Police have been investigating Gary Hilton in relation to the killing and have him as a suspect in six additional killings. Hilton is currently incarcerated ...
Serial killer possibly linked to Ormond Beach murder Orlando Sentinel
Cops believe convicted killer connected to murder
all 14 news articles »
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Serial Killer May Be Linked To Local Murder - ‎Jun 17, 2009‎
However, recently evidence has popped up that has caused police to look again at Gary Hilton. Hilton is serving time for decapitating and dismembering a ...
Police seek DNA link to murder victim Daytona Beach News-Journal
Police Seek DNA Link of Suspected Serial Killer to Murder Victim WCTV
all 3 news articles »

CP by Wolfscratch: May his many, many victims rest in peace..

Glenn Adams said...

LEGISLATIVE BRIEFS: DNA bill may solve cases (04/05/2008)

The Georgia General Assembly passed legislation to make it easier for prosecutors to compare DNA samples from cold cases with other criminal investigations. The bill, requested by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, was inspired by the case of Meredith Emerson, the 24-year-old hiker who was kidnapped in North Georgia on New Year's Day and later killed by Gary Michael Hilton. Hilton was sentenced to life in prison for the killing and was indicted in February in the slaying of Cheryl Hodges Dunlap, whose body was found decapitated in a north Florida forest. Under state law, the GBI was barred from releasing DNA evidence in the Hilton case to law enforcement agencies in other states. The statute only allows for the release of DNA evidence once a suspect is convicted. Senate Bill 430, which passed the House 103-50, would allow prosecutors and law enforcement agencies to use DNA evidence, including samples collected from suspects arrested but never convicted of a crime. Opponents of the legislation argued that the measure would give criminal investigators and civil attorneys unrestricted access to DNA evidence from misdemeanor offenders, such as shoplifters and reckless drivers...

Note Florida, and other states have followed suit, passing similar Laws, since GMH & Associates' Tragic 'Trail of Terror'...


Glenn Adams said...

Life Imitating Art; coincidence?

Meet Jose Luis Calva Zepeda, serial killer, cannibal, failed horror movie screenwriter. Mexico city police found the dismembered body of Zepeda’s girlfriend, Alejandra Galeana, a 30-year-old pharmacy clerk and single mother, in his closet, and found chunks of flesh in a frying pan on the stove, in addition to parts of a leg and arm in the fridge. Oh, and bones in a cereal box. He admitted to police that he had boiled some of his girlfriend’s flesh, but he had not eaten it. Also found in the residence was a draft of a novel titled “Cannibalistic Instincts,”

CP by Wolfscratch: Sound familar? GMH says, "I Read"...

When Zepeda was asked why he got interested in cannibalism, he said he really admired Anthony Hopkins... He did not say Hannibal Lecture, He said Antony Hopkins.

Glenn Adams said...

Been focusing on Rosana Milana, another probable victim of Gary Michael Hilton, that vanished in North Carolina,and have found a treasure trove of info on her case..
Like Cayle Bywater, Rosana Milana, was stigmatized with the Bipolar Label. Rosana, was also burdened with the Schizophrenia label, which would indicate a paranoid and dillusional person which at best would be unpredictable. Right?

Would it interest you to know that Rosana, was a world traveler that had previously travelled and explored Europe alone, by train, bus and airplane.

When someone is reported as missing, and they are handicapped with these labels, IMO, LE doesn’t investigate their dissapearance with the same intensity as others. I am confident that this was the case with Rosana, and Cayle…

Citizens Times has a sketch that resembles GMH, when he accompanied Rosana into a trailhead shop, emulating a travelling preacher.


Glenn Adams said...

An interview of Gary Michael Hilton by Pickens Co, SC; Sheriff, concerning Jason Knapp. Pay close attention to the Cheryl Dunlap reference:


Glenn Adams said...

Got a call yesterday from the public defender's office: Leon Co., FL where GMH, is on trial for the tragic murder of Cheryl Dunlap..

Seems the Public Defender's office wanted to know if I had any info that would help in the 'Defense' of Gary Michael Hilton & Associates'???

Think that I was ranting in January of last year? Before I hung up, I had convicted GMH, and the entire 'Justice System', not that they needed any help...

"Let me see if I have this right": 'You want me to provide information that will prevent Gary Michael Hilton, an evil, demonic, cannibal, ritual; Serial Killer, that confessed and has been sentenced to 'Life In Prison' in GA, for abducting an innocent young lady; Meredith Hope Emerson, from the AT, raping and torturing her for four days, murdering her in a savage manner, and then mutilating and decapitating her, and dumping her remains in the woods like a pile of trash', from receiving the death penalty'?

Wolfscratch: may his many, many victims RIP...

Glenn Adams said...

While at the Jasper Thrift store yesterday, I picked up a nonfiction book; "jOURNEY INTO DARKNESS" BY JOHN DOUGLAS(1997); Author and FBI Profiler. He penetrates the minds and motives of the most terrifying Serial Kilers. Of course GMH, wasn't on their radar when this statement was made. He is one of the pioneers of the FBI's Elite BSU and many of the techniques, strategies, and procedures used in tracking and identifying unidentified subjects today can be attributed to his experiences into the abyss or darkness...

Prologue: 'In the Mind of a Killer'

This isn't the Hollywood version. It isn't sanitized or prettied up or rendered into art. This is the way it really happens. If anything, it's worse than the way I describe it...



He goes on to say that he also puts his head into the head of the victim also to be able to see the whole picture....

This experience could cause a strong minded person to cry a river of tears. Especially when the victim total will exceed over 150 victims over decades...

As does Priests that perform multiple exorcisms, Agent Douglas, paid a hefty price with his health, even though he possessed a high tolerance level, due to the enormous 'evil' he encountered...

Wolfscratch: May GMH's many, many victims rest in peace...and be revealed...

Glenn Adams said...

News results for gaffney sc serial killer
SC serial killer conjures memory of 60s murderer‎

GAFFNEY, SC (AP) — A terrified rural South Carolina community hunkered down over the Fourth of July after the sheriff said a serial killer was on the loose, ...

