Friday, December 19, 2008

Speculation of the Talking Heads—Is it or isn't it Caylee Anthony?

by Stacy Dittrich

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, the breaking news in the Caylee Anthony case has the talking heads literally squawking. I can say this because I am one, and though I can't speak for the rest of them, it's my opinion that the speculations, predictions, and eventual outcomes have turned tiresome.

In case you’re one of those in the cave, just last week an Orange County Florida utilities worker stopped by a wooded area to use the restroom. As he walked back into the woods he saw a garbage bag and proceeded to kick it, sending a small human skull tumbling out. Obviously horrified, the man called 911. Needless to say, the human remains were found less than a quarter of a mile from the home of George and Cindy Anthony. Subsequently, the investigation into missing Caylee simply exploded—along with the media.

Now, for the last seven days, we have been subjected to expert after expert commenting on what the police could have possibly found, how it will be processed, whether or not the remains are really those of little Caylee, will the grandparents be charged or should they be charged, was there duck tape around the mouth or just on the garbage bag? These are just a few. As I’ve said, I am just as guilty but have grown weary of my own commentating as well as others. The bottom line is that the Orange County Sheriff’s Department has done a phenomenal job of keeping the evidence and circumstances surrounding the remains under lock and key—they’re doing their job. We can all speculate until the end of time, but we won't know a thing until the sheriff’s department gives us the information. Sorry, I refuse to get my information from the likes of Leonard Padilla.

The only information we know for a fact, at this very moment, is that an innocent 2-year-old girl is missing and is most likely dead—something we won’t know for sure until there's a positive identification. We know that her mother is sitting in jail and charged with the murder. We know that she has acquired her own dream team consisting of those anxious to jump aboard the Casey Anthony Circus and Media Magnet’s Train. We know that her parents have their own attorney, and the sheriff’s department is still processing the scene.

We will all know soon enough if the remains found at the scene were Caylee Anthony’s. As for the condition of the remains, and other evidence found, these are facts that will most likely come out at the trial—and we’ll all know then. Needless to say, we should all take a deep breath, sit back, and let law enforcement do their jobs effectively.

I apologize for such a short post but I have to run, I am a scheduled guest on a radio show giving my expert law enforcement opinion. The topic?

Caylee Anthony . . . I think my train is leaving now.


Levi said...

Leonard Padilla is a digusting pimp and a media whore. He was actually outside the home of the Anthony family signing autographs. What idiot would want an autograph from that blow bag circus clown?

The only gripe I have with the talking heads, is a gripe with one of them: Leonard Padilla.

Bounty Hunters are not qualified to speak out on missing children investigations. Bounty Hunters do not investigate missing people, or cases of murdered children.

With that being said, I think it is safe to say the remains are Caylee Anthony's. I think Casey Anthony has even confessed to her defense team that the body was Caylee's, because one of her lawyers Linda Kenney Baden said she thought it was Caylee.

A Voice of Sanity said...

Even if it is Caylee (which is probable) they are miles away from any sort of homicide charge.

Anonymous said...

Miles away from any sort of homicide charge?? How's that? A premeditated murder [or any other murder charge] charge maybe, but Caylees death was at the very least a homicide. In fact, I believe she has already been charged with Caylee's death.

I think Casey's lawyers already know as well, but knowing and proving it are two different things. Maybe they will be able to talk her into taking a plea - if one is even offered.

Anonymous said...

Miles away from any sort of homicide charge?? How's that? A premeditated murder [or any other murder charge] charge maybe, but Caylees death was at the very least a homicide. In fact, I believe she has already been charged with Caylee's death.

I think Casey's lawyers already know as well, but knowing and proving it are two different things. Maybe they will be able to talk her into taking a plea - if one is even offered.

Anonymous said...

If a cause of death cannot be determined, then the defense has many options to choose, among them:

Caylee's death was accidental and all this was just a cover up by a scared Casey.

Caylee was killed by unknown kidnappers.


Anonymous said...

Not necessarily. There is no evidence that Caylee was ever kidnapped by someone known or unknown. But, I suppose they could even claim that she was kidnapped by aliens in a UFO.


Casey cannot claim it was an accidental death unless she admits to it and disposing of the body and lying and misleading LE all along. Don't forget she didn't even report Caylee missing until a month after the fact and that was only because her mother made her to it. Erither way, they don't need a body or a cause of death to get a conviction.

I'd say Casey has her ass between a rock and a sledge hammer right now.

Rose said...

I completely disagree that we are miles away from a homicide charge, we were closer than miles away before a body was found.

