Friday, December 12, 2008

Left for Dead

by Susan Murphy-Milano

Munk Caselow Willis has been incarcerated for approximately 8,047 days. His home for 22 years--the Alabama State Prison.

One person is particular, has counted the total hours and days Willis has been in prison. It is a woman Willis and two others kidnapped, raped, beat, shot, and
left for dead in an abandoned quarry.

On May 14, 1986,
Susan Waller, 21, was a student at the University of Alabama while holding down a job in a clinical laboratory. That evening, her girlfriend Emily came over to her apartment. Susan answered the door. Three young men burst into the door of the dwelling, knocking both women to the floor. Armed with shot guns and knives, the men tore through the apartment room by room, like a tornado looking for anything of value.

At gunpoint, the men kidnapped Susan and Emily, taking the women across town to another location.

After hours of rape, torture and beatings, the 3 men took the women to an abandoned trash filled quarry. Both Susan and Emily were ordered by the men into the water. The young women swam as quickly as possible.

Little did either realize the next move by the men was to shoot at them like target practice as they swam for their lives.

When the
bullets finally stopped and there was silence, Susan and Emily waited in the water, for what seemed like forever before swimming to the other side of the quarry. Once they reached shore, the women ran towards the bright lights up on the hill.

Suddenly, out from the darkness, the 3 men emerged. Susan and Emily begged the men for their lives, “please, please, we won’t tell anyone, just let us go.”

One of the men held a shot gun to Susan’s head. “I don’t care about you bitch.” Bang. The noise was so loud it scared one of the other gunmen and Emily was able to break away and jump back into the water and escape.

The men took Susan’s body, dragging it across the hard gravel. “The bitch aint dead”, said one of the men. "She will be" , remarked another. The men dumped Susan’s body into the water. Susan played dead, remaining conscious enough to keep her mouth out of the water.

The three men responsible have only served twenty-two years of two concurrent life terms for rape and attempted murder. Each man becomes eligible for parole every three to five years. On January 8, 2009 I must stand before the
Alabama Board of Paroles and ask them to deny parole to inmate Munk Willis. “It is my belief that this violent sex offender will not be capable of conforming to minimal standards of conduct within a community; and in fact poses a grave risk to society.”

Susan Waller ,
Stacy Dittrich, Robin Sax and myself are asking readers to sign a petition of protest (you need only be a citizen of the U.S. for your signature to count) supporting this request to the board. As a political machine, they are influenced by public opinion, and every signature will matter. The petition is a confidential document; viewed only by Susan Waller and the acting parole board members. Your signature will never be made public.

We are enclosing a link directly to the petition:

On Tuesday, December 16, 2008, Susan Waller will be a guest on
Justice Interrupted.


Anonymous said...

I am curious as to how many of these early releases we hear nothing about because of over crowding in our prison system.

In cases like this one, the violent offenders should be drop shipped to a desert island and left to live out their days without the ability to go before a parole board.

I will the petition and say a prayer.

Delilah said...

This man has not completed ANY inmate rehabilitation programs nor has he shown any remorse for nightmare he has created in the lives of two women.

If he is allowed out of prison and back into society he WILL victimize someone else.

That someone else will be YOUR mother, sister, or daughter. Susan's story will be heard and told by many of us.

I plead that everyone who reads this go to the petition site and have your voice count.

Unknown said...

I signed with the following:

Some people make a stupid decision, or think they won't get caught. Those people have a better chance of rehabbing, after spending time thinking about their stupid decision, or finding out they can be caught.

But other people enjoy evil deeds, like Munk Caselow Willis. People that enjoy hurting others shouldn't be rehabbed.

Anonymous said...

I signed and sent to my address book and posted on my facebook profile.

I am praying for Susan Waller.

Thank you for doing this story Susan.

A Voice of Sanity said...

Texas released Carl Eugene "Coral" Watts, one of the worst serial killers of young women ever from prison, and it was only because of a desperate last ditch prosecution in Michigan that he remained incarcerated until he died.

It has even been suggested that Watts killed Sister Margaret Ann Pahl, a crime for which Father Gerald Robinson is in prison despite a lack of evidence against Robinson. So much for the death penalty making for safety.

Unknown said...

To think of this MONSTER possibly not being behind bars, TERRIFIES ME!

It is beyond my comprehension why in the name of anything holy that paroling this vile creature would even be a mere thought in the mind of anyone with a somewhat rational brain.

I am literally sickened to have to sign a petition on this in the first place, his parole NEVER should have come up to begin with...

Anonymous said...

I am totally disgusted and will forward this to my groups.