Residents of Gaffney, South Carolina are staying indoors instead of partying on the Fourth of July. There have been four homicides in the past six days, all shootings. Police say they are all connected. Police have released a sketch of the suspect, a White male with salt and pepper hair. He may be driving a light-gray or champagne tan 1991-1994 two-door Ford Explorer.

The spree began on Saturday, June 27. The suspect came to the home of Kline Cash and asked about buying hay. His wife said when she left at 3 PM the man was talking to her husband about buying hay. A few hours later, at 6:45 PM, she came back and found peach farmer Kline Cash, 63, shot dead in the living room of the home. The motive may have been robbery.
Instead of pretending that a serial killer wasn't in the communities midst, as in the Gary Hilton: Serial Killer tragedy, it apears that SC Law Enforcement is using all available resources(public via the media; a very powerful & free resource)sketch and vehicle. IMO, he should be captured rapidly. Guess he is a prime example of a rampage or spree killer. A thrill killer, with no victim profile; 16 year old girl to 84 year old woman. Seems that their is an epidemic.
The info says that all of these murders were within a 10 mile radius, over a one week period, seems unusual, even for a serial killker. The geographical location of Gaffney, SC the proximity to !-85, as well as being only a fifteen minute drive to the Kings Mountain State Park, with the 4th of July Holiday Travel and campers, will present unique problems for Law Enforcement. With luck and the proper communications, there will be a number of roadblocks in most States already planned for DUIs/seatbelts... Maybe this animal will be captured before he takes any more innocent victims.
***************Finally the aprehension or prevention of more victims has priority over the proscecution of the suspect.

The robbery and murders at the 'Mom & Pop'; Furniture Store, less than Half a mile from the command center is a good indication of taunting as well as escalating narcissistic behavior....

The Home Invasion robbery & murder of the peach farmer shows his diversity, escalation of confidence of his ability to evade law enforcement and indicates the ease of acquiring a new vehicle for evasion if necessary.


Glenn Adams said...

It is critical that the sketch and description of the suspect in serial murders be released to the media ASAP. It is analagous to placing a security across the US.

I would like to salute the South Carolina, North Carolina, FBI and GA Law Enforcement Community for a job well done!

The inclusion of the Public combined with competent LE action was a critical factor in the swift Justice being served.

I am confident that the new strategies used by Law Enforcement is from lessons learned in the Gary Michael Hilton: Serial Killer Investigation.
Since he was apprehended on 01/04/08, I have been monitoring SKs, and their sketches or pics have been released to the public via the media promptly. This is analogous to placing a security camera across America. AMW, has brought over 1,100 fugitives to Justice by alert citizens.
There have been four SKs being sought, since then and they were all arrested or killed within a short time. One very important observation is that there were no more lives lost of the innocent victims…
That speak volumes….


Glenn Adams said...

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Investigative Programs ...
Oct 30, 1998 ... Established by the Department of Justice in 1985, FBI-ViCAP serves as the ... The FBI-ViCAP national database captures for retrieval the ...


I am confident that the discovery of the unusually high volume of women vanishing in the southeast was due to the establishment of VICAP in the mid 1980s.

With new techinlogy and leadership within the FBI, the BSU, took on a very important role in major investigations and were no longer considered witchcraft, or voodoo investigative techniques. Although housed 60' underground, to protect them from the light, their profiling techniques proved to be very accurate.

Since the BSU is the unit which is brought in to assist when a serial killer is preying in an area, yet illusive or stealth, oblivious to LE, as was Gary Michael Hilton & Associates.

The most prolific Serial Killer of the 20th & 21st Century; GMH, with extensive knowlege of forensics, police strategies and procedures, military trained and disciplined, made a mockery of normal LE Agencies. This is due to the lack of expertise dealing with SKs as well as the targeted victims being strangers. GMH, changed his MO, signature, victim profile, as well as copycating the exact style as other Serial Killers, while adding a tryst of his own unique creativity. GMH, honed his predator techniques, building confidence escalating to the point of taunting his expertise.

I am confident that GMH, although very intelligent didn't acomplish this alone. He had sidekicks as well as enablers. GMH, did not have the means to skirt the Justice System, time and time again without assistance.

The profiling process consists of several steps. Some of these steps are:

evaluation of the criminal act.

the specifics of the crime scene or scenes.

analysis of the victim, or victims, if located.

evaluation of the criminal reports of the local LE Agency conducting the preliminary investigation.

evaluation of ME or coroners autopsy report.

develop a profile with critical offender characteristics

When conducting an interview or profiling an unidentified suspect, the principle relied on is that behavior reflects personality. GMH, was a master of emulation which presented unique problems with identifying his personality traits. It would be interesting to see the profile prepared for the suspect(GMH) before his capture. I am convinced that one of the primary reasons that the expert profilers, that are usually very vocal in the media, have been silent is that GMH, fits no previous profiles....he is an anomally.

In GMH's interview of 01/07/08, there is a reason for his answers, as there was a reason for the specific questions asked by the GBI...Although the interview was plagued with lies by GMH, a treasure trove of information will be garnered from his responses.

Although there are numerous lies which will be obvious under scrutiny, the one that stands out the most is when he denied that he raped MHE. Once the truth was pried out of him. He was how many times. GMH, responded, "once". He knew that the number of rapes would be impossible to detect by LE...

Wolfscratch: 'Drugs, Porn, Rituals/Torture'...

Glenn Adams said...

Left out about noon today, heading North for Coopers Creek WMA: Chattahoochee National Forest, to do some deer scouting and info gathering on a recently located campsite/staging area of Gary Michael Hilton & associates.
Talked to a Public Safety Employee from a North GA County that is very familiar with, GMH. e and his wife hike the Herbert Reece Trail; Blood Mountain, where Meredith Hope Emerson was abducted..
In February 2007, he and his wife crossed paths with GMH. He said he looked into his eyes when they passed, and looked at his wife and told her there is something wrong with that man, his eyes were very strange. GMH, had two dogs. One was Dandy and the other was a small brown dog. Said he didn't know the breed.
They had also met Meredith Hope Emerson on the trail, later in 2007.