I was expecting more info on the topic! Come back and post more! I love your posts!

Levi said...

There is never a criminal A Voice of Sanity will not defend.

I think they had the goods on this woman even before they found the body, and I thought they should have went for the death penalty even without a body...

Now that they have a body Casey Anthony is going down. Hopefully she'll get a needle in the arm.

A Voice of Sanity said...

Levi ranted: "There is never a criminal A Voice of Sanity will not defend".

Ridiculous. I simply believe only the guilty should be convicted and punished. You, OTOH, believe that an accusation suffices and a fair trial is unneeded.

Quote: "The FDA has received "numerous" reports of deaths and other adverse events in adults and children "associated with the misuse and inappropriate use of this potent cough medicine (Tussionex)," the statement said. The reports indicate that physicians and other health professionals have prescribed Tussionex for children under age 6, or more frequently than the labeled dosing interval of every 12 hours. The reports also indicate that patients have taken the incorrect dose because they have misinterpreted the dosing directions or have used inappropriate devices to measure the suspension".

Almost all cough medicine will soon be banned for use in children under 6 as the risks are too high.

The mother commented that the child had an infection ("snothead"). It is far from impossible that the child was overdosed or overdosed herself with fatal results causing the mother to panic and dispose of the body. If you think this is unlikely to work as a defense see the case of Robert Durst in TX, a case where I believe a conviction should have been obtained but was not.

The mother was right to not raise this as a defense until trial. As the famous video series points out, if you have any potential liability at all you should NEVER talk to the police. Had she, they would have spent 20,000 hours 'proving' her defense invalid by 'accidentally' destroying any and all evidence.

Stacy Dittrich said...

I have to agree with the rest, we are not miles away from a homicide charge-she has been charged with homicide (first degree murder) weeks ago.

A Voice of Sanity said...

Dick Cheney was charged with "organised criminal activity" over allegations about abuse in privately run prisons. How did that go?

Anonymous said...

Ummm...what does that have to do with Casey Anthony??

Levi said...

A Voice of Sanity, YOU were the one that said they were miles away from charging her, Stacy pointed out she has ALREADY been charged.

I don't believe she OD'd on cough meds, if you are going with accidental death how do you explain the searches BEFORE the child went missing, about "neck breaking" and "missing children" ???

What about the searches for cloroform recipes, and the cloroform in the trunk of the car?

A Voice of Sanity said...

They still don't have enough for homicide. No matter what you believe, in a real court you need to prove an actus reas to go forward. In a real court you also need to eliminate every other reasonable possibility. Your 'belief' as to medicine is of no value. She could also have died of a viral infection or by accidental smothering. The chloroform 'detection' is dubious - they could have picked up a chemical analogue; and the searches don't fly either - my own searches would raise red flags (body decomposition rates, ways to bury bodies at sea, serial abductions ... and many others).

They may try her in the press of course, as they have done so far. In that case there will only be the pretense of a fair trial with a foregone conclusion as has happened many times before to those without millions for a defense.

cheryl said...

Casey Anthony may not have millions, but she has some line up of a defense team.

"It smells like there was a dead body in the damned car."

Anonymous said...

They have already ruled her death a homicide. I suggest you look up the definition.

Levi said...

A Voice of Sanity, when a woman waits a month to report her child missing, and then she bar hops around Orlando while her daughter is missing...

I think most people can put two and two together and convict her.

Open and shut case.

A Voice of Sanity said...

Wow! So - no more evidence? No more trials? Just your opinion of how people 'ought' to behave - but no rules, you just make it up as you go along? It seems the Constitution really is truly "just a damn piece of paper".

If you believe you accidentally killed your child and dispose of the body to cover it up, exactly WHAT are you supposed to "report to the police"?

According to you, 2 + 2 = 17.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Leonard Padilla either. He was so sure Caylee would be found "near the airport" yet she was so close to home. I wonder what the deal was with all the cell phone pings that made them believe Caylee was by the airport. Guess that is irrelevant now.

AVOS, you can rationalize it any way you want to - so believe whatever you want. But cut the BS about there not being enough evidence to call this a homicide and murder. We don't even know what all the evidence is yet. And nothing takes the place of good common sense.

Levi said...
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Levi said...

A Voice of Sanity, stop trying muck everything up.

She didn't accidentally kill her child, the websearches of missing children, neck breaking, and cloroform recipes show premeditation.

You can explain away the websearches, by saying you search for burying bodies at sea.... BUT if a family member of yours is found buried near the sea... Your guilty.

I don't know why you have to make such a simple black and white case so complex when it isn't.