Thursday, June 9, 2011

George and Cindy Anthony’s Body Language Shows They Are In Sync

George and Cindy Anthony have been living a nightmare over the past three years. They have tried to defend their daughter Casey at all costs. The two of them have obstructed justice and made bizarre statements and have done bizarre things that have left people’s mouths agape. Cindy insisted their granddaughter Caylee was still alive, even though Caylee’s bones and remains were found and a memorial service was performed.

Cindy tried to throw everyone possible under the bus, from Casey’s ex-fiance Jesse Grund to Casey’s friend Amy Huizinga. Cindy even gave law enforcement the wrong hairbrush. Instead of Caylee’s brush, Cindy gave them Casey's. Cindy even made a Freudian slip and discussed “the woods" when woods were not even a consideration at the time Caylee went missing.

George insisted that he was loyal to Casey no matter what and got furious and fought with protesters who insinuated Caylee was dead and that Casey killed her. As we saw in an early interview, George was into blaming everyone but the person who needed to be blamed–Casey. George even allegedly had an affair with River Cruz (according to her), and spent time with Cruz instead of searching for Caylee.

George and Cindy were known to have their marital difficulties before Casey left the house with Caylee in tow. Apparently much of their tension was over their financial difficulties with George allegedly having lost a considerable amount of money in an online scam. He had trouble finding adequate work, and Cindy appeared to be the breadwinner. Casey kept running up their credit cards and taking money from them. No doubt, this caused them a great deal of anxiety and tension in their relationship.

The entire ordeal put a great strain on their relationship. In examining screen shots of their body language over the past three years, there have been times where they have turned their backs on one another even, refusing to look at each another. At times, they have been seen acting distant and even hostile toward one another.

But all that has changed. Hearing Jose Baez’s testimony during his opening statement that George sexually molested Casey appears to have brought them closer together.

Perhaps the $2 million payout for the Lifetime movie helped ease the tensions as well. At least now they won’t have financial worries. Their home will no longer be in foreclosure and they can afford to move away to a more luxurious place in a gated community to keep paparazzi at bay. In addition, there will most likely be no Casey to run up any credit card bills since the state will pay for her room, board and clothing as well as her medical bills as she sits in prison for life or sits on death row in Lowell Penitentiary waiting for appeals and for her final day.

No doubt, with a book deal for George and another for Cindy, even more millions of dollars will flow into the Anthony household. They trademarked the name Caylee. In doing that they will make more money suing anyone who tries to use it commercially. They may even come out with their own Caylee products, which would add more millions to their coffers. So their financial tensions will be gone forever. They lost a sweet granddaughter and troubled daughter, but gained millions of dollars.

The two of them have been forced out of denial and into the reality of grieving for Caylee and now grieving for Casey. Their new-found wealth has no doubt helped to cement their bond. Even though George has been perceived as weak and wimpy, he showed strength and fortitude as he had to physically and emotionally bolster up Cindy after she testified and sobbed on the stand. While she has always seemed like George's pillar of strength, the tables have now turned.

The once-screaming and hostile Cindy has been humbled, and George has been there to pick up her emotional pieces. They are now in sync with one another as you can see from the above photo. They now walk hand in hand. Unlike before, they look directly at one another. While they may have lost a daughter and a granddaughter, it appears they have gained a renewed sense of love, respect, and affection toward one another.


Anonymous said...

They deserve every cent they can get out of this because they sure have been (and still are) pulled through the grinder.

Hit by financial hard-ship, family problems and the incredible tragedy of Caylee's murder. Add to this the certain "default conviction" (eg. we can't really prove who did it so we'll just execute the first one we can think of) of their daughter and the national notoriety. It's great that they at least have each other...

James Graham said...

Nicely done.

California Girl said...

As much as I think Cindy has behaved horribly (the hairbrush thing, acting like a b during the Zendaida deposition etc), I am sure they have been thru hell. Their lives will never be the same. I wish them well.

Anonymous said...

Call me sick but I love the fact that Casey is going to rot while her parents roll in the money. I love this because I know how much the thought of this infuriates Casey.

Anything that can bring Casey discomfort I'm 100% in favor of.

Take Your Tips said...

Yes,i think they will surely live a happy life.

nahidworld said...

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