I also had the privelege of meeting 'Fannin and Union Counties Finest'. Fannin County Sheriff pulled me over at the county line after following me for miles. Union Co Sheriffs came in on the Help Call...'Three Cars in All'!

I was ordered to stick both hands out the window while the Deputy held his glock pointed at my head with the Safety off, turn around and back towards him, then drop to the doggie position and cross my feet, then as he approached me from the rear, to place my hands behind my back(felt like a (contortionist. Once handcuffed, I was frisked, top to bottom(keep in mind that I haven't had a traffic ticket in 40 years).
It gets much more interesting. I'll explain later. For those who want a link, all I can tell you to do is order the dashcam video...

I was then asked if they had my permission to search my PU Truck. I granted permission, knowing that if I didn't, I would have to wait for a warrant to be issued. I was then placed in the back of the squad car with my hands cuffed behind my back for over an hour while my truck was very meticulously searched by all three Deputies, wearing laytex gloves, I might add.

When the first Union County Sheriff arrived, he told the Fannin County Sheriff's Deputy, that he got the call and expected him to be closer to where hwy 60 and hwy 180 intersect. Then he said, "what happened, did he try to run?" I thought oh sh...!
Once my truck was cleared from the search. I was interogated briefly and the tightly sinched handcuffs were removed.
After reading all personal receipts, mail, books, and pics, in my truck(one being the woden reel with the frayed rope from the shed), all three deputies began asking questions about GMH, and why I was so knowlegeable about him.
I first ask if they knew about the Deadly Run movie? his IQ, duration and magnitude, considered his lack of a victim profile, etc.
I was then asked to follow the Union County Sheriff to the Union County sheriff's Department to share my information(more interrogation from the OIC and detective)
I asked if they knew about the Deadly Run Movie.
Sad, so Sad...

History will continue to repeat itself,IMO...

Knowledge, communication, a preplan which includes Mutual Aid from neighboring counties and adjacent states(NC & TN) and utilizing all resources(the public via the media)is a start to prevent tragic stranger abductions in the future...

Wolfscratch: til my rods point to me...

may they rest in peace...

Glenn Adams said...

Interesting, yet Ironic Snipet from the newly elected Sheriff of Fannin County, GA:

Dane Kirby won the 2008 sheriff's election in Fannin County on this platform:
A MESSAGE FROM DANE: As the Sheriff of Fannin County, I will be dedicated to constantly looking for ways to deal with and combat criminal activity in our county. As Sheriff, my main priority will be to create a professional law enforcement organization that protects the citizens and their property.

I will be a Sheriff that leads by example and gets results out of respect. I will be a Sheriff that will stand up for his men and women, and can because I know that they will have the training and integrity to always do the right thing, in any situation.
My door will always be open to all of you. An open line of communication with the citizens is vital for a Sheriff in order to be effective. I will always welcome feedback from the public, good or bad, and use it as a tool for constantly improving your Sheriff’s Office.

Our current Sheriff is not getting the job done. The time of “good ole boy” law enforcement has passed. It is time for professional law enforcement in Fannin County. It is time for new, experienced leadership to make our county a better and safer place to live.

CP Wolfscratch

Glenn Adams said...

Local officials collect more Hilton evidence


Last week, the two agencies and the State Attorney's Office met with Georgia and North Carolina officials. They agreed to release the evidence to Florida investigators.
FDLE lab personnel will go through the evidence for hair, fibers, DNA, blood and fingerprints, said Maj. Mike Wood, of the Sheriff's Office.
"There's just so much evidence that can be mined out of this entire process," Wood said. "It's almost beyond description. It's a little bit overwhelming, quite frankly, but we're very confident that it's going to be of benefit to us in the Cheryl Dunlap investigation, as well as the Bryants'. It has a serious potential to tie the unknown cases at this juncture."


If you think the above comment is breaking news from the Fannin County, GA Campsite/Staging Area, think again, it was released on Feb 14, 2008.

There were 3 Sites of GMH's found in Fannin County alone. The UCSO Lt. that interrogated(debated)me said that clothes were found in all 3 sites. Remember that was only Fannin County, GA.

GMH's license was queried in almost all North GA Counties on numerous occasions(over 80 times in 10 years) indicating the possible of many sites in several locations. If you consider that he was eyewitnessed camping as far north as Pennsylvania, then as Major Wood of LCSO said, "The amount of evidence is beyond description, quite frankly it is overwhelming and has a serious potential to tie the unknown cases"......

Yet trailer loads of evidence has been discovered since that statement was made. I am confident that many of the 425 missing 'Cold Cases' in GA, alone has been linked to GMH, yet their families are left to mourn their losses.

Over a year and half since the above article was released, yet the same antiquated strategy of silence is being adhered too by the dysfunctional Justice System that enabled Gary Michael Hilton & Associates to prey on our Family, Friends, and Loved ones, for decades, oblivious to Law Enforcement and the American public....


Glenn Adams said...

Samuel Rael is not only a lawyer, he has also produced movies -- including one that went straight to video in 1995. The title: "Deadly Run." It's about a man who stalks and kills women in the north Georgia mountains.


For those that haven't viewed the 'Deadly Run' movie:

STALKS, in Hunting terminology means to Track Down or Pursue your quarry or prey in the Forest...

Gary Michael Hilton's Prey or Quarry, as in the movie were abducted Human Beings.

Three pellet guns were found in GMH's van when arrested on 01/04/08. More pellet guns were found in GMH's Fannin County, GA Campsite. If firearms were utilized in these hunts, the prey would be disabled or killed, ending the hunt.

Pellet guns, although can be lethal with the proper shot at close range, will usually only cause injury and pain, while inflicting an enormous amount psychological torture to the intended victim or prey. If pellet guns were used instead of firearms, the hunt could be repeated and could last for several days....

