Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beware Casey Scamthony

For the last three years, the country has been transfixed watching the weird antics and dysfunction of the family of murdered Orlando toddler Caylee Anthony. Now each family member seems to be in a battle over who deserves the most sympathy from the court of public opinion, and the jury deciding whether or not Casey Anthony, Caylee's mother, is responsible for her death.

This has caused the Anthony family to split apart, as Casey Anthony throws them under the bus to save her own skin. Formerly her biggest, most vocal, and only supporters, now have targets on their heads, and the defense is aiming right at them, characterizing her family as liars, sexually abusive, intimidating, and the poster family for dysfunction.

The nation watched in amazement as Casey Anthony's lead defense attorney Jose Baez gave his mesmerizing opening statement laying out how Caylee's death wasn't an act of foul play, but rather a tragic accidental drowning in a swimming pool. Baez wanted the jury to believe that Casey Anthony was intimidated by her sexually abusive, ex cop father, to not report the drowning, but to allow him to cover up the death, and dispose of Caylee's dead body. Baez even went so far as to allege that George Anthony was trying to frame Casey Anthony for murders. Jose Baez told the jury that Cindy Anthony was holding around guilt for leaving the ladder to the pool up, where Caylee could get into the pool by herself. Additionally, Baez painted a picture of a young Casey Anthony being forced to go to school as if nothing was wrong, after her father forced her to perform oral sex on him as a child.

It seems as if nobody is safe from being targeted by Casey and her defense team. Even the meter reader who discovered the body of Caylee has been accused by Casey's defense team as being a "morally bankrupt" individual with a thirst for money. The defense team claims Roy Kronk found Caylee's remains where George Anthony dumped them, and then put the remains in the wooded area 15 houses from the Anthony family home.

While the defense team wants us to believe Casey is a victim of her family, it is the other way around. Casey has victimized her family and friends. For example Casey Anthony stole $45,000 from her parents, causing them to almost loose their home. Casey even stole checks from her elderly grandmother, Shirley Plesea. Casey even took advantage of her so called best friend Amy Huizenga, stealing her check book, and then in January of last year pleading guilty to check fraud charges.

I wouldn't want to be connected in any way to Casey Anthony, as it is obvious that she is a self centered narcissistic brat that will scam people, use people, and throw anyone to the wolves in order to save herself, whether her allegations are true or not. Even to people she should love.

I'm not the biggest fan of the Anthony family, but I don't see a shred of evidence that George Anthony disposed of the body, or that he put the duct tape and heart shaped sticker over Caylee's mouth and nose. To the contrary, all the evidence points to Casey Anthony. Is it really reasonable that a male ex cop like George Anthony would put a pink heart shaped sticker over duct tape? That screams Casey Anthony and really fits into her immature personality.
Casey Anthony is a scam artist, constantly lying, constantly using other people, throwing them under the bus, and this current defense strategy is nothing unusual for her. Anyone want to bet that when this trial is over, Casey Anthony will throw her attorney Jose Baez under the bus and accuse him of some sort of misconduct? Anyone that is associated with her in anyway ends up getting stung.

It really shows that nobody is safe when it comes to Casey Anthony... or shall we call her Casey "Scamthony?"


Lili Hamilton said...

Thank you for the article, Mr. Page. Very accurate about Ms Casey Anthony (and apparently the willingness of her attornies, Mr. Jose Baez, et., al) to "invent" felony charges against father George Anthony, and implicate even her mother Cindy Anthony's supposed carelessness resulting in the "drowning" of little Caylee.

What a shock. Cindy forgot to put the ladder away. George found the drowned baby. Casey overcome with grief, was only able to cry while her father "took care" of the situation, according to the theory Baez' opening laid out, and though I'm not an attorney, I'm guessing Baez received this absurd info from Casey.

Using the strategy of CA v. Menendez is dicey at best. Even though the Menendez Brothers' first jury hung, their retrial found both brothers guilty of murder.

And, let's face it: Leslie Abramson was the attorney for Eric Menendez and Baez is nowhere near as skilled, experienced and SMART as
Ms. Abramson.

Although, I'm not convinced that Anthony killed her daughter in a premeditated first degree murder, I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that little Caylee died at the hands of her mother.

I want to know the truth about what happened to little Caylee. I want to know the why, the what, the how but I am reconciled that I never will. Casey Anthony can't accept even an accidental drowing on her watch (though I don't believe Caylee drowned); the only other person who knows what happens is Caylee and she's been silenced, forever, and in my opinion, by her mother, Casey Marie Anthony.

Anonymous said...

The role of the defense is to create reasonable doubt and I think they are doing a fine job at it. Things very easily "could" have happened that way and there is no evidence so far that it didn't. In this trial it's not important who did what - only that there's a plausible alternative to the prosecutions claim. Any doubt must benefit the accused - thats a fundamental principle of our legal system - so whether you like Casey or not the only thing she's guilty of so far is to fail to report a deadly accident after the fact.