The Deadly Run movie is based on 'Solitaire Serial Killer' stalking many women in the Forest for Sport.

Gary Hilton's explanation for the pellet guns. was that they were only used to repel stray dogs.

The obvious question that comes to mind is: 'Why Six Pellet Guns?

Did Gary Michael Hilton: Prolific Serial Killer have Associates?

I am confident that he did....


Glenn Adams said...

Wolfscratch banned from Websleuths Crime Community

You have NO idea what you are talking about . WS is owned by one person. Many moderators work for her. I am guessing that people reported that Wolf copied and pasted what a mod wrote to him, PLUS he was also bringing other people's posts over here. I DO NOT KNOW OF A SINGLE MODERATED BOARD THAT WOULD TOLERATE THIS!! And let's not even mention the endless copy/paste he did over there, the weird PMs he sent to people about channeling Hilton...IF you want to enable ravings in this sandbox, have at it...but he was poster boy for how to get banned from the get go. How do I know all this? I had other posters on there pming me about him, what to do...I said, "let it go, he will hang himself." And he did, because the mods looked around and saw the mess he was making. This is my final post. .
Posted by ChicagoMom2

The majority of the members of Websleuths are honorable and concerned citizens interested in contributing positive opinions, theories, and information or to help, solve, debate , or contribute ideas in ongoing investigations and trials without attacking or impeaching other's integrity or credibility.
re: 'the mess he was making':

Although the thread began over a year and a half ago and all evidence & info has been silenced by the Justice System, for over a year now, views doubled in only 5 weeks, once the unbridled truth was shared.

On page 4 of the WEBSLEUTHS: Cheryl Dunlap thread, comments from this forum were carried over to Websleuths from this forum(sandbox) directed at me personally. NNY, I think you mentioned me channeling GMH in your comment..

The original 'Cheryl Dunlap' thread continues to receive more views than the 'new thread, initiated by you to derail' and interfere with concerned members and guests right to uncensored comments.

re: If you want to enable ravings in this sandbox(CM2: Native NewYorker):

Wolves don't use sand a courtesy to others who have their 'Head in the Sand'......


Glenn Adams said...

Maybe getting banned for life from 'WEBSLEUTHS' wasn't such a bad thing after all..... Sure didn't know this:

Did You? Don't think,

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
Chinese general & military strategist (~400 BC)

this quote would apply in this situation......

Wolfscratch's 'Tid Bits'....

Anonymous said...

"No physical evidence links Ottis Toole to the murder of Adam Walsh either."

Your statement is patently false, as the Hollywood Police has substantial evidence linking Otis Toole to Adam's murder. That is why Adam's case has been deemed solved and closed.

The "new" evidence isn't new in that it is something that is brand new to police. Rather, old evidence had been re-reviewed that was previously overlooked, and undeveloped at the time. In addition, Toole's niece told police he confessed to killing Adam shortly before he died.

You're obviously an "outside" spectator with no inside knowledge about the case other than what you've seen on the news. And that's fine. But it is folly to speak of your lack of knowledge as "fact." The rest of your blog post about Dahmer abducting Adam is heresay, started by an author trying to sell books, and who also had no inside knowledge of the case.

Please stick to the facts you know. You're only spreading rumor with this scathing and presumptuous, misinformed article.

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Glenn Adams said...

Anonymous said...

"No physical evidence links Ottis Toole to the murder of Adam Walsh either."

Your statement is patently false, as the Hollywood Police has substantial evidence linking Otis Toole to Adam's murder. That is why Adam's case has been deemed solved and closed.

The "new" evidence isn't new in that it is something that is brand new to police. Rather, old evidence had been re-reviewed that was previously overlooked, and undeveloped at the time. In addition, Toole's niece told police he confessed to killing Adam shortly before he died.

Folly: 'A death bed confession by a Satan Worshiper.'

What specific evidence?


Anonymous said...

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Solitaire Engagement Rings said...

NIce blog..but some moderation is required.

Glenn Adams said...

From another forum Some info on Gary Hilton: verified from corrections records, unless otherwise stated:

StrangeThingsHappen said...
Dec-5-09 12:03am I recently spent 2 days going through the Department of Corrections records made available to me on an Open Records Request and Subpoena.

A few things I found in Hilton's Department of Corrections records that stood out were:
Hilton's testing showed he has an IQ of 102 WRAT scores: R-12.9, M-6.5, S-12.9
Hilton claims 14 years of education, received GED plus 2 years college,
Spent 3 years in US Army, Infantry, 3/1964-3/1967 (age 18-21) received Honorable Discharge at E4 Rank,
Hilton claims Flight Instruction training and Pilot Certification in 1970 after his discharge from Army.
Hilton's father, William F. Hilton, is dead, and was killed by Hilton's step mother.
Hilton claims No brothers and No sisters,
Hilton is 3 times divorced, no children, no family support
His Birth place was Atlanta, in Fulton County
For Religion he claims none
Hilton's natural Parents separated when he was less than age 5.
Hilton was raised to age 14 by his natural mother
Hilton spent some time in foster care from age 14-17 years old and then joined the Army at age 18.
Hilton's mother, Cleo Reynolds (Hilton) Debag was later married to Nilo Debag who was deceased at age 90 in Broward, Florida on Nov. 1, 2006. Hilton's Mother age 84 now lives in SC and has no contact with him.
There was not much mention of the MS or any special medical needs.
Hilton claims his Parents had no drug or alcohol or arrest backgrounds
Hilton claims to have been Homeless for 8 months after leaving John Tabor's house in Dekalb where he lived for 9 years until sometime in 2007.
Hilton claims he escaped from a Dade Co. FL Juvenile. Det Center after being detained for 2 weeks for attempted murder of his Step-Father.
Hilton claims he was Arrested 10 times as an adult, 5 times as a Juvenile.
Hilton claims to have used drugs as a juvenile
Claims the Age first arrested was 12 years old for breaking and entering (1958).
Hilton admits to the 1982 firebombing of house of Ex-girlfriend's brother (the Green's) in an attempt to kill him, says the charges were dropped for lack of evidence. The younger sister who identified him was 17 at the time. Hilton was age 36.
Hilton admits to past homosexual behavior, but denies current tendencies
Hilton claims past excessive use of alcohol, Quaaludes, Amphetamines, Cocaine, and Marijuana, denies recent use of anything but Marijuana
Hilton claims current Murder charges for Meredith Emerson are not due to drugs or alcohol
Keep in mind these are mostly things Hilton is claiming.

CP By Wolfscratch

Glenn Adams said...

Rob Neufeld on books: WNC novel fictionalizes trails serial killer

Rob Neufeld • COLUMNIST • February 28, 2010

Romance, a sociopath, and a Blue Ridge Mountain summer camp compete for top billing in Rose Senehi's novel “The Wind in the Woods,” and you might say the camp wins. The novel is one of 15 current books published by the new Boone-area outfit Canterbury House, which seeks to advance good writing, regional settings, suspense and stories of hope.

Canterbury's best-selling titles are the “Ride” series by Alabama writers Edie Hand and Jeffrey Addison (a.k.a. Don Keith). Their novella, “A Christmas Ride,” tells of miracles of reconciliation experienced by a family on Christmas stays in the mountains.

“The Soldier's Ride” involves visitations in a cemetery and an appreciation of war veterans' struggles.

Senehi taps another inspirational source: efforts to preserve wilderness and use its effects to build character in youth. She launches her book at four locations in Western North Carolina, March 7-14 (see box).

Creepy entrance

“If they only knew who they ushered out of that cell,” Gary Skinner, a sociopath, mutters to himself after being let out of the Buncombe County jail at the beginning of “The Wind in the Woods” (trade paperback, $15.95).

“If everything went the way he planned, by the end of the week he'd have enough cash to head back down to Satellite Beach” in Florida, where the murder of Melissa Hunt should have become a cold case.

Skinner murders people on hiking trails to get their money and bank cards.

Senehi drew some of her details from the October 2007 murder of John and Irene Bryant and from the confession of Gary Michael Hilton, the 61-year-old killer of Meredith Emerson in north Georgia in 2008.

Senehi's lead chapter, in which the reader catches up with the mind of Skinner, is literary and disturbing. Skinner's modus operandi is believably detailed and improvisational.

Very good suspense writing, however, cannot fully deepen the unambiguous division of good and evil in the novel. Skinner's story does not connect with the themes of the other characters' stories except as someone who generates fear and heroism.

(2 of 2)

The flip side

Romance is another matter. A love of Camp Green River is integral to lovers' love. “Almost every couple he knew,” Senehi writes of the camp owner, “Tiger” Morrison “met at camp, worked together at camp, or got together through some camp connection.”

Morrison breaks up with his stylish companion, Liz, because of her disdain for the commonness of camp. Liz wants him to turn over the camp to Sammy, his daughter by his late wife, who died in a car crash with a drunken driver.

Sammy lives and breathes the camp. “She practically grew up learning to look for and recognize anything that grew or crawled around on the forest floor. Over the past 24 years she'd hiked every trail on their three thousand acres a hundred times.”

When Sammy goes on a hike to Ruby Falls with Patrick, a smitten camp counselor, they talk about one of Patrick's charges, Tucker, a math prodigy with a nature deficit disorder.

“Are you familiar with the Fibonacci ratios?” Patrick asks Sammy. Yes, she had read about it in “The Da Vinci Code.” The ratios show up in pine cones, flower petals and other natural patterns, and Patrick figures he “can teach it to Tucker and try to draw him into connecting his number fetish to nature.”

That's the third element in the book: connecting children to an ethic that goes back to the Cherokee, from whom Morrison's ancestors got the land, and to Ernest Thompson Seton, the Scots founder of the League of Woodcraft Indians.

It's an ethic that this region can boast.

“The year 2010,” Senehi writes in her acknowledgements, “marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of summer youth camps in the Hendersonville/Brevard area, which contains the highest concentration of camps in the United States.
Continued- WS

Glenn Adams said...

Continued from last post-

Rob Neufeld writes the weekly book feature for the Sunday Citizen-Times. He is the author and editor of four books, and the host of the Web site The Read on WNC at He can be reached at and 505-1973.

Rob Neufeld on books: WNC novel fictionalizes trails serial killer | | Asheville Citizen-Times

The Wind in the Woods is my second book in
the Blue Ridge Series. Woven through this
story is the 100-year-old history of summer
youth camps in the Hendersonville/Brevard
section of Western North Carolina--which has
the highest concentration of summer camps in
the United States. Hundreds of thousands have
had the most unforgettable summers of their
lives there. The 15 camps in this area comprise
over 10,000 acres, and therefore make up a
considerable section of unspoiled, undeveloped
mountain forests. Loosely modeled on The
Green River Preserve in the Green River
Valley. The Wind in the Woods tells the story
of one camp owner's struggle to preserve his
3000-acre youth camp with the help of the
Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy and The
Nature Cosnervancy.

One of the major plot lines traces the
murderous rampage of 61-year-old alleged
serial killer, Gary Michael Hilton, who
confessed to the murder of 24-year-old
Meredith Emerson who went hiking with her
dog in the Northern Georgia mountains on New
Year's Day 2008 and never returned. I used his
confession to create, in my novel, his stalking
of a young camp employee and the abduction
of Katie Warlick, the 41-year-old camp cook.
Hilton is also the sole suspect in the killing of
John and Irene Bryant, a couple in their
eighties, who were murdered in October 2007
while hiking in North Carolina's Pisgah National
Forest. In deference to the Bryant family, I have
changed them to two widows in their seventies
and put the scene in neighboring Rutherford
County. The book opens with their
disappearance and traces an exact timeline
sequence of the Bryants' disappearance and
subsequent murder investigation.

CP by Wolfscratch

Glenn Adams said...