Yes Casey Anthony is an immature and selfish liar who will say anything to get out of trouble. But being a liar is "not" a capital offence - if so, Washington would be a ghost town. So far I do not see how they can possibly convict her, nor do it see any justice for Caylee in doing so.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - the key word is "reasonable" doubt. Dr. G's testimony was powerful - no accident is covered up with a murder, no drowning goes unreported, no child should have duct tape on their face for any reason, pre or post mortem.

The defense should never have posited the accidental drowning, subsequent cover-up and conspiracy to frame Casey Anthony. If their opening statements had been simply that the state will be unable to prove who did the unspeakable to Caylee, it might have worked.

Now, they have taken on the burden of PROVING it was an accident, PROVING that Casey had nothing to do with the disposal of Caylee and PROVING that Casey Anthony was so damaged by her dysfunctional family that she couldn't do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

And just what revelation has the juvenile Levi Page given us in this article? Nothing imo since all he has done is repeat what everyone else has posted for months. Get something original Page. You are a loser.

Levi Page said...

The defense team has not done a good job of raising reasonable doubt, because they came up with a scenario that hinges on Casey Anthony's testimony... And if Casey Anthony takes the stand she will be eaten alive by all her lies. The prosecution will have her for lunch.

Instead of poking holes in the prosecutions case, Jose Baez is trying to make George Anthony and the meter reader the boogey man, and gave a drowning theory that is ABSURD.

Dr. G said 100% of accidental drownings are reported. Caylee's wasn't reported, because it wasn't an accidental drowning but a murder. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Well Levi, again you mimic what has been said by many a talking head in the news. Oh, and BTW, where did you see Ms. Anthonys "tesitmony". To my knowledge she hasn't taken the stand and given any testimony. Baez is spinning that nonsense. Casey hasn't said squat.

Levi Page said...

Well she has to take the stand, if you watched the opening he said George Anthony intimidated Casey into not calling 911 and allow him to cover up the death. This is a STORY FROM CASEY. Baez spoke about how George Anthony was carrying Caylee in his arms and screamed at Casey. The only way he can back any of that up is to put Casey on that.

Anonymous said...

"STORY FROM CASEY", I think not. Story by Baez to cover for his BS from the beginning. How do you go from the invisinanny defense to molestation and drowning? You don't change your horse in the middle of a race.

You need some new material to comment about because all I have heard you say is what thousands of bloggers have for the past three years.

lisa franks said...

oh anonymous you are nothing but a know it all coward, why don't you post using a real name slime ball? i love levi page's thoughts and i for one tune into all of his shows. he tells it like it is... levi has been on tons of tv shows, what about you? i sense a little jealousy coming from you! why do you even bother to comment if you don't like to read levi's blogs? he has many fans and followers, and i bet more people would rather hear or listen to him, than a nobody coward like you

Anonymous said...

Whats in a screen name? I could make one up like Lisa Franks or John Smith. Obviously your command of the English language is sorely lacking since you don't seem to communicate without name calling. Classy, really classy.

Anonymous said...

Who this anonymous anyway? Reasonable doubt? Sounds to me like none other than the joke Wendy Murphy, the biggest laughing stock out there right now. Someone else murdered Caylee? Ok!!!! Let me pick myself up off the floor from laughing.

Hey Wendy, your plastic surgery sucks! Marcia Clark's looks much better, and apparently her surgery didn't mess up her brain, because you look and sound foolish. Get your facts straight next time you spout off on TV. Much rather here good logic and common sense from Mr. Page than half of these stupid talking heads on TV.

Don't even get me started on Linda Kenny Baden... What a train wreck. Another one with a bad tan, bad plastic surgery, who drinks the Casey kool aid.


Anonymous said...

Almost forgot to add this tidbit, that god awful looking wig you wear Wendy Murphy. It looks like the hair from a witch. It has to be squeezing your brain, and keeping the oxygen from flowing.

Nobody else has motive to kill Caylee. The computer searches show premeditation. Duct tape proves it wasn't an accident. Case closed.

This is a very good circumstancial case. A jury can put the puzzle together, and dismiss all your BS and the wild fantasy of Jose Bozo.

Good article Levi. Casey is throwing everyone under the bus, but in the end. She alone will be smashed by the bus!


Anonymous said...


LINDA B said...

To Anonymous aka Selina,
Your comments about Levi and others are uncalled for. This is about a little girl that is dead by mysterious means, and not about wigs or plastic surgery. Levi may be young but he is not a teenager. His opinions are sought after. whereas alas your are not. You seem to be having a bad day.

Anonymous 79 said...