As in any culture, or in any community spread across this great Nation, there are those who refuse or are unable to adapt to a civilized society, skirting the rules and laws that guide the rest of us through life. Fortunately they are the exception rather than the rule. Due to their selfish need to fulfill their evil desires or sexual fantasies, their lack of empathy for others, as well as their self assurance of remaining anonymous or stealth by hiding behind their masks of normalcy (at least in the darkness of their minds), they resort to the unimaginable, or unconscionable..
These psycopathetic predators, who know no boundaries of sanity, prey on unsuspecting innocent victims. Many of these predators hone their skills with each innocent victim devoured, increasing confidence and causing escalation.
Although, most of these predators have an uncanning ability to shield their motives, their expressionless face, hiding behind their fake smiles, combined with their lifeless eyes can not conceal this lie.

The only effective weapon that we all posses, is detection: Be cautious, adhere to personal safety rules, and 'Trust your Natural Instincts'.

we all have to be on guard 24/7 and look out for each other, NO ONE IS EXEMPT FROM BECOMING AN INNOCENT VICTIM OF VIOLENT CRIME...


Glenn Adams said...

One of the distinct patterns that was observed backtracking Gary Michael Hilton, was that he marked his ritual grounds with mason glass canning jars. These jars served the same purpose as flashing on trees or markers. In case he left the area for extended periods of time, he would be able to locate them.

Subject: Silent Friend
Keep up the good work and keep the public informed you are so right that silence has gotten many a killer time to kill again. I live within a mile of Cheryl Dunlap and knew her and her kids for many years. I have seen the mason jar markings in our neighborhood and saw hilton at the lake wth in a 1/2 mile of my house and Cheryl's. I think he buried and threw items in to the lake. Don't pay the na sayers any mind just a bunch of busy bodies.

CP from Facebook(Although, her name was displayed, due to privacy reasons, I didn't not use it. I invited her to join the discussion.)


Glenn Adams said...

Adam Walsh's Case Update


Anonymous said...

slide show of Journey backtracking Gary Hilton: Prolific Serial Killer, since 01/06/08:


Anonymous said...

If the above link doesn't work try this one:

slide show of Journey backtracking Gary Hilton: Prolific Serial Killer, since 01/06/08:

Wolfscratch/glenn adams

glenn Adams said...

Posts: 3460
First: 4/26/2008
Last: 4/14/2010 -----Original Message-----
From: Parrish, Jane
Sent: Tue, Apr 13, 2010 6:50 am

You have violated the Terms of Service of If you continue to do this, your account may be blocked.

Jane Parrish, thanks for your reply. Can you be more specific concerning the violations, please. It is not my intention to violate the TOS. I have over 15, 000 comments on this Forum alone, yet each time a new moderator takes over the forum, it seems that they interpret violations due to their lack of knowlege of the relationships of the members of the forum, or the history of the Gary Michael Hilton: Reign of terror. GMH is a Prolific Serial Killer that has been active for over 4 decades with no victim profile. GMH has Obvious Associates and Sidekicks over the years. A simple overview of the Investigation files and records of the GBI/FBI fom GA would verify this.

The first action by a competent investigator in a Missing Person Investigation would be to check for activity of their cell phone and financials: ATM cards. Although Cheryl Hodges Dunlap was abducted on December 1, 2007, her ATM Cards were activated December 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, at the same bank... "Wild Tips?" "My Buttocks"...

My comments are not speculation and conjecture. one of my recent comments was deleted by the Moderator of this forum without Explanation. I do not apreciate this arbitrary violation of my Free Speech Rights by the Moderator of this forum, due to their whims or disagreement of my comments or opinions...

Why is the Tally Democrat hiding under their desks and not asking the 'Hard Questions'.

Why has it taken private citizens with no affiliation with the media to seek the Truth through FOI Requests of the Investigation?

The Media (Local and National) is placing the Public's Safety at Risk, due to this Silence and Censorship of Pertinent well as disimenating Spoonfed Missiinformation, prepared by the Justice System for Public Consuumption such as the: .. 'Wild tips tangled Dunlap Case'. Feb 1, 2009 | Corbett, Nic | Portman, Jennifer . ... DEMOCRAT

The Democrat and other Media(Local & National) should be Ashamed..."The many Victims Have No Voice."

The Democrat is complicit, IMO.
Silence is/was Gary Michael Hilton & Associates most Lethal Weapon..
Cheryl Hodges Dunlap wasn't their first victim in Florida, nor was she their last...

Please do your research...before you issue your intimidating threats of banishment..

Wolfscratch/Glenn Adams: "Til my Dowsing Rods Point to Me'..

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glenn Adams said...

Folks, during the journey backtracking GMH, for over two years now, I have endured interference by an Attorney that lives in Virginia. The above comment is an example of this. The last comment posted by this troll was a viagra comercial.
As you can determine for yourself, this is a childish attempt to silence my voice.
If you will research my previous comments, you will know the motives of this poster.


glenn adams said...

The Audio Link for the following post has been removed. Nancy Imperiale transcribed it, or it would have been lost forever.
From: Nancy Imperiale's Blog:

This is from a radio interview given by Steve Segars, the boyfriend of Meredith Hope Emerson. I think my words should intrude no more…

Steve Segars: Gwinett Co., Firefighter EMT/paramedic


i don’t know the words

she was my she was my breath

and she vanished

and we don’t know what happened to her

and she hurt


i’m telling you that that has been the only thing that’s gotten me thru to this point

that god let everything pour on him and let everything go to pieces on him

with the fact that he stuck with it, you can throw me anything you want and i’m gonna love you anyway

and i’m still gonna love you

and i don’t know how that can happen

i don’t know if god can put her spirit in me

put her in my pocket

i don’t know

i don’t know what restoration is

but i’m counting on it

i’m breathing on it now


she was brilliant

she was absolutely, that doesn’t cover it

you hear these tired cliches and everybody glowing she was fantastic and she was brilliant and you can’t possibly describe this little sprite of a human being

she was absolutely fantastic

this little sprite of a girl

24 years old

and she was so well read

she was so smart

she had so much to bring to the table

and it brought so much to me to know someone like her was interested in me

i was just fascinated with it

and it was reciprocal

and that just blew me away


so many people end up in situations where they can’t tell em

i was holding up hope

and thinking we’d caught him

and she’s still alone

and naked

and cold

and sitting in silence

and waiting for us

was that god’s letting her hear me?