If Casey hadn't told such ridiculous lies to the police such as the bogus "Greenwood" address, if she hadn't been out renting movies with a boyfriend/date (ANY movies) instead of reporting a missing child, if she hadn't neglected to report an "accident".... if she hadn't neglected so many important details, she wouldn't be on trial for murder. The inexplicable lies and deceptions are evidence against her. Her defense teams' only option is to transform her into the victim. I hope the jury sees right through this. Good article Mr. Page, looking forward to seeing more.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Casey’s family is a victim, although I don’t understand why everyone keeps saying her family is dysfunctional. The family
I have seen for the last 3 years, put under the scrutiny of a microscope is a lot closer to functional than millions of families I see out there.
Like one Juvenile Judge being interviewed during all this said, so many of you people living in your posh lifestyles seem to be ignorant to the way many American families live. The Anthony family seems to be fairly normal until Casey grows up and reeks havoc on them all. You have a mom and dad,WORKING, not living off the government. They live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood. They have two children and work hard to try and give them a good life. They send them to school. Yeah, they have some personal problems along the way, but hey, welcome to the real world.
I also have to say that an anonymous poster gets little or no credibility from me with
what they say. It’s like they are hiding and don't want to backup what they are saying. That being said I also realize it is easier to make a comment here if you do it under anonymouse because you may not have an account with Google, live press, etc. So I am just going to sign my post.
As far as Casey being guilty or innocent, or the prosecution proving it, I tend to believe if it looks like a duck and so on.

Anonymous said...

I do wonder about the logic behind the following statement mr. Page :

"Dr. G said 100% of accidental drownings are reported. Caylee's wasn't reported, because it wasn't an accidental drowning but a murder. Simple as that."

An accident doesn't automatically turn into murder just because somebody decides to hide or mask it. If Caylee drowned because nobody was watching over her for a while, a person with a narcissistic mindset like Casey could easily come to the conclusion that she could get in trouble for neglecting her parental duties and attempt to hide the body.
So it is unfortunately "not" as simple as that. And accidental drownings are only reported if somebody chooses to report them.

TigressPen said...

After Baez OS, I expected much more from the defense team than what we've heard so far. Yes, they had a few moments especially getting under GA's skin (and seemed to enjoy that thrill) but I have heard nothing in their cross of State's witnesses that says Casey did not kill her child or that George is the one who dumped the body after a swimming accident.

Great article Levi! I am in agreement with what you have written her. And I am waiting to see if defense really calls witnesses or if their claims are all weak nonsense.

Anonymous said...


The Anthony's have made it very difficult to empathize with them because of their collective denial and their horrible public behavior.

However, when Cindy and George finally sobered up and testified truthfully at the beginning of this trial I actually did begin to empathize with them both.

Today when Cindy gave the prosecutor a difficult time during her testimony and then mouthed "I love you" to Casey - that was the last straw! They're all completely unlikeable!!!

The witness that was on right before Cindy gave Baez a hard time on cross and I thought this may have been what caused Cindy to be difficult herself.

At any rate, I hope that the jurors don't believe a word of the defense's bogus & abominable theory of this case and there is finally justice for Caylee!

And I totally agree with you - Casey will throw Baez under the bus as soon as this trial is over. And she won't even bat an eyelash in the process!

A Voice of Sanity said...

Is it really reasonable that a male ex cop like George Anthony would put a pink heart shaped sticker over duct tape?

What heart shaped sticker? Where is it? Did it exist? Or is this a case of a blob of 'something' (dirt?) being wished into existence as a sticker -- like a picture of Jesus in a toasted cheese sandwich? Look up Pareidolia (or Apophenia for that matter). An optical illusion does not valid evidence make.

Anonymous said...

Great article! .... except spelling "lose" as "loose" was very jarring to see on such a professional looking website.

You wrote it in the 5th paragraph, "...Casey Anthony stole $45,000 from her parents, causing them to almost loose their home."

I'm making it my mission to stop the spread of this. I'm seeing it more and more and when people read it in a story like yours they (if uneducated, and some who actually are) will assume "loose" is the correct spelling for "lose".

Sorry to go on... it's just one of my biggest pet peeves.

Anonymous said...

Casey Anthony has always been indulged and "rescued" when she messed up, be it a big or small "mess". The word consequences in not in anyone's vocabulary. Now Casey is facing the ultimate consequence and her parents still don't get it. Casey had a direct hand in Caylee's death!!! It may have been an accident, but it was the result of a mother who cared more about having fun and being free to do as she pleased than in caring about her young daughter. She never thought this could happen because she had never been held accountable for any of her actions. She always pushed the envelope and her parents stepped in to protect her. Well this time she pushed too far and now Caylee is dead. I truly hope she is held accountable for her negligence.

Anonymous said...

wow you did spell lose as loose. LOL

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