wherever she was, god would let her hear me

so i’d get in a place

just talk to her

tell her everything

every little aspect

she was amazed

as i am

that so many people can’t spell meredith correctly

the command board messed up her spelling

it was the kind of thing we giggled about

but she


oh god

when i ran out of things like that i’d just tell her stories

she was there

i know she was there

but i just wanted to recount it

and she was there

if i was doing nothing more than entertaining her

that was good enough

so then i got to the point

where maybe i thought

she was looking down


glenn adams said...


there are some people in the media that aren’t gonna do this so properly

that aren’t gonna be so nice

all i wanted the world to know

is that this little, this little angel,

was beyond,

beyond words….

but i had written –

that was another thing with us,

we wrote to each other constantly.

she was very literary

and she pushed me,

because i had been, but had given up on it,

hadn’t had a muse (chuckles)…

but we started writing things

back and forth to each other

and the things that came from that

were just blinding.

when i wrote something okay

i’d just email her.

but if i wrote something really good

i’d hold on to it

and i’d give it to her

i’d save it and take it to her and watch her read it.

and she would (on purpose, i found out after the fact)

she’d bend over and read it and let the hair fall so i couldn’t see her face

so i couldn’t see her cry

but you got to where you could get enough of a feel of it to know if it really affected her

she’d call

and she’d leave a voice mail

so i could listen to it over and over

the effect it had

and oh god! it felt so good to do that!


she’s four foot

this is gonna fade

and people are gonna stop thinking about her

and i’m squeezing every minute to make sure

even if it’s in the deepest recesses of people’s minds

it’s there

the fact that this happened

and it’s sick

and it’s wrong

i want to believe

to let people know

who she was

the depth and breadth of a 24-year-old girl

that transcended time

that people can take inspiration from that

because she deserved it

you can’t possibly know


battling against breast cancer



Ani DiFranco

Indigo Girls

Brandy Carlisle

singer-songwriters with lyrical depth

her boyfriend

– as much of the transcript as I could take down

purchase viagra said...

Hello friend amazing and very interesting blog about The Adam Walsh Case: Closed, Not Solved

wolfscratch said...

GAPeach2, is involved in a Slapp Law Suit brought on by John Tabor, in Dekalb County, GA. She has been very Dilligent in her research and would make a Hell of good Attorney, IMO.
We could use some good Attorneys to replace the three Associated with Gary Hilton: Prolific Serial Killer, IMO..
GAPeach attended School with the children of two of GMHs innocent victims and actually met and talked to the two victims before they became prey of GMH & Associates…

Brought over from TDO Cheryl Dunlap:

Got the first batch of audio interviews. Interesting stuff to say the least.

Matt Howard’s term used for the Hilton investigation:

This is likely going to end up being a case of epic proportions!

Wow, Wolf maybe you are not so completely out there? Even GBI Agent Howard thinks so too!

Looks like Mr. Goddard maybe is one to check out, his name comes up in a most enlightening context. I tried getting him to talk to me, but he wouldn’t, now I have a pretty good idea why.

Anyone else up for an Open Records Request?


wolfscratch said...

Coincidence or parallel?


Wolfscratch said...

posted at 5/13/2010 4:32 AM EDT on

Posts: 3647
First: 4/26/2008
Last: 5/13/2010
Can you tell a sociopath by looking at them. The experts say no way. But right here, I think Gary Michael Hilton's mask has slipped....

(Transcribed by Nimperiale)

(Alternate title: Where’s Gary???)

Wolf asked me to pull this out of a very long interview I transcribed, between serial killer Gary Michael Hilton and South Carolina detectives. The interview occurred two years ago tomorrow.

Gary Michael Hilton still has not been tried for any murder. Including the one of my high-school friend, Cheryl Hodges Dunlap.

Gary Michael Hilton (and I give him three names not to glorify him, but to help to protect any innocents out there who happen to also be named Gary Hilton) has been lying on his back in jail for 3 years now, he says. He says he loves it in jail and couldn’t be happier.

Anyhow, since that transcript was so long, wolf figures a lot of people won’t bother to read the whole thing, maybe. And he’s right. So excerpts are a good idea. I transcribed the whole thing so I’m starting to know it by heart. Which isn’t fun.

Anyhow, here’s the part where he talks about Cheryl’s murder. Warning: Graphic and disturbing, as always:

Pickens S.C. Sheriff’s Captain Dewey Smith: Iʼm here because someone has been missing for 10 years. [Jason Knapp] I told you that. I told you that Iʼm here because of the grieving family thatʼs been grieving for 10 years. And I hope the Good Lord someday you come to peace with all the officers and courts so you don’t leave those other people’s families grieving for 10 years.

Gary Michael Hilton: Yeah yeah. Thatʼs up to them, though. That’s up to them. Because if they’re gonna try to kill me, of course I’m not gonna give them nothing. What would YOU do? If someone. what would you do? You already got life and now they want to kill you. What would you do?

You would be pis.ed off. You’d fight everything. Everything is gonna be a big deal, starting with from extradition to whether I got enough blankets in jail.

I am gonna raise hell. Total hell. I told my jury, my Florida lawyers, I wonʼt be happy unless it takes three to four years to go to trial and unless we have a one thousand-person jury pool and unless we have at least two changes of venue.

[Hilton LAUGHS.]

And that’s just to begin with.

Brian or something in Atlanta took a million and a half [taxpayer dollars] spent and hadn’t picked a jury yet. And I WON’T BE happy unless I do that to them.

And I am. I am.

Wolfscratch said...

Iʼm gonna play total hell. You know why? Because I got life [in prison] already.

I offered to do it the easy way, to give the family closure they could get, and make it easy for the state and me. I’ve offered that, and if they wanna do it the hard way, well we’re gonna do it the hard way.

And if that’s so, if the way we’re gonna do it is the hard way, we’re gonna spend $4 million dollars and 15 years to kill you, OK? And not have this cleared up and never know what happened?

They may in Florida, they may be missing body parts. They may have recovered body parts. They could be missing. She [Cheryl Dunlap] was decapitated, thatʼs well known…..


Hilton continues: Well they may be missing her head. And if they were missing her head, and if I did it, I could give them that head and Iʼd be happy to do it. But if they don’t want to get her head, etcetera,


and they want to kill me instead and spend four mill etcetera, etecetera?

Bring it on.

I’m 61 years old and got 17 years life expectancy. Bring it the fu.k on! If you want to get me into the execution chamber when I’m almost 80 years old, hey, knock your fu.king self out! You got a fight on your hands.

Sheriff’s Capt. Smith: Let me ask you: How do you know they want to put you to death?

Hilton: I actually donʼt know that. Let me tell you, because I’ve offered Leon County detectives the deal. I know they’re not Willie Meggs the State Attorney, but I told them to take it back to him.

I got life. They can’t give me another day. So what does that leave? That doesn’t leave…Why are they extraditing me when I said, right now, you donʼt have to bother with that? I said I wanna stay in Georgia. I like these people here, I do. I like Georgia prison institutions because — you know why? — because they understand a prisoner who is reasonably happy, he is not likely to assault guards. Itʼs safety.

So there ya go. He talks about details about Cheryl’s murder that he shouldn’t have, unless he were involved. That’s why it’s REAL easy for me, a journalist, to know he did it. And then there’s lovely Meredith. He has admitted freely what he did to her. That’s enough right there to want to keep an eye on this scumball for the rest of his miserable existence…

I feel sorry for any prison guards, wherever they are, who have to deal with Gary daily.

Where is Gary, by the way? Guess what: We don’t know. We do not believe he is in the Leon County Jail and has not been for months if not a year. Where is Gary? Nobody will say…

CP By Wolfscratch

Wolfscratch said...

Is the Gary Ridgeway: Green River Serial Killer Prosecution strategy being utilized in the Gary Michael Hilton: Serial Killer, Death Penalty Trial?


wolfscratch said...

In Response to Re: Cheryl Dunlap's Forum: (Tallahassee Democrat)

Awe...I can't talk about it just makes me too sad. I'll never understand why he still went ahead with it knowing so many people witnessed them and the dogs together that day and had to know he'd be a main POI. Meredith sure did everything possible though. God love her.
Posted by BandMom1

Because she challenged him on the morning of 01/04/08, sacrificing her life for others..
Hope we all could be so courageous..
Meredith knew that GMH, never intended to let her go free..
She fought him with mind, body, and spirit..
She was Victorious...

'Right To Hike'

'In Memory of Meredith Hope Emerson'

"An Evening of Hope"

“If not for her perception, courageous fight, and unselfish sacrifice, Gary Michael Hilton would still be preying on our Families, Friends, and Loved Ones”..


wolfscratch said...

RE: Accused killer Gary Hilton?

GMH is a confessed killer of Meredith Hope Emerson..

Possible victim's map of Gary Michael Hilton, prepared by sleddog:

When GMH, was asked by the Pickens Co, SC Sheriff how the other prisoners and guards treat him at Jackson Prison, GA, where he is serving life W/O Parole:

Gary Hilton's view in his own words concerning the delay in Justice for his many, many victims including Cheryl Dunlap:

"No one messes with me here. They treat me real good."

"I've got my own T.V.'I READ'. I've got my meals cooked, served...the dishes are washed. My laundry is done....Hey, I love it!"

"I'm gonna f------ raise hell, total hell. I'm not gonna be happy unless it takes three to four years to go to trial. Unless we have a 1,000 person jury pool, and unless we have at least two changes of venue. And that's just to begin with (laughs)."

Prolific Serial Killer Gary Michael Hilton, is playing the Justice System like a fiddle...

wolfscratch said...

GAPeach, a concerned citizen, has posted a link on the heaven forum of an interview of Gary Michael Hilton's mother by Special Agents of the GBI and the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit. Although his mother is very skeptical of their motives and doesn't want to reveal info that would harm her only son, it is obvious that an attempt is being made by the Agents, to mine various personal history and relationships to establish a timeline, and possible stressors(of which there were many) that triggered GMH’s reigh of terror, as well as his geographical area of operation. The interview is very revealing. The shooting of his stepfather by GMH at age 14, the arson of a barn & vehicle as a child, coupled with the torching of his fiance's house in 1982 (Dekalb co, GA)with her and her brother and sister inside.
The Shawn Stewart(estranged girlfriend that GMH called on 01/04/08) info is very significant, IMO, as well as the camping photos viewed at the conclusion of the interview. Although many of GMH’s camping photos had been discarded by his Mother, due to limited storage space, one of the photos is of a Camping Trip out West…
For some reason, that seems to raises the hair on the back of my neck..


Generic Viagra Online said...

Very Nice review and I kind connect with what I read.
I agreee with what you said..wish that you keep working the same manner and educating us till the end.

glenn Adams said...

Gary Michael Hilton: Serial Killer Opening Statements in his Death Penalty Trial begins at 8:30 AM on 02/04/2011.

Finally, after virtually 3 years of Silence by the Justice System and the Media(Local & National)maybe, just maybe we can get some answers. The American Public Safety has been placed in jeopardy due to this silence. The Media and Justice System should be ashamed...


Read more: LIVE UPDATES: Jurors in Hilton murder trial to be decided today | | Tallahassee Democrat

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Free speech.
The author clearly stated empathy for the Walsh family and is putting the truth regarding the murder of an innocent child above politics and people.

Tracy Matt said...

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Tracy Matt said